Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


58. Four & Tour

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Kodie's POV



All throughout the month of June the boys and I traveled all across the U.S. From Miami, to Tennessee, up to Philadelphia and if course to New York.



Touring with the boys was definitely...something.



If they were arguing over FIFA, they were having Nerf gun fights. It was funny to hear them yelling battle cries as they declared war on each other, but less funny when they decided I should join in.



The only use I had in the game was to be Niall's shield. Every girl dreams of protecting her prince.



And yes, I did call Niall my prince. He had deemed me his princess so in turn he became my prince.



We were in New York heading down to East Rutherford, New Jersey. It was only about an hour ride.



The boys has chosen to have a superhero movie marathon. Each day they picked a movie to watch; if we had to stay on the bus longer, sometime we'd be watching or listening, in my case, to a series of movies.



Currently the boys were watching Iron Man 2 as I listened to Robert Downey Jrs. voice.



I sat on Niall's lap as the movie played on the tour bus's TV. We were going over a particularly rough patch of highway and I kept falling off Niall's lap.



Niall had wrapped his arms around my waist to keep me in place.



After a few minutes I felt Niall stiffen underneath me.



His fingers gripped my waist tighter than before and he pressed his forehead against my back.



"You okay?" I asked quietly enough where the boys couldn't hear me over the TV.



He didn't answer, but I heard a soft groan come from him. I shifted, trying to face him, but he stopped me with a hoarse, "Don't."



"What is--," I began trying to turn around, but stopped as I felt something underneath me. "Niall!" I slapped the back of his head. "Control yourself."



"I can't help it," Niall whined. "Having a gorgeous girl sit on my lap makes it quite hard to control myself."



The bus stopped jostling us and after a few more minutes, Niall's grip loosened and he breathed out.



I tried focusing on the movie, but something else was on my mind and that caused the sounds from the movie to be drowned out.



Niall and I were celebrating our 4 month anniversary tomorrow and I don't know if Niall planned anything or even remembered.



Not saying that I doubted him; he had never forgotten our previous anniversaries before.



But now that we were on tour and everything was so hectic for the boys, I'm worried that the date might've slipped to the back of his mind.



Niall must have noticed I had fallen silent because he leaned forward to where I could feel his breath against my cheek. "What's wrong?" he asked.



"Nothing," I answered. "Just thinking."



"And frowning," Niall said. I heard his clothes rustle and he pressed his finger against the crease in between my eyebrows. "Tell me, please."



"Do you know what the date is tomorrow?" I asked.



"The first," Ni answered. "What about it?"



My heart sunk and I realized that he had forgotten. I shook my head, "It's nothing, I was just wondering when Rose wanted me to call her."



"Oh, okay." Niall said and leaned back.



I leaned back too and felt myself rise up and down with the breaths Niall took.



Of course it hurt knowing that he didn't remember, but I understand.



Almost every night they have a concert where the jump around for an hour and a half straight and then they're on the road for most of the time. When they're not performing or sleeping, they go out and talk with their fans.



Ni always made sure to make time for the two of us, whether it was just taking a walk around the city we were in or going out for ice cream.



But I didn't think it'd be fair for me to remind him of our anniversary when he could be spending the day speaking with fan who have dedicated their time and money to the band. I got to see him everyday and this might be their only chance.



The movie had ended just before the driver announced we us arrived at or destination.



"Babe, we have to go out for a while, but we'll be back soon, alright?" Niall told me.



I pursed my lips, but nodded. "That's fine. Rose said she would Skype me tonight."



"Bye love," Niall pressed a kiss to my forehead and I smiled.



Once I heard all 5 sets of footsteps leave the bus I made my way back to my bunk and opened my laptop that was sitting on top of my bed.



Within a few minutes of my Skype account being logged in, Rose called.



"Hey girl," she greeted.



"Hello there," I answered. "How have you been?"



"Not bad," Rose said. "Guess who I have a date with tonight!"



"Jason," I replied in a 'duh' voice. The two of them had been talking and hanging out, but Jason had finally asked her out with a little bit if encouragement from Cupid, a.k.a. me.



"Yes!" Rose shrieked. I winced at the pitch if her voice; even across an ocean it sounded like she was right next to me. "I'm so excited! I wish you were here to help me."



