Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


10. Flirting & Falling

Kodie’s POV

I laid down on what I assume was Niall’s bigger couch because my head was near one armrest, but my feet couldn’t reach the other side. Could also be that I’m short; I’d like to say that it’s the couch. Niall had gone to get snacks, but Liam went with him to get snacks for the rest of us.

“Where am I supposed to sit?” A slow voice above me whined.

I gave Harry an innocent smile, “On the floor.”

He scoffed at me, “Lift your legs up.” I did as he said and I felt the cushion near my butt sink in and Harry told me I could put my feet back down. I lowered my legs and they draped over Harry’s lap. I could get used to this, it was quite comfortable.

Footsteps came padding into the room and someone poked my shoulder, “Move your head.”

I lifted my head and Niall sat down. I put my head down so we were in the position we were in before we filmed the video. “What snacks did you get?” I asked him.

“Popcorn,” he said in a ‘duh’ voice, “What else do you have during a movie?”

“Well then,” I huffed.

He flicked my noise, I opened my mouth to say something, but a piece of popcorn was dropped into my mouth. Almost choking, I managed to chew and swallow it and gave him a smile, “Thanks.” Another set of footsteps entered the room; I assumed it was Liam with the snacks for everyone else. Niall was all too focused on grabbing food for himself to get any for other people

I could tell he was grinning at me. We definitely had a mutual love for food. It was one of the first things we bonded over when we first met. I giggled at the memory.

I was swinging on a swing at a park near my house. I was flying so high I felt like every time I swung up to the sky, my feet were grazing the sky. I loosened my grip on the swings’ handles and prepared to jump off.

I let go and glided through the air, but when I landed my knees gave way and I felt a sharp twist in my ankle. I toppled over onto the woodchips and tears began to stream down my face. Footsteps ran over to my side and helped me into a sitting position. Through my watery eyes I small a small, brown haired boy and sad, but bright blue eyes looking at me.

“Are you okay?” the strange boy asked.

“NO!” I wailed, “I got a ouchie.” The boy looked at my ankle that I was holding onto before putting my arm around his shoulder. He lifted me up and I hopped on my good foot.

“Where’s your mommy?” He asked.

“At home,” I began to cry again, but the blue-eyed boy made silly faces at me and I laughed at him.

“You laughed!” He exclaimed, extremely proud of himself for cheering me up. I giggled at him.

I pointed at a blue house, down the road from the park we were standing in. “My house is right there.”

The boy took my hand and helped me hop down the road. I stopped in front of my house, “This is where I live.” He looked at the house, then at me and then at the house that stood next to mine.

“Really? That is my house,” and he pointed to the white house next to mine.

I laughed, “Really? That means we can be bestest friends forever and ever!”

He grinned at me and yelled, “YES!” After that, we were nearly inseperable.

I tuned back into the present and listened to the movie being played. It was at the part where Margaret and Andrew arrived in Alaska and Margaret refuses to get into the boat:

“You know I can’t swim!” Margaret yells.

“Hence…the boat!” Andrew retorts.

I laughed, I had seen this movie so many times that it was practically imprinted in my brain. I could picture what was happening on screen in my mind, so I still felt like I was watching it with everyone else. I opened up my mouth and Niall dropped a piece of popcorn. I was probably the only person Niall would ever share food with.

“Thanks leprechaun,” I said.

“You’re welcome, leprechaun-ette,” he replied and I could hear the smile in his voice. Those were our nicknames we gave each other when we were younger; they just kind of stuck with us.

My legs were still on Harry’s lap and I shifted so I was laying on my side. I felt my pant leg being moved up and fingers began to trace designs on my ankle. My breath caught in my throat. Harry. What was he doing? But more importantly, why? We were friends, right? I mean, I know he hit on me before, but I thought it was more of friendly flirting. When I first met the boys I had a boyfriend, but he ended up being a douche, so I dumped his ass.

He continued moving his fingers over my ankle and I tried to focus on the movie. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if Harry and I tried being together. I refused to be a one night stand, with anybody, but especially Harry because he has a track record. But I know the media blows things way out of proportion, so I would have to find out what he was really like for myself.

I didn’t change my position or give any indication that I noticed him. I know Niall would kill him. He was quite overprotective of me. He always said I was like his sister and he protected me like a big brother would. Niall chased away any guy he thought was bad news and was still wary of any guy he remotely liked.

It took him forever to trust Lucas, my ex, but in the end, I should have been more cautious like him. Oh, well. Live and learn.

Harry continued touching my ankle which was sending shivers up my leg. But then the movie caught my attention again. It was the beginning of the scene with Grandma Annie and Margaret in the woods, chanting. I personally think this was the best part of the movie, besides seeing Ryan topless.

Grandma Annie began chanting trying to get Margaret to chant with her. Margaret begins to chant “Get Low”

“To the window, to the window. To the wall, the wall. The sweat drip down my balls. To all you bitches crawl.


To the window, to the window. To the wall, the wall. The sweat drip down my balls. To all you bitches crawl. To all, skeet skeet mother…to all skeet skeet God damn. To the window, the window, to the wall, the wall.”

At this point, I jumped off of the sofa. During our first year at UNI, Rose and I learned that we both absolutely loved this movie, so we learned the dance. Because, you know, that’s what normal people do. So, naturally I would employ my awesome dance skills and dance like Sandra in front of the boys, Eleanor and Perrie.

I whipped my head and hips as I hear, “Oooh, oooh, oooh.” I could feel eyes on me, but I don’t care. I was having way too much fun.

Let me see you get low, you scared, you scared;

Drop your ass to the floor, you scared, you scared

Let me see you get low, you scared, you scared;

Drop your ass to the floor, you scared, you scared

Now stop! Whoo! Wiggle it!

Now stop! Whoo! Wiggle it!

I did the exact same dance that was playing on screen before I tripped myself and fell on top of someone.

“OW!” We both shouted at the same time.

“Damn, girl. You can shake those hips!” Eleanor laughed.

“Well, that was some ending to an interesting dance,” Liam said.

I giggled, “Sorry about landing on you.” I sat myself upright, next to him and leaning back against Niall’s knees. “I’m a hazard to all.”

They all laughed and Niall scolded, “No more dancing during the movie.”

I tilted my head back, “Me sowwy.”

“Ugh,” he groaned, “I can’t be mad when you do that.”

I just smiled up at him, “Yeah, I know.”

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