Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


3. Reappearance & Confession

Kodie POV

“Kodie?” I froze and turned toward the voice. My stomach dropped; I would know that voice anywhere, no matter how long it had been since I had been with him.

“Niall?” I said hesitatingly.

“It is you!” He exclaimed and all of a sudden I was pulled into a hug.

“Uh…Niall…can’t…breathe…” I choked out. He was squeezing the life out of me.

“Oops. Sorry. I am just so excited to see you. It’s been what a year? You look good. How’s Uni? I can’t believe you’re all grown up! We have so much to catch up on. I can’t wait to hear about what has happened to you this past year. I have so much to tell you—“

“WOAH! Niall. Slow down; I barely understood any of that.” I interrupted him, “But you do have an interesting way of reappearing in someone’s life.”

He laughed and I couldn’t help, but to laugh with him. “Come get a drink with me so we can catch up.” Niall said pulling on my wrist. I let him lead me back into the café I was just in and he led me to a table.

“What else have you been up to besides going to uni?” Niall asked.

“, you know the usual. School and hanging with my best friend, Rose. How has your tour been since I talked to you last?” I asked him, purposely leaving out the fact that I can no longer see him.

“That’s cool. And the tour has been amazing. We just performed on the Teen Awards and we each hosted the BBC radio show, which was a fun experience. Also, we’ve also finished recording for the new album and our new single will be released soon!” He told me excitedly.

“Wow! That’s amazing Niall. I am so happy for you.” I said honestly.

“Long time no see Kodie. What can I get for you?” I heard Derek say.

 I smile, “I’ll just have a water this time.”

I hear Niall begin to place his order and I zone out, thinking about how I am going to break the news to him. I have a feeling he is going to be extremely pissed off. I hope he takes time and will listen to what I have to say before deciding to hate me.

“Hellooo? Earth to Kodie?” I heard Niall calling out to me.

“Wha—Oh sorry, Niall.” I replied. He just laughed; he’s used to me getting distracted. I hear plates being set down on the table and Niall clapped his hands, overly excited for something as simple as food. I giggled to myself because he will never change. His first love will always be food. Hmm…seeing as food makes him happy, maybe I should break the news to him now.

Here goes nothing.

“Uh, Niall? There’s something I need to tell you.” I say slowly.

“Okay. What is it?” He asks interested.

“Just promise me you’ll let me explain.”

“Okaaay.” He said a little more hesitantly.

I took a deep breath…

“I’m blind.”

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