"And what would I help you with?" I asked. "You're makeup? I think you'd look like a clown. It's probably better that I don't help."



"Maybe you're right; you'd probably embarrass me as well." Rose conceded. "But what about you and lover boy? Whoa, what's wrong?"



I didn't want to upset Rose right before she went on her date, but I guess my face had fallen. "He doesn't remember that tomorrow is our 4 month anniversary." I answered sadly.



"What?!" Rose yelled. Geez, she was almost as invested in this relationship as I was. "I am going to shove my shoe so far up his ass he's going to need surgery to get it out."



"As descriptive as that is, it's not his fault. I never knew how crazy touring was, but now that I do it makes sense that something would be forgotten." I told her.



"But you're his girlfriend and he sees you 24/7, so he shouldn't forget." Rose argued.



I shrugged, "I guess, but it's not like it's our year anniversary. There will be more that hopefully he won't forget."



"Kodes, I don't know. An anniversary is an anniversary no matter how long you've been together. I think you should say something or I'll talk to him." Rose said.



I shook my head, "It's fine." Rise began to protest, but I held up my hand. "Really, it's okay."






"Kodie, wake up." Someone shook my shoulder.



"What?" I grumbled. It seemed too early to be getting up.



"We're going for a little trip," Niall's voice said.






Apparently I was only good for one word answers this early in the morning.



"Somewhere special," he answered. "I set out clothes for you on the end of your bed. Once you're dressed we'll get breakfast and be on our way." Niall said.



His footsteps receded and I sat up. He better have a good reason for getting me up this early.



I quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth. The door opened and I heard Niall say, "Good you're ready."



Ni grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room and toward the elevator. "Where are we going?" I asked.



"Can't say," Niall answered and I could hear the grin in his voice. I liked surprises, but the wait was killer.



"What do you want to eat?" He asked.



"Are there chocolate chip muffins?" I asked.



"Yeah, here you go." I held my hand out and felt him place the muffin in my hand.



Again, he took my hand and pulled me out of the lobby and I could feel the cool wind against my face.



"Ni--whoa!" I cried as he picked me up off my feet. I heard a car door open and he promptly set me down in the passenger seat. He closed the door and walked around before getting in the driver's side.



"We'll be in the car for a while so you can go to sleep if you want." Niall told me.



"Are you going to tell me where this car us headed?" I asked.






"While I sleep you better not kill us. I don't trust you driving on the opposite side of the road." I grumbled before settling further into the seat.



I fell asleep to the sound of his laughter.



Sometime later Niall shook me awake and announced that we were here, wherever here was.



I stepped out of the car to be assaulted with the smell if salty sea air. "Where are we?"



"The two mile boardwalk in Cape May," Niall said. "Happy four month anniversary!"



My jaw dropped as my mind registered his words and I realized he hadn't forgotten. "Oh my God!" I clapped my hands over my mouth.



"You okay?" Niall asked as I stood there still in shock.



I slapped his arm lightly, "You little shit! You made me think you forgot it."



Niall pulled me to his chest and rested his hands on my lower back. "That was the point; I wanted it to be a complete surprise." He said. "You can pick whatever you want to do today. There's tons of shops we can go to or visit one of the water parks. We can even stay on the beach if you want."



"Wait, I didn't bring a bathing suit." I told him.



"No worries; I packed one for you along with a change of clothes for our dinner reservations later tonight." Niall said.



"Sneaky," I said. "Can we go to the shops first and then the water park?"



"Whatever you want, beautiful." Niall kissed me.



Niall led me to a single person changing room and he stood outside to make sure no one walked in on me.



I changed into my suit as quickly as possible; I pulled on the boy-short bottoms without a problem, but had more difficulty when it came to the top. The top came together in the middle with a bow and tied in the back.



But the strings near my neck has these little plastic things that you slid into place. But for the life of me I couldn't seem to get it right. Not sure if I would regret it later, I called for Niall, "Hey, Ni."



"Yeah," he answered.



"Can you fasten my suit?" I asked.



"Uh, okay." Niall answered slowly. "I'm coming in."



