Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


55. Flights & Vows


I know I said the update would be yesterday and I really thought I could finish the chapter, but it wasn't ready and I'm sorry.

But here it is! And I know Greg didn't get married in May which is about where the story is, but I thought it'd be cute to add in. Plus, Niall was looking reeeeeeeeeeally good in the pictures from the wedding. AND if you read this and were at the wedding, I'm not insulting you, but you could tell from the pictures that Niall wasn't happy as he exited the church. I also heard that Paul found him in the bathroom upset because he felt he ruined his brother's wedding. Not sure if it's true or not, but I thought it would add to the story.

In other news, Niall DOES NOT have a secret girlfriend!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY. I think I would've cried if he confirmed it.

I hurt my tailbone, no idea how, but it hurts to sit down...booooooo.

I'll shut up now.

Hope you like this chapter<333



Niall’s POV



“Come on babe, we have to catch our plane.” I shook Kodie’s shoulders. I hated to wake her up when she was sleeping so peacefully, but our mother’s would kill us if we weren’t home on time. “Kodie,” I pressed a kiss to her forehead and her eyes fluttered open.



“What time is it?” she asked while sitting up.



“Three in the morning,” I answered.



Kodie turned to me, mouth hanging open before flopping back down on the bed. “You are never booking our flights again; I mean what’s wrong with flying at a reasonable hour?” she asked. “Why would you wake me up at this unearthly hour?”



“Two reasons: one, I have to be at the bachelor party and two, we’re less likely to be mobbed by fans,” I answered. I rolled out of bed and grabbed a sweatshirt from my closet; when I turned back around, Kodie was standing and stretching.



“Where are my pants?” she grumbled while patting the bed. I saw them draped over the chair and tossed them to her, the material hitting her in the face. “Thank you so very much,” she said, voice dripping with sarcasm and slightly muffled from the pants.



I chuckled, “Still not a morning person I see.”



“No,” Kodie replied. “I’m not a three in the morning person.”



Rolling my eyes, I walked into my bathroom to get the last minute essentials I would need on the trip. Once I had brushed my teeth, I packed my toothbrush and added my comb to the bag along with soap and shampoo.



Kodie had just finished pulling one of my sweatshirts over her head as I walked back into the room. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail before walking past me and into the bathroom.



I took the liberty of finishing her packing, adding her laptop and makeup bag into the top of her duffel bag.



She came out of the bathroom looking a little bit more awake before walking towards me and wrapping her arms around my body. I automatically wrapped my arms around her, holding her close. “Are you excited for the wedding?” Kodie asked me.



“Yes,” I smiled as I thought about it. “It’s going to be weird since it won’t just be the two of us anymore, but he really loves her and she’s good for him.”



Kodie nodded, “Makes sense, but I’m sure it won’t be quiet for too long. You never know, you might have a little niece or nephew running around soon.”



“Oh God, that’ll be fun.” I laughed. “That child will be spoiled rotten; I can assure you of that. But can we get through the wedding before we start talking about them having kids.”



“Whatever you say,” Kodie laughed and pulled away. “Shall we?”



I linked my arm with hers, “We shall.”



We walked downstairs where the car was waiting to take us to the airport before reentering to get our bags. Once I was in the car, we began the somewhat short ride to the airport. Kodie dozed on and off through the ride, her head falling on my shoulder. The car pulled up to the airport and I turned to Kodie, “Wake up, we’re here.”



Kodie groaned and turned away from me, “Why must you keep interrupting my sleep?”



“I’m sorry,” I laughed. “I promise you can sleep on the plane.”



“I swear if you wake me up before we land I will hurt you so bad,” Kodie threatened as she slid out of the car.



Grabbing our bags, I handed Kodie’s bag to her and carried my bag in my left hand. I held her hand as we walked through the airport towards the gate and security. On our way, I saw three teenage girls huddled together looking at me and then talking between themselves. As Kodie and I waited in line to pass through security, they walked towards us. “You’re Niall Horan, right?” A girl asked.



“That’s me,” I smiled at her. “What are your names?”



“I’m Christine; that’s Kelly and she’s Caitlin.” Christine pointed to each girl in turn. “If it’s not too much trouble can we get a quick picture with you?”



“Yeah, no problem.” I placed my bag on the floor and stood with each girl as they snapped a picture.



After they had taken a picture with me, they turned to Kodie who looked dead on her feet. “Can we get a picture with you?” Caitlin asked her.



Kodie looked surprised, but agreed. I actually think it’s funny how after her success with her music how she’s still surprised when fans recognize her. The girls stood with her as I took a couple of pictures on their phones. “What are you ladies doing here so early?” I asked them.



“We’re taking a trip across Ireland; we’ve never been so it’s going to be fun.” Kelly answered.



“You guys are going to love it,” Kodie told them.



The five of us talked as we waited in line, checked in our bags and finally got to get on the plane. Kodie and I said goodbye to them when we reached first class and they continued through the plane. “They were nice,” Kodie said to me as I put the carry on in the overhead compartment.



“They were,” I agreed. “And we didn’t get mobbed, so getting up at three was worth it.”



“I suppose,” Kodie conceded before sticking her tongue out at me. “Now let me sleep.”



“I’ll wake you up when we get there,” I kissed her temple as she settled into the seat. After the plane was in the air and the hostess said it was okay, I turned on my phone and put the headphones in my ears.



