Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


35. Passes & Contests

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!

Love you all and hope you like this chapter<333


Niall’s POV


Thursday, also known as Valentine’s Day, I found myself walking into the Syco Records building with Kodie to visit Simon and Kodie was going to sing the song for him. We had linked arms and I could feel her shaking; from nerves or excitement, I couldn’t tell.


But what I did know was that even if Kodie couldn’t feel the electricity shooting between us, I could.


It killed me to know that I was so close to her, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Our friendship was more important to me than risking everything based on my feelings that Kodie probably didn’t reciprocate. For now, just being friends would have to be enough.


“Hey, Uncle Si,” I clasped his hand. “How have you been?”


“Not bad and you?” Simon asked.


“Absolutely stoked about the tour,” I smiled.


Simon nodded at me, “Now Kodie, I hear you have a song for me.”


“Yeah, but only the vocals; I have the basic beat, but I haven’t exactly figured out the instruments needed to make it sound good.” Kodie told him.


“Well that’s what we’ll figure out today,” Simon said. “Head on into the booth and let’s see what you came up with.” Kodie nodded before using her walking stick to make her way into the sound booth. As soon as she began singing, Simon was nodding in approval. When she walked out, Simon clapped, “That will be a brilliant first single.”


“Really?” Kodie asked.


“I think this song should have drums be the primary instrument, creating the basis of the beat for the entire song. Of course we also need guitar and bass. I think having some classical instruments in the background will add to the underlying beat and give it a unique sound.” Simon thought out loud. “If you give me a week or so I can get a band to create the track and then we’ll have you come in. if you like the sound, you can record the vocals.”


“That quickly?” Kodie said, her mouth dropping open.


“Yes, you could probably have the single recorded before the end of the month. Speaking of which, I want you to open for the boys for a few of their concerts in England. This way we’ll get your name out to more people. We keep at least 50 extra tickets per location to sell closer to the concert; this could help if any of your fans want to buy tickets.” Simon told her. “For promotion I was thinking of you giving backstage passes to give to two of your YouTube subscribers for each concert. How does that sound?”


“That sounds amazing, Simon, I can’t thank you enough.” Kodie answered. “When can I tell my subscribers about the giveaway and tickets?”


“Whenever you want; the sooner the better seeing as their tour starts soon and you’ll be opening for them on the 24th in London, and the 26th and 27th.” Simon said. “And if that goes well, you can open for their other concerts in England. Does that sound doable?”


Kodie nodded her head so fast I thought she gave herself whiplash. “Yes, absolutely.”


“Brilliant,” Simon said. Kodie held out her hand and Simon shook it, sealing the deal. “I’ll call you when we’re ready to record.”


As we left, Kodie was practically dancing to the car. “I’m recording; I’m recording, la, la, la.” She sang moving around like she was having a spasm.


“You alright there?” I laughed.


“Never freaking better!” She yelled, bouncing up and down to her seat. “Do you think I should just make a video announcing the tickets?”


I thought about it, “What about a Live Stream?”


“Ooh, I like it. Fancy.” Kodie rubbed her hands together like an evil genius. “Want to do the Live Stream with me?”


“Yeah, sure. I haven’t done one in a while,” I answered.


“Let’s head back to the flat. Rose and I had already planned on filming a Valentine’s Day video.” Kodie said. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she pulled out her phone and opened the Twitter app. She spoke into the microphone, “I’m doing a Live Stream with @NiallOfficial in 15 minutes. Big announcement and a Valentine’s Day performance! Come watch!”


I smiled. Usually being alone on Valentine’s Day was a bummer, but even though Kodie wasn’t my girlfriend, I was still spending the day with her and that was perfectly fine by me.


We pulled into the parking lot and made our way up to her flat. “Rose!” Kodie called out when we were in her flat. “Get your ass out here; we’re doing a Live Stream. Niall, my laptop is in my room. Do you want to set it up? I have no clue how to do a Live Stream.”