I held up the top and felt Niall's fingers brush against my skin as he put the strings into place. "You're killing me, do you know that?" he whispered huskily. I shook my head and Niall handed me my cover-up.



We walked the boardwalk, stopping in a few stores for souvenirs and even stopped to get a smoothie because it was getting pretty hot.



"Water park?" I asked and Niall voiced his agreement.



He led me through the different rides and we went around the Lazy River more than once.



We must have been at the boardwalk for a couple of hours because Niall announced that we had to go to the hotel to get ready for dinner.



Reluctantly, I followed him away from the beach and back towards the city.



Niall had gotten us adjacent rooms, claiming he didn't want to see me before the date. He turned the shower on for me and left before I got in.



I let the hot water rinse away the chlorine from the pool and the salt from the ocean.



With only the towel around me, I stepped back into the room and maneuvered my way to the bed where Niall said he left my clothes.



Because I didn't know if the boys and I had to go somewhere fancy while on tour, I had packed a couple of different options and had them in a separate bag.



I pulled out the dress I wanted and the lingerie that went under it. I had decided earlier that I wanted to take the relationship further.



Niall had never pressed me into going further than I was comfortable with, but lately it's like I can't get enough of his touch.



Quickly, I slipped into my matching red and black lingerie set and pulled on the dress. It was a navy blue one-shoulder dress that had a high-low hemline. Rose stated that it made me look like a Greek goddess so I went with it.



I pulled my hair into a loose bun just as there was a knock on the door.



When I opened the door, Niall let out a low whistle. "You look amazing," he said and gave me a kiss.



"Thanks," I replied and I could feel heat rising to my cheeks.



Niall guided my hand to wrap around his arm and we walked out of the hotel like that. He had rented a limo for the night and helped me into it.



"This is nice," I noted as my hands ran along the leather seating.



"Only the best for my princess," Niall said and used his finger to turn my head towards him. Then he pressed his lips to mine in a kiss that clouded my mind until the driver announced we were at the restaurant.



"Reservation for Horan," Niall said to the host.



"Right this way, sir."



As we walked to the table, I heard a mixture of violins and what sounded like French; I took this to mean that Niall had brought me to a French restaurant.






It was interesting to say the least when we tried to order from the menu. "How do you pronounce this?" Niall asked exasperated.



"No clue," I responded. "My knowledge of French is limited to 'bonjour' and 'oui oui'."



"Huh," Niall let out a breath.



The waiter came back to take our orders and Niall just said to bring us whatever he recommends. "Ni, you never know what he'll bring us. It could be escargot and I assure you I am not eating snails." I said and he just laughed.



Niall and I made small talk as we waited for the food. "How are your ribs?" he asked.



"Better. They don't hurt anymore which I'm thrilled about." I told him. And I was happy; it's nice to be able to move freely. Even though it was my own clumsiness that got me hurt, I could tell that Niall still felt as if it was his fault. I had told him a thousand times that it wasn't but he just didn't want to listen.



For not knowing what we ordered, the meal was really good. I had a beef stew with vegetables and Niall had steak with peppers.



"Come with me." Niall grasped my hand and led me outside.



We were standing on some sort of patio, away from the dining room of the restaurant, but still close enough to where I could hear the soft, romantic music playing.



"Kodie," Niall began. "These last four months with you have been amazing. I am extremely lucky to have you not only as my girlfriend, but also as my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you in my life and nothing can express how much you mean to me."



I stood there, speechless, as Niall said that. Even though I can't see him to tell how sincere he is, I can hear it in his voice.



"I got you this," Niall pressed something into my hand, "as a reminder of both parts of our relationship."



My fingers grasped the cool object as I tried to discern what it was. It seemed to be a necklace because there was a chain attached to the object. Rubbing mu fingers along the edge, I realized that it was heart shaped.



I felt a latch and I pried it open. "It's a locket," Niall explained and directed my fingers over the photos. "One side has a picture of us when we were younger and the other was taken on our two month anniversary."



I opened my mouth to thank him, but no words were coming out.



Raising my head, I kissed Niall, trying to show how much this gift means to me.



Niall pulled away first, "There's more on the back."



I flipped over the locket and felt a series of small bumps which I recognized as Braille.



Moving my fingers over the dots, I read the inscription out loud, "I love you".

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