Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


24. Kisses & Drinks

DON'T HATE ME :D I know you guys are kind of upset at the last chapter, but I promise Niall isn't out of the running for boyfriend.

And I need shipping names. Kodie + Harry= Karry/Hodie       Kodie + Niall= Kiall(like kyle) or Nodie

You choose :)


Kodie’s POV

As I was dancing to Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj a pair of hands wrapped around my waist and I let out a weird squeaky noise. I was worried that it was some random guy deciding to dance with me as a repeat of what happened at the club.

But I relaxed as I heard Niall’s voice whisper, “It’s me.”

“How are you? You’re actually a pretty good DJ.” I said.

 “Thanks…I think,” he said hesitating for a second.

“No, it’s a good thing. It’s just unexpected.” I reassured him.

We continued to dance together, moving in sync with each other. It wasn’t like we were grinding on each other, but I admit there was little space between us. But it was awkward because we had danced together at parties when we were younger.

After a few more songs Niall’s hands left my waist and were replaced by another pair of hands. The warmth from the person’s hands sent tingles up and down my spine. I twisted my head, “Who—,“ but before I could finish my sentence I got cut off by a deep voice.

“Relax, it’s just me.” Harry said, his breath tickling my ear.

“God, you guys need to stop creeping up on me! It’s not fair,” I huffed. Being blind put me on edge when I was in new environments and Liam’s flat at this party was definitely new.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, before pulling me closer to him. “Dance with me?”

“Besides the fact that you already have a hold on me, I suppose a few dances couldn’t hurt.” I answered with a smirk.

“I can’t imagine that dancing with a handsome boy like me is a chore,” he cheekily replied. I can just picture a little grin on his face that so many girls have fallen for.

“And yet I remember a certain boy was very excited to dance with me at the club the other night. Do you remember that pretty boy?”

Quickly, he spun me around so our chests were touching. He ducked down to my height where his curls were brushing my forehead. “I don’t think I could forget that night,” he whispered huskily. I had to take a breath to regain feeling in my knees after the wave of uneasiness from Harry’s proximity rushed through my body.

I don’t know why his closeness was affecting me like this, but maybe I was finally ready to give him a chance. Harry was a great guy and he was really sweet, I was just worried that I was going to get hurt again.

As I was about to reply, whoever was the DJ at this point changed the music to play a slow song; it was Wanted by Hunter Hayes. I took a step away from Harry, but he pulled me closer and placed my arms on his shoulders. He brought me closer by tightly gripping my waist so I couldn’t escape. I have to admit, I was kind of comfortable.

Harry and I moved comfortable together, swaying from side to side when suddenly he grabbed one of my hands and spun me away from him before pulling me even closer to him.


Anyone can tell you you’re pretty,

And you get that all the time, I know you do.

But you’re beauty’s deeper than the makeup,

And I wanna show you what I see tonight.


We continued to sway to the music, except this time we were holding each other like we were waltzing with each other. “I have to hand it to you, you know how to slow dance, pretty boy.” I told him.

“It just takes practice,” he answered before singing along to the song.


When I wrap you up,

When I kiss your lips,

I wanna make you feel wanted,

I wanna call you mine,

Wanna hold your hand forever.

And never let you forget it,

‘Cause baby I, wanna make you feel wanted.


I sighed in happiness, dancing with him, here at this party with all my friends, I can’t think of a better way to spend New Year’s. Speaking of friends, I really should find Niall so I can wish him a Happy New Year’s. Every year we had a challenge to see who could say it first; whoever lost had to buy the other ice cream. A little lame, I know, but it worked because we both love food, especially ice cream.

The music cut and everyone stopped to turn their attention to the TV where a news announcer’s voice was blasting through announcing that there was a little less than a minute left until midnight.

I turned to Harry, “Thank you for the dances, but I should find Niall.”

“Wait, I just want to tell you that I really like you, and I mean as more than a friend. You’re different , in the best way possible, and I want to know you better than just you as Niall’s best friend.” Harry stated.

I opened and closed my mouth, trying to find words to answer him. The TV announced there was 15 seconds left and the entire room began counting down.


 “Please just give me a chance to show you I am a good guy,” Harry begged.


I slowly nodded, “Okay.”


“Then you won’t mind if I do this…”


Before I could ask what he meant, I felt his breath brushing over my face. My breath caught in my throat as I felt him cup my face before pressing his lips to mine. I felt sparks run through my body as the room erupted in cheers, celebrating the clock reaching midnight.

Harry pulled away, “Best New Year’s ever.” I smiled at him, knowing he had his usual smirk on his face and nodded.

“Does this mean I can take you out on a date?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know, is that you asking me out on a date?” I replied.

“I do believe it is. Kodie, will you do me the honor of letting me take you out on a date?” he asked.

I pretended to think about it for a few seconds, “Hmmm, I suppose one date couldn’t hurt.”

“Alright,” he exclaimed, dragging out the word. “But you know if I screw up, Niall will murder me, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah, so don’t mess up and we won’t have a problem. Speaking of Niall, where is he? I need to say happy New Year before he does. I don’t feel like paying for ice cream.”

Harry laughed before telling me he was over by the drinks, which was just to my right. I cautiously made my way through the crowd, trying not to step on anybody or get hit as I tried to find Niall. I walked into someone’s side and as I went to apologize, Niall’s voice rang out, “Happy New Year!”

I spun around to face him. “You suck! I was just about to say that! You have an unfair advantage, you can find me without a problem.” I pouted.

“Sucks for you!” Niall said in a sing-song voice.

“Argh, dam you,” I replied, stamping my foot.

Niall wrapped his arms around me and rocked me back and forth, “Don’t be a sore loser. I won fair and square and now you owe me ice cream.”

I huffed, but let it go. The music was still playing  and I wanted a drink; all had drunk tonight was soda and I wanted something a little stronger. I told this to Niall and I had him grab me some alcohol. I wasn’t exactly a lightweight, but whatever was in this drink was strong as hell. And I must say being tipsy in heels while not being able to see is not quite the best combination.

Niall sat me down on the couch, so in his words, I would “stay out of trouble”. Soon enough, Liam sat down next to me.

“Whew, party hosting is exhausting.” Liam complained.

I nodded in agreement, “I hear that. But I say that partying is more exhausting.”

“Hmm, partying and hosting a party is doubly exhausting,” Liam said. I pondered that, but had to agree. I haven’t been to many parties since I lost my eyesight because many of them were college parties and college guys aren’t exactly renowned for being able to hold their liquor.

For some unknown reason, at that moment I reached up to pet Liam’s head, which made me giggle uncontrollably. Since his hair was so short, it felt soft, but prickly at the same time which struck me as hilarious.

“Um, Niall.” Liam called. “I think Kodie needs to go home.”

“Nuh-uh,” I denied. “I am perfectly fine. I am just dancing and having a good time.”

“Mhmm, Kodie, sweetheart,” Niall interjected. “You’re sitting on the couch.”

Oops; what was in that drink? “I knew that.” I defended myself. Niall just laughed before helping me stand up.

“I already called a cab; it should be here by now.” Niall explained. He led me outside and helped me into the cab and told the driver his address.

“So…you and Harry, huh?” Niall questioned.

“Yeah. I hope that’s not weird for you, him being your band mate and all.” I said slowly. “But if you’re not okay with it, I won’t go out with him.”

He was quiet for a while, before answering, as if he was thinking about this quite carefully. “As long as he doesn’t do anything to hurt you and you guys keep public affection to a minimum, I suppose it’s alright.”

“Thank you and trust me, he knows if he harms a hair on my head, you will hurt him.” I laughed.

“We’ve arrived,” the cab driver announced.

“Thank you, sir.” Niall said and I heard some shuffling which must have been Niall paying for the ride. Niall opened a door and came around to my side. He helped me out and up into his flat. Once we were inside and upstairs he rested me on the bed before telling me he was getting changed and handed me a shirt and a pair of his sweatpants.

I stripped out of my dress and shoes and pulled on the pants first. The first try to put the shirt on I ended with my arm through the head hole before I managed to get it on the right way.

And then being the genius that I am, I decided it would be fun to jump back on the bed. The only problem was that I misjudged the distance and landed half on, half off the bed. I fell off the bed, landing with a thump on the floor. Niall opened the door and began laughing at my current position.

“Shut it and help me up. I am never drinking at one of Liam’s parties again. That drink you got me must have been spiked.” I concluded. He helped me up onto the bed before climbing in next to me.

“You would have ended up on the floor even if you were sober,” Niall said right as I fell asleep.

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