“Sure thing,” I answered. I went into her room and saw the laptop sitting on her bed. I grabbed it and walked out to the living room. “Where do you want to do the Live Stream?”


“Uh, I guess you could put the laptop on the coffee table and we’ll sit on the couch.” Kodie suggested.


I nodded and turned on the computer before placing it on the table. Kodie tweeted about the Live Stream so I guess I could too. “Come watch @kodiemarie16 and I do a Live Stream. She has an announcement to make and a special Valentine’s Day performance with @RedRose25.”


Within seconds, my tweet had gotten over 3,000 favorites and over 5,000 retweets. “Girls, what is taking so long?” I yelled.


I heard a door open and I looked over before bursting into laughter. Kodie was wearing a pink crop top that said “LOVE” across it with shorts covered in hearts. Rose was wearing a similar outfit with a red shirt with a heart and a matching pair of shorts. Each girl had on red, pink and white striped knee socks and heart shaped sunglasses. But what was making me laugh was Rose’s hat; it was a hot pink top hat that had blinking hearts covering it.


“I don’t quite think you guys are ready for Valentine’s Day.” I teased.


“Don’t be jealous, we got you a pair of sunglasses and a candy sweetheart necklace.” Kodie told me while coming over to sit next to me. “I personally think we look sexy.” Kodie pouted and tried to look like a model. It would’ve been attractive but she was being overdramatic.


“Very sexy,” I agreed. And she did. Comical, but she did look good in shorts.


“Are you sure you set this thing up the right way?” Rose examined the computer.


I raised an eyebrow, “Thanks for the vote of confidence. But yes and we’re live in 3, 2, 1. Hello everybody!”


“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Kodie and Rose chorused.


“As you can see, the girls are ready for Valentine’s Day. How do my glasses look?” I asked and posed. I laughed at some of the comments that were being sent in.


Niall you sexy beast!

Will you be my valentine??

I love you!!! <3333


“Of course I’ll be your valentine! I’ll be everyone’s valentine. Today is not a day to be lonely which is exactly why we are doing this Live Stream.” I said.


“Seeing as all of us are single, we thought we would try and brighten up your day. Rose and I will be singing a not-so-typical love song and Niall…Niall what are you bringing to this Live Stream?” Kodie turned to me.


“Uh, my charming personality?” I guessed.


“Good answer. I do believe all the single ladies out there appreciate your presence,” Kodie said, wagging her finger at the screen. I pulled down my glasses and winked at the screen which caused more and more comments to fill the chat screen. “And then I have an announcement for all of my fans that does concern the directioners in the audience. So stay tuned.”


“And now…drum roll please,” Rose said and we all beat our hands against our knees. “A heartbreaking performance by your very own Miss Kodie Marie.”


“I’ll be watching from the kitchen; I am starving.” I told everyone.


“I swear to God, if you eat my chocolate I will hunt you down.” Kodie threatened me. I held up my hands in surrender before shooting the camera a scared look because honestly, if I ate any of her chocolate she would murder me.


Making my way to the kitchen, I scavenged for food in their cabinets. I found a package of Oreo cookies which I happily took out and opened.


I was about to take a bite of the cookie when Kodie’s melodic voice floated through the flat.


Rule number one: is that you gotta have fun,

But baby when you’re done, you gotta be the first to run.

Rule number two: just don’t get attached to,

Somebody you could lose,

So le-let me tell you


This is how to be a heartbreaker,

Boys they like a little danger,

We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player;

Singing I lo-lo-love you

How to be a heartbreaker,

Boys they like the look of danger,

We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player;

Singing I lo-lo-love you,

At least I think I do

Cause I lo-lo-lo-love you


I smiled as I watched Kodie sing How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds. This was absolutely the perfect song for single people on Valentine’s Day. The song actually sounded really good a Capella, with Rose singing the back-up vocals.


Rule number three: wear your heart on your cheek,

But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat.