Sometime later I was woken up by someone tapping my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a hostess looking down at me, “Sir, we’ve landed in Dublin.”



“Thank you,” I replied. I felt a weight on my shoulder and looked to see Kodie’s head nestled against my neck. I ran my fingers through her hair, “Babe, we’re in Dublin.”



Kodie’s eyes opened and she let out a yawn, “You make a good pillow.”



“Well, I do try my best.” I grinned before getting our bags and holding her hand as we left the plane. I saw my parents holding up a sign with my name on it within seconds of stepping foot in the airport.



My mom came running towards me before crushing me in a hug and my dad hugged Kodie; then they switched and my mom gave Kodie a hug so tight she was starting to turn blue. “Mom, let go before you kill her.” I pried her arms off of Kodie’s frame.



“I’ve missed your hugs, Maura.” Kodie smiled at her.



“Sweetie, I’ve missed you too. I’m so glad that the both of you could come for Greg; I know it means a lot to him.” My mom told her as she led Kodie towards the baggage claim.



“You’d think Kodie was her kid and not me,” I said to my dad as we followed the women.



He laughed, “Kodie’s practically family; but don’t worry, you’re still my favorite son.”



“Thanks dad,” I said.






“My baby’s home!” Jessica, Kodie’s mom, called out as soon as Kodie stepped into her house. My mom had planned a small get-together between our families as a welcome home surprise; Jessica tackled her daughter into a hug very similar to the one my mom gave her.



“Hi mom, how have you been?” Kodie asked.



“She’s been worried, proud and ecstatic, and that was just within the last hour,” Mr. Evans, Richard, said as he walked into the room. He too gave Kodie a hug before walking to the living room.



My parents and Jessica sat on one couch while Kodie, Richard and I sat on the other. Kodie and I had decided to tell our parents that we were dating before we went public because they would have murdered us if they found out last.



“Mom, dad, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Kodie and I have something to tell you,” I began. They all turned to me and I took Kodie’s hand in my own. “Kodie and I are dating.”



It was quiet before my parents burst out laughing.



Wait, what?



“Pay up, Jess.” My mom cried. “I told you they’d be dating before they were twenty.”



Reluctantly, Jessica pulled out money and handed it over to my mother. I looked to Kodie and she looked as confused as I felt.



“So you guys bet on when we would date?” Kodie asked.



“It was bound to happen eventually and the ladies couldn’t agree on when that might happen so we suggested they make it a bit more interesting.” Richard answered with a smile.



“I can’t believe you guys,” Kodie shook her head and I was right there with her.






“Man, are you ready to be hitched?” I clapped Greg on the back as we enjoyed the bachelor party. The music was loud and all of Greg’s closet friends were here. There weren’t strippers; Greg’s fiancé and Kodie were pretty strict about that. I actually found it adorable that Kodie thought I would look at a stripper when I had her.



“I’m nervous as hell,” Greg told me.



I nodded; I think that if I was up standing next to the altar waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle, I would piss my pants.



“Relax and enjoy the time you have left as a single man!” I cheered.



Greg laughed and I dragged him towards the open bar; I knew not to let him drink too much. I didn’t think he would appreciate being hung over during his wedding.



As I watched him with his friends, I realized how everything would change once tomorrow came. It wouldn’t just be Greg and I; he would be married and I’d still be the younger brother. Granted, I have Kodie, but brothers have a certain bond.



And that bond includes being the best man and standing up next to him as he was married, which was where I was the next morning.



Seeing the look on Greg’s face once his bride walked down the aisle made me think of what it would be like to be in his shoes, but marrying Kodie. Kodie was sitting with her parents, next to mine, and she looked beautiful in her light purple dress. I could only dream of what she would look like in a wedding dress.



Oh boy, I need to slow down. I was already thinking of marriage and we had only been together for a few months. Shaking my head slightly, I focused on the ceremony and the smile never left my face.



I walked out of the church before the happy newlyweds exited and was bombarded by screams. I looked and saw a bunch of teenage girls waiting in the parking lot. Putting on a smile, I walked down and decided to talk to some of the fans.



In reality, I knew this would probably happen, but I was hoping that we’d be able to get through the ceremony and to the reception without being mobbed by fans.



Not that I don’t love the fans; it’s the opposite. I absolutely adore them; I just wanted to give Greg a calm, peaceful wedding day.



Sliding into the limo, I pulled Kodie into my side, burying my nose in her coconut smelling hair. I breathed in deeply, letting her presence calm me. “What’s wrong?” She asked.



“I ruined Greg’s wedding,” I mumbled into her hair.



“Why do you think that?” Kodie questioned as she played with my fingers.



I sighed, “Because the fans showed up and made it about me. It’s not supposed to be about anyone else, but the couple.”



Kodie reached up to my face and turned to look at me where I felt like she was looking into my soul. “You did not ruin the wedding. Greg knows about the fans and knew that there was a chance some would show up for a look at their hero. They’re better than the FBI at figuring out where you are, so a few were bound to show up. Greg would have been much more upset if you hadn’t come.” The limo pulled up to the reception area and we prepared to get out.



Before we left the safety of the car, Kodie kissed me. It was a short, but sweet kiss and I knew she was trying to reassure me. “Don’t worry so much, okay?”



“I’ll try.” I responded.



“Good because I don’t want to dance with a pouty boyfriend,” Kodie smiled and tugged me towards the music.

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