Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


13. Dinner & Dates

Niall's POV

Harry and I led her to the car. While he got into the driver's side, I walked with Kodie to the other side of the car and opened the passenger side door for her and she hopped in.

I sat in the sea behind her and watched as she buckled herself in. It honestly fascinated me at how normal she seemed. I can imagine that most people would want help doing the tasks that they couldn't do anymore, but besides getting lost in my flat, I don't hear her ask for help once.

Kodie didn't seem any different than the last time I had spoken to her to the point where I had forgotten she was blind.

I watched her in the rear-view mirror and tried to figure out how she was feeling. Before I was able to tell based on what I saw in her eyes. She looked relaxed and I smiled. I can't even imagine how hard today must have been for her. Announcing to your closest friends that you're blind. Kodie is honestly the strongest person I know.

Harry started the car and pulled out onto the road. If I was correct, it would only take about 10 minutes to reach her flat.

The radio turned on and The Motto by Drake came on. I tapped Kodie's shoulder and grinned. She knew what I was thinking and we both started singing at the same time.

Aoooh...that's how you feel man?

That's really how you feel

Cause the pimpin' ice cold, all these bitches wanna chill.

I mean maybe she won't, then again maybe she will.

I can almost guarantee she know the