Rule number four: gotta be looking pure,

Kiss him goodbye at the door, and leave him wanting more, more


This is how to be a heartbreaker,

Boys they like a little danger,

We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player;

Singing I lo-lo-love you

How to be a heartbreaker,

Boys they like the look of danger,

We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player;

Singing I lo-lo-love you,

At least I think I do

Cause I lo-lo-lo-love you


They finished off the song, reaching the high notes perfectly and never missing a beat. When they finished, I walked back into the camera frame, clapping. “Wasn’t that an amazing performance?”


I looked at the comments and read some of them out loud. “You have an incredible voice! I came here for Niall, but now I’m a fan of Kodie; you are absolutely brilliant! Kodie, your voice is perfection!” I nudged Kodie’s shoulder, “They really like you!”


“Well I like them, too! Can I give you all a virtual hug?” Kodie asked. She leaned forward, arms wide and hugged the laptop. “I mean I would kiss you, but I don’t know you that well.” She joked.


“But you know me, so give me a kiss.” Rose complained. Kodie scrunched up her face; she kissed her hand then reached across to wipe her hand across Rose’s face. After a couple of tries, Kodie finally managed it, causing Rose to wipe off her face in disgust. “Hey, you know Niall too. I think you should give him a kiss.” Rose said while smirking at me.


I felt my cheeks flame at her insinuation. There’s no way Kodie had feelings for me and I did not need to look like a tomato in front of 40,000 people. I don’t want to drag Kodie into any rumors, especially because some fans were possessive of us and who we dated.


“Of course, Niall,” Kodie sang. “Come here.” She turned towards me and I turned my cheek towards her; she gently pressed her lips against my cheek, warmth radiating from where she kissed me.


“Aw,” Rose cooed. “Look who’s blushing!”


I glared at her, but decided to ignore her comment. If I denied anything, Rose would continually bring it up until I cracked.


“Speaking of not knowing you guys, which kind of has to do with the announcement I’m going to make.” Kodie said. “For all of my subscribers on YouTube, I just want to say thank you for staying with me from the start. Because of you, and sneaky, little Niall, I now have a contract with Syco Records!”


As soon as she announced her contract, hundreds on comments showed up in the chat room. “Congrats Kodie, you deserve it! I’m so proud of you! Kodie all the way! When are you releasing your own music?!” I read out loud.


“I am so glad you asked that. That is my other surprise; I have written a song which I hopefully be recording soon. I don’t have a definite date, but possibly soon. But the good news is that I will be opening for One Direction for 4 of their concerts in England.” Kodie told the viewers. I nodded in confirmation as people began asking if she would really be opening for us. “In addition to that 50 more tickets will go on sale soon for anyone to purchase.”


“It’s the truth! I swear it,” I pledged, holding up my hand.


“And for each of the concerts I have two;” Kodie held up two fingers and moved them closer to the screen, “backstage passes for one of my YouTube subscribers. If you win, you will get to go to the concert and after come backstage to meet me and the boys.”


“And how can these lovely people enter to win the contest?” Rose asked.


“All you have to do is be a subscriber to my YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video I will be posting later saying why you want to go the concert; only comment one time! If you comment more than once, you won’t be eligible to win. Then I will enter the names into a generator and it will randomly choose 4 names; those four will get the passes.” Kodie explained.


I pulled her into my side for a hug, “Aw, my little friend is growing up so fast. I remember when you were 5 and wouldn’t leave my side. Now you’re all grown up and taking on the world.” I sniffed and pretended to wipe away a tear.


Kodie pushed me away. “Shut up. You didn’t want me to leave if I remember correctly,” she teased. At that I turned red again because she was true. We both never left each other’s side, unless it was absolutely necessary. And even then, our parents had to pry us apart.


“Ah, young love. How adorable, but can we get back to the Live Stream. I say we answer some fan questions.” Rose suggested.


And that’s just what we did. For the next hour and a half, Rose, Kodie and I joked around, answered questions and just had a good time.


By the end, many fans were saying that Kodie and I would make a cute couple. I’m pretty sure Rose saw them, but thankfully she didn’t say anything. I really wish that were true because there was nothing more I wanted then to have Kodie as my girlfriend.

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