Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


51. Public Articles & Inner Arguments

Shout out to AimeeHoran who guessed the song first!!! A lot of you guessed it which made me really happy!

I hope you enjoy :)



Niall’s POV



“Mate, you should see this.” Louis said.



“What is it?” I asked, walking towards Louis who was sitting on the couch in the bus. We were driving from Verona to Milan and I had been thinking of what Kodie and I were going to do once we returned to London, which was in seven days.



Louis turned his laptop towards me and I read the headline that was staring up at me. Ed Sheeran and Kodie Marie Evans, the new ‘It’ couple? “What the hell?” I pulled the computer off of his lap and set it on the table in front of me. I read the article that followed the obnoxious headline:


Kodie Marie Evans, the up and coming star from Ireland was seen out at dinner with none other than Mr. Ed Sheeran.



Kodie was spotted entering a cozy restaurant and Ed followed a couple of minutes later. They were seen sitting in a booth together, talking quietly and intimately. (Check out the pictures below)



With Kodie’s recent success, is it any surprise that she caught the eye of the ginger sweetheart?



Weeks before, Kodie opened at one of Ed’s gigs and according to inside sources, Ed requested her to perform personally.



It sure seems like things are heating up between the two, much like their careers. At first, like everyone else, we believed that it would be Kodie and Niall that would become the new couple. How adorable would that be? Childhood friends turned into childhood sweethearts.



Can this be the start of something new?



Who’s team are you on, Team Ked or Team Nodie?



We are tied between the two, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.




My jaw dropped as I reached the end of the article; I looked at the pictures and they did look pretty close. But Kodie wouldn’t cheat on me, I know she wouldn’t. I had just spoken to her two days ago and we had been fine.



“Don’t worry about it; I’m positive it’s only a rumor.” Louis said quickly once he saw the murderous look on my face.



But there was a flicker of doubt; what if she was? I don’t think I could handle that.



Kodie has become my life; my reason to get up, just so I can see her face. If she was seeing Ed behind my back, I think I would fall to pieces.



She has been my best friend since birth and my girlfriend for 2 months, I couldn’t lose her now. Not when I just got her.



Because I love her.



I Niall Horan am in love with Kodie Marie Evans.






The next week was horrible; everywhere I looked, there were headlines and speculations of Ed and Kodie being in a relationship.



Just seeing all of the rumors was really starting to piss me off; didn’t people have anything better to do?



The boys were all trying to reassure me, telling me that Kodie wouldn’t cheat on me and that she liked me just as much as I liked her. Yes, I had cracked and told them that I loved her. Louis had pinched my cheeks, Zayn and Liam had patted me on the back and Harry just looked impressed. “Was there ever any doubt?” Liam had asked.



“Niall, wake up.” Zayn shook my shoulder.



I opened my eyes and realized that the plane was on the ground and we had arrived in London. Grabbing my bags, I followed Harry off the plane and into the airport.



As usual, we were met with screaming girls and bright flashes. I ignored all the questions being shouted at me until one caught my attention.



Niall, do you approve of Ed and Kodie as a couple?



I tensed and I think Liam could tell that I was ready to turn around and beat the shit out of that paparazzi because he put his arm around my shoulder and kept me moving. I was already nervous enough; I really did not need paparazzi adding to my worries.



On my way out of the airport, I saw a tabloid and what was on the cover? A picture of Ed and Kodie leaning towards each other, almost as if they were going to kiss.


“Mate, you need to get out. You’ve been so worried about this thing between Ed and Kodie, you’re starting to worry us.” Harry said. I looked towards them and they were all looking back at me; I guess he was right. I hadn’t been able to sleep because I kept having dreams of Ed holding Kodie in his arms instead of me and I had dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep. “I say we all go out tonight and just have a good time.” Harry suggested.



“I’m up for it,” Louis said. “But I’m going to invite Eleanor; it’s been too long.”



The other boys nodded their agreement and then we were each dropped off at our respective homes, planning on meeting up with each other at the club.



When I got back to my flat, I saw a plate of cookies on the counter. Kodie.



That was nice—wait no it wasn’t. She was cheating on me; I walked over, grabbed the plate and dumped all of the cookies in the garbage bin.



I went upstairs to the bathroom, showered and got dressed and ready to go clubbing.



A car horn beeped and I ran out of my house and got into the car where all of the boys were waiting. I also saw Perrie and Eleanor sitting next to their boyfriends. The sight of them, sitting happily together sent a pang through my chest.



In a few minutes, we had arrived at the club and I could feel the bass pounding through my body as I walked through the doors.



I headed straight towards the bar and ordered a pint; as I was waiting for my drink, I heard two girls on my right talking about how cute of a couple Ed and Kodie would make. Can I not escape this?



As soon as I got my drink, I took a big sip, enjoying the feeling of the cool liquid traveling down my throat.



Yes, I’m getting drunk; drunk enough to where I couldn’t remember Kodie or the pain she caused me.






I wake up to a constant pounding in my head and a sandy feeling in my mouth; I remained in the same position, my head hurt too much to even think about moving.



Slowly and quietly, I got up out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom to find the bottle of ibuprofen to get rid of my headache. As I walked back out, I noticed that the other side of my bed looked slept in and I groaned. I really hope I didn’t bring a girl back last night because even though Kodie may not have a problem cheating, I refused to do so.



My flat was quiet, so I assumed I was alone. I showered before deciding to go and talk to Kodie. If she really was cheating on me, I was going to end our relationship.



I called a cab, still hung-over, and closed my eyes for the trip to Kodie’s building. I made the familiar trip, up the elevator and to her door.



I rang the bell and waited for someone to answer. Eventually, Kodie opened the door and all my previous thoughts left my head. “What happened to you?” I asked, looking at her stomach.



Kodie was wearing a half shirt, exposing the white gauze that was wrapped around her torso, from just beneath her chest to the top of her sweats. But what really caught my attention was the brace that was placed over the gauze.



“What are you doing here?” Kodie asked; her voice sharp.



“You didn’t answer me; what happened?” I repeated.



Kodie pursed her lips and her eyes narrowed. “You don’t remember do you? Why don’t you go ask Liam? I don’t know if you’ll believe what I tell you.” Kodie snapped at me before slamming the door in my face.



What the hell happened last night?

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