Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


43. Flutter & Fun

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Niall’s POV


I don’t know why I kissed her.


Maybe it was because her usually rosebud pink lips were an alluring red, maybe it was the way she looked playing the guitar or maybe it was the way the dress showed off her creamy skin and made me want to touch her and never let go.


The way she reacted to my touch made me want to kiss her even more; the closer I got, her breath hitched which only made her more attractive.


I couldn’t take it anymore; I leaned in and pressed my own lips to hers. I wanted, no needed to kiss her before she told me it was a bad idea and that it would ruin our friendship. She froze and I pressed my fingertips into her back making her take a step towards me to where our chests were touching, my eyes closed and I reveled in the feel of her in my arms and her lips on mine. I traced her spine, from the bottom of her neck, to right where the dress covered her waist, causing her to shiver under my light touch. Kodie continued to stand completely still, which was frustrating me. Now that I finally had her in my arms, I wasn’t about to let go. “Kiss back,” I growled. My words seemed to register in her brain and soon enough her lips were moving against mine.


I’ve been kissed a decent amount, but this kiss was by far the most amazing one I have ever experienced. Kodie’s lips were soft against mine, a texture that turned me on to no end.


Reluctantly, I pulled away and studied her face, looking for a reaction. Kodie’s face was blank, her lips slightly parted. “Kodes…,” I whispered, my heart sinking as I realized that I had just ruined our friendship. I threw away almost 18 years of friendship for a moment of weakness. I removed my arms from her waist and took a step away, “I-I’m sorry.”


Kodie still hadn’t moved from her position and I was beginning to worry. I looked towards her as she spoke, “That was…uh, weird.”


My heart fell from my chest to the floor; it felt as though someone had reached into my chest, gripped onto my heart and was twisting it, as if trying to rip it from my body. “I’m sorry, I’ll just leave.” I managed to choke out through my throat that was threatening to close.


I turned to walk away, but felt small fingers interlock with mine, pulling me back. Once I was facing her, her hand traveled up and cupped my face. “Hey,” she said softly. “I didn’t say it was a bad weird.”


Now it was me who was frozen in my spot. It wasn’t a bad weird…so that meant that she liked it?


Before I could figure out what she meant, she leaned forward and her lips met mine. Kodie pulled away, too soon for my liking, before unlocking the door and leading me inside.


Kodie lifted her hand, the one intertwined with mine and tilted her head. “Tell me this isn’t a joke,” she said softly.


I pulled our hands towards me and she stepped forward, “I promise that this is real.”


Already, I was missing the feeling of her lips on mine, so I ducked my head and connected our lips once again. This time she instantly responded and my hands slipped up to hold her face in place with my thumbs across her cheeks and the rest of my fingers held on lightly, but firmly to her neck; one thumb lightly traced her cheekbone as our lips moved in sync. 


My heart, that a few minutes before had been crushed, was now beating erratically and that made me smile.


Kodie’s hands gripped my upper arms as I took a step forward and she took a step back. I continued to walk forwards until suddenly Kodie let out a squeak. I opened my eyes to see she had backed into the couch and currently had her knees over side. Kodie giggled and I laughed with her; typical Kodie. The skirt of her dress had ridden up, exposing more of her toned legs. As much as I liked looking at her long legs, I reached towards it and grasped it between my fingers. Kodie froze as I pulled her skirt back down to where it was; she probably assumed I was going to do something different, but there was no way I was doing that with her after I had just gotten her.


“You’re such a klutz,” I said before leaning over her and reconnected our lips. Kodie teased my mouth open with little, erotic licks of her tongue and I gladly obliged. I moved her further back on the couch before straddling her. I rested my weight on my forearms, so I wouldn’t crush her, but made sure every inch of our bodies were touching.


I moved my kisses from her lips down to her jaw line and then to her neck, right below her ear. Kodie tilted her head, giving me more access, which I used to my advantage.


I lightly kissed her neck, moving down to her collarbone and back up to where I started. As I kissed the base of her neck, she shivered and I grinned. I nipped at her neck before placing my lips back on her neck and sucked. Kodie’s lips parted to let out a soft moan and I took that as a cue to continue; once I was sure I had left a mark, licked the area and blew on it causing her to shiver again.


Her hands moved to my hair and guided my face back to her lips. Kodie rolled us over, but instead of staying on the couch, we landed on the floor; I landed on my back and she on top of my stomach. I looked at her and laughed, my chest rumbling and even Kodie let out a laugh.


Kodie placed her hands on my chest and pushed herself off of me. “I’m going to change into my pajamas,” Kodie told me. I nodded and watched as she walked to her room; I couldn’t help, but stare as her hips swayed from side to side.


I shook my head, trying to clear my head of thoughts that would probably get me into trouble, and grabbed the change of clothes I had brought with me. I had just finished pulling my shirt over my head when Kodie came back into the room; one look at her and all the thoughts I had just gotten rid of came flooding back, full force.


She was wearing an oversized shirt, which I recognized as mine, and a pair of shorts that could barely be seen because the shirt was long. Kodie must have heard me because she froze and looked shyly down at the floor.


I walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, her arms wrapping around my wait and my arms around her shoulders. Burying my face into her hair, I inhaled and breathed in the addicting scent of coconut.


“Niall,” Kodie said. “What is this?”


“Whatever you want it to be,” I answered. Kodie said something, but her voice was muffled by my T-shirt. “What did you say?”


Kodie moved her face away from my chest, “I think that I want to be more than friends.”


