Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


37. Guitar Playing & Movie Watching

Niall’s POV


I rubbed my eyes trying to wake myself up as I walked into the arena where we were rehearsing. It was way too early to be awake; it was only 8:30 in the morning. Walking in I saw Kodie with a guitar slung over her shoulder and Dan positioning her fingers on the neck of the guitar. I made my way towards them and when Dan opened his mouth to say hi, I held up my finger quieting him.


Dan smirked as I stood behind Kodie without her noticing. “Whatcha doing?” I asked. Kodie jumped and I burst out laughing at the look on her face.


“What the hell is wrong with you? You don’t sneak up on somebody like that,” Kodie scolded.


“I didn’t actually think I would scare you; you hear everything.” I managed to get out while chuckling.


She huffed, “Well, I was trying to relearn chords on the guitar. I haven’t played since long before I lost my eyesight. It is way harder now.”


“I can imagine,” I said. “But why did you decide to play now?” When we were younger and I took up guitar, Kodie decided that she wanted to learn with me. She had actually gotten really good, but I can understand that after losing her sight that she wouldn’t want to play anymore. I don’t blame her; playing guitar can be difficult, I don’t think that I’d be able to play as good as I do now if I was blindfolded.


Kodie hesitated before answering, “I was hoping that if I got good enough that I could play guitar for one of my songs, it would be pretty cool. But I never remember where to put my damn fingers.”


“You’re catching on quickly,” Dan complimented her. “It’s going to take time, but soon enough it’ll become like a second language. You told me that you know how to read Braille, how long did it take you to learn that?”


“A couple of months,” Kodie answered.


“Exactly, you just have to give it time. Soon enough you’ll be playing better than Niall.” Dan said.


I glared at him and punched his arm while Kodie giggled, “Well that’s a good incentive.”


“Alright, enough with the insulting Niall, let’s get to practicing.” I said.


“Up first, Kodie singing her 6 cover songs.” The stage manager called out. The boys and I went to sit in the front row. This was different; for once we were the ones watching the performance and not the ones performing.


We watched as Kodie sang each song and clapped after each one. She sang Teenage Dream, E.T., Want U Back, Paris (Ooh La La), Raise Your Glass and a remixed, slower version of In My Head. Each one she sang flawlessly and commanded the stage like she had been performing her whole life. Only one time did she come close to the edge and Dan moved forward and pulled her back a couple of feet.


I wolf-whistled while the boys cheered; she took a bow and curtsied. “Boys, your turn!” the manager called out to us.


I groaned, but followed Liam onto the stage. “Here,” Dan handed Kodie his backup guitar. “You can practice the chords I was teaching you while they rehearse. Trust me, it’ll be a while.”


Kodie grinned at him, “Cool, thanks.”


She let me walk her down to the seats and she got settled into a position where she could play the guitar. “Thanks man,” I clapped him on the back. “I appreciate you helping Kodie; do you think with the both of us teaching her she’d be ready when Simon calls for her to record?”


Dan shrugged, “It’s possible. She’s a quick learner; just know she was playing half the chords I taught her perfectly.” I nodded; I think it’s a good idea for the both of us to help her. She really seemed excited about relearning how to play. Plus, I’d get to spend more time with her.


Over an hour and a half later we were almost done with rehearsals and I was starving. We finished the last two songs and I collapsed into the chair next to Kodie. Throughout the whole time we were rehearsing she was plucking at the guitar. “Hey, check it out. I think I’m getting the hang of playing again.” Kodie told me excitedly. She strummed the guitar almost as if she had never even stopped practicing.


“That sounds really good!” I told her. I hugged her shoulders and squeezed her closer to me. “I’m so proud of you!”


“You sound like my mother,” Kodie laughed, but I could see a slight tint across her cheeks. I grinned to myself.


Point for Nialler!


“Now, let’s go eat! I could eat the entire restaurant,” I groaned pulling her up off the chair.


“And that’s different from any other day how?” Kodie asked me.


“Eh, it’s not. But today I am extra, extra hungry. So get your cute little ass into the car before I eat you.” I poked her side.


“You perv!” she swung her hand towards me, but I ducked out of her reach. I placed the guitar back on the stand and took Kodie’s hand into my own. Her hands were cold while mine were warm, a perfect mix.


I sat next to her in the van, the other boys surrounding us. We had planned to go out to eat earlier this week as a way to regroup seeing as we had been spending some time away from each other. Liam, Zayn and Louis had been spending time with their girlfriends. Harry and I had pretty much been avoiding each other; I refused to talk to him until he apologized and I knew Kodie was okay.


