Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


56. Packing & Flying

I'm sorry for not udating in such a long time, but for the past week I've been sick and in a lot of pain.

I know it's short, but I wanted to get something up!

Love you all<333



Kodie’s POV



“You’re coming on the North American tour with us!”



“Are you kidding me?”



“Dead serious,” Niall replied. “I talked to Simon and he said it was alright.”



I was extremely lucky that Niall had fast reflexes because otherwise I would have fallen on the floor as I jumped into his arms. “This is so cool!” I said as he spun me around.



“I thought you would like it,” Niall laughed and then he set me down. “We leave in a two days so you might want to pack.”



“Gee, give me a little less notice.” I replied sarcastically then I grabbed his arm and led him to my room. “You’re helping whether you like it or not.”



Niall groaned, but didn’t say anything as he trailed after me. “What should I pack?” I asked him. I had never been to America before and I figured that he might have a better idea since he’s been there many times.



“Uh, pack a variety of clothes. We’ll be going through areas that are hot and then cold, so make sure you have something to wear for every type of weather.” Niall said.



“So, my whole closet?” I asked.



“I don’t think you need your entire closet; that’ll be too many bags.” Niall said and I could hear the panic in his voice at the thought of having to pack so much.



“Relax Ni, I was just joking.” I laughed.



“Good, because there’s no way I’m folding all of your clothes and mine.” Niall told me. “I still have yet to pack.”



“Slacker,” I shook my head. Suddenly, something soft hit my face quite hard. Niall laughed because I let out a squeak when

the pillow hit me and I scowled at him. “You going to pack those?”



“Nope!” he yelled.



I pursed my lips, “Well then, no kisses for you.”



“What?!” Niall yelped and I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter. “I’ll help, I promise!” he said and I heard him shuffling around my room. Soon clothes were flying from every direction, most of them hitting my face and messing up my hair. “What underwear do you want to bring?” Niall asked.



“Niall! Get out of my underwear drawer!” I ripped the article of clothing that he had thrown off of my head. Once I reached him, I slapped his arm and pushed him away from the drawer.



“What did I do wrong?” he asked as I shut the drawer. “I’m trying to help you pack; I want my kisses.” A smile came across my face as I imagined his face right now. He was probably giving me the puppy dog face; blue eyes wide and his bottom lip stuck out in a pout.



I rubbed my forehead, “Just pick out fifteen things from the top rack and five from the bottom.”



“I can do that!” Niall cheered.



The two of us created a system; he would bring the clothes out of my closet and then I would roll them up and put them in my suitcase. Within an hour we had my suitcase packed and ready to go. I laid down on the bed and I felt the bed dip as Niall lay next to me.



“Thank you for helping,” I rested my head on his shoulder.



“No problem; you’re going to help me pack. How you managed to fit all those clothes in a single suitcase is beyond me.” Niall said thoughtfully.



“I’m magic, that’s how.” I answered.



“Uh huh, then where’s your wand?” Niall asked.



I thought for a second, “Sorry, it snapped and couldn’t make it to Diagon Alley to replace it.”






Two days later, the boys and I plus bodyguards were waiting to board a plane that was bringing us to Mexico, the first stop on the boys’ tour.



“Do you want something to eat?” Niall asked. “It’s better to eat before you get on the plane; they don’t appreciate you wanting to bring food on the plane. Damn people.”



“I’m sensing some tension; I feel like you’ve had experience before.” I laughed. We walked away from where the boys were and towards the food court.



Niall’s hand tightened, “Possibly.”



I shook my head; never come between Niall and his food. The results can be disastrous.



“What do you want to eat?” Niall asked.



“I’m not sure…,” I thought about what I wanted to eat. “Is there a convenience store? I kind of want some Oreos.”



“Yeah, there’s one around the corner.” Niall answered and led me to the store.



Once I had my cookies, he had his crisps and we both had a drink, we walked back to the where the others were.



After waiting for a while, the flight was finally called and we lined up to board. Niall had to keep his hands on my shoulders otherwise I would have been bouncing uncontrollably. “Excited, babe?” he asked.



“Hell yes!” I grinned.



I must have fallen asleep during the long flight because the next thing I know I was being shaken awake by Niall. “Welcome to Mexico!” he said.

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