I grinned and kissed her forehead, “Me too.”


“Really?” she asked, a small smile forming. I let out a ‘mhmm’ and she stood up on her tiptoes, wrapped one of her arms around my neck and the other ran through my hair at the base of my neck. Even standing to her full height, the top of her head barely reached my nose. I gently removed her sunglasses before encircling her small waist in my arms and my eyes flickered down to her lips.


I tried, I really did, but holding her in my arms with her lips centimeters from mine, I couldn’t resist and I connected our lips once more.


Kodie’s hands ran through my hair, gently tugging every now and then, making me lose even more control. I was trying to control myself, but my body ignored me and I could feel myself getting aroused by the feeling of her body against mine.


My hands traveled from the sides of her stomach to the back of her thighs; I gently pushed up and Kodie jumped up, wrapping her legs around my torso. I gripped her waist in my hands and walked forward, pressing her back into the wall as we continued to kiss as if it was our last.


Our tongues tangled together, beginning slow, but becoming faster and needier by the second. Kodie’s kisses were addicting; slow, sensual and incredibly sexy.


Kodie let out a whimper as my hands slid to her perfectly shaped bum; I smirked and my hands continued exploring her body.


I pulled away, looking at her swollen lips in satisfaction; I caused that and I was proud.


“You’re beautiful,” I told her, still supporting her weight.


Kodie shook her head and buried her face into my chest; I spun her around in a circle, but she kept her face hidden in my chest. I sat on the couch, Kodie next to me, with her legs draped across my lap. The flat was silent, not an uncomfortable silence, but I turned on the TV for background noise. I draped a blanket over the two of us and she snuggled into my side.


Her breath tickled my neck and I placed a kiss on her temple, “Being here, with you in my arms, is the best thing that’s happened to me.”


“I couldn’t agree more,” Kodie replied.


We sat in silence, Kodie listening to the TV and as much as I tried to focus on what was playing, my body was hyperaware of her. Soon enough, her breathing slowly evened out and I could tell she was falling asleep; even my eyes were beginning to droop.


Before I fell asleep I whispered, more to myself than to her, “Kodes, you have me falling hard.”




“Oh. My. God.” I heard a high pitched female voice say. “I knew it! I knew it!”


I cracked one eye open to see Rose standing in front of me with her phone pointed at me before it clicked. Ugh, it was too early for her antics. I groaned, closed my eyes and leaned further back into the cushion, feeling someone’s head resting on my shoulder. When I turned to my right, I inhaled and smelled coconut and I smiled as I remembered last night.


Kodie had fallen asleep in my arms and waking up with her next to me, was the perfect way to wake up.


I heard more clicks and reopened my eyes to see Rose snapping pictures of the two of us. Kodie heard the noise Rose was making and rolled further into my side.


“Who’s amazing? I’m amazing!” Rose chanted; I looked up at her in amusement; she was doing a happy dance that was a cross between Gangnam Style and the Macarena.


“Rose, shut the hell up!” Kodie yelled and I laughed. Yeah, this was the girl I was falling for.


I kissed Kodie’s forehead which caused Rose to nearly pass out from excitement. “Finally you two are together! When’s the wedding?” she bounced up and down.

“Well, technically we aren’t together.” I said and had to contain my laughter as Rose’s face fell. Kodie stiffened beside me, “But I do plan on us being together.” Rose smiled again and Kodie relaxed into my body once more. I reluctantly stood up and covered Kodie with the blanket. “Unfortunately, I have to go to a signing, but be ready at 1 o’clock, I’m taking you out.” Kodie smiled and nodded. I pulled on my shoes and gathered my clothes from last night.


“Oh and don’t eat anything!” I told her before leaning forward and kissing her. I walked past Rose who looked like she was ready to pass out. “Breathe; in and out.” I instructed before leaving the flat.


I called a cab to bring me back to the flat so I could get changed for the signing; my current outfit, a T-shirt, sweats and dress pants, didn’t seem appropriate.


Once at my flat, I changed quickly before climbing back into the cab. Within 15 minutes, the cab pulled up to the location where shortly we would be meeting our fans. Before exiting the cab, I paid the driver, tipped him and walked to the door.


I was thinking of how perfect last night was when I walked straight into a door. “Son of a bitch,” I said, furiously rubbing my forehead.


“Mate, the last time you walked into a door, it was glass. What’s up with you?” Zayn asked.


“Nothing, why would you think something’s wrong?” I avoided looking into his eyes; Zayn could tell when you were lying just by looking at you.


“Because you haven’t stopped smiling since you walked in the building,” Zayn told me looking amused. I tried removing the smile from my face, but it wouldn’t leave. “Out with it; now.”


“Kodie and I may or may not have kissed last night,” I mumbled, looking down at my feet.


Zayn slung his arm over my shoulder, “Can’t say I wasn’t expecting that, but I didn’t think it would take this long for you to grow some balls and do something with your feelings.”


I elbowed him in the side, “Shut up.”


We walked into the room where the other boys were lounging around and Zayn called for their attention. “Our little leprechaun finally made his move!” he announced. I could feel my cheeks getting red as the boys cheered; they were muttering things along the lines of ‘finally’ and I rolled my eyes. Even Harry was cheering, so I guess he had moved on, which I was grateful for. It would be extremely awkward if he still liked Kodie while I was dating her. “So, where are you taking her for your date?” Zayn asked.


“I have an idea,” I said with a wink.

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