We went into the restaurant, getting a seat in the back to avoid being mobbed by fans. I talked to all of the boys besides Harry until Kodie nudged my side. “Are you still not speaking to Harry?” she whispered in my ear.


“Nope; I’m not talking to him until he apologizes.” I replied in a low voice.


“Well, you can talk to him again because he already apologized to me,” Kodie told me.


I turned to face her, “When? Did he tell you anymore bullshit?”


She put her hand on my arm, “Everything is alright. He apologized, but nothing else happened. I can forgive him, but I cannot forget what he did.” I let out a breath. “Don’t worry Niall, I won’t get hurt again. I promise.” She whispered the last words in my ear, her breath tickling me, making me shiver.


“I believe you,” I told her and she nodded.


If Kodie can forgive him, I guess I could too; but only to a certain degree.


I looked across the table where Harry was looking at his hands. “Harry mate.” I called out. His eyes snapped up in surprise; this was the first time I had spoken to him without yelling in almost 2 weeks. That was longer than any of us had gone mad at each other. I held my hand out to him and without words he nodded and shook my hand. As I looked around the Louis’ mouth was hanging open, Liam was looking at me with a proud expression and Zayn was smiling.


“Oh thank God that’s over!” Louis shouted and the table cracked up. “I am not joking. We were about to lock you in a room until you guys made up. No girl comes between us…no offense Kodie.”


She raised an eyebrow at him and held up her hands, “None taken. Trust me, I felt the same way, but you boys are stubborn; especially Niall.”


I poked her arm, “Not true.”


“You just proved my point,” Kodie said and I realized she was right.


“Shut up. I haven’t eaten yet, it’s making me confused.” I complained. “Aha! There’s the food! Come to papa!”


The boys gave me a weird look, but it was soon replaced with smiles as the waiter placed the food in front of us.




“I am so full,” I moaned. I was lying on my couch and Kodie was grabbing a water bottle from the fridge.


“You mean you’re so fat,” Kodie countered walking back into the room.


“Meanie,” I said. She went to sit down, but sat on top of my legs. “Sorry about that.”


“No problem; I enjoy having your feet up my ass.” She replied sarcastically. I reached out my foot and kicked her butt.


“Hey! You are being touchy today.”


“Well you’re being mean today,” I replied. She stuck her tongue out before sitting in the seat recently vacated by my feet.

“What’s up with you? You seem a bit off today.”


Kodie fiddled with the water bottle in her hands, “Nothing’s wrong. Why would you ask?”


“You just seem a bit distant today is all,” I shrugged.


“I’m a little worried about performing. I mean, what if your fans don’t like me?” Kodie asked quietly.


I sat up and gently rubbed her arm and felt her slightly tense. “They will love you; you’re practically a female me.” She scrunched up her nose. “Bad analogy, but they’re still going to like you and you already have your own fans. Don’t worry about a thing.”


“If you’re positive,” Kodie said.


“I am. Let’s have a movie marathon just like we used to,” I suggested and she nodded in agreement. I rolled myself off the couch and went over to the cabinet where I kept my DVD collection. Searching for a good movie, I decided on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. “Guess who’s having a Harry Potter movie marathon?”


“Ooh, fun! I’ll go make popcorn,” Kodie told me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her walk into the kitchen. Sliding the movie in, I heard Kodie call out to me. “Niall, where’s the popcorn?”


I walked into the kitchen and saw her standing in front of an open cabinet, standing on her tiptoes, reaching for the box that was just out of her reach.


“Here it is,” I said into her ear. I stood behind her and pressed my stomach to her back and reached over her head to grab the box of popcorn. To my satisfaction, I heard her breath hitch. I stepped away and opened the box before putting a bag in the microwave. “What do you want to drink?” I asked.


“U-uh, I have the water,” Kodie stuttered.


“Alright, if you want I’ll make this and meet you out there.” I told her. Kodie walked out of the kitchen and I rubbed my hands over my face before sighing. It was incredibly frustrating that she had no idea what she did to me. I never wanted to leave her side; I wanted to kiss her and make sure no one else could do the same to her.


The timer beeped telling me that the popcorn was ready; I sighed and poured the bag into a bowl. But before entering the living room, I mentally prepared myself to be spending the rest of the day so close to Kodie, but unable to do anything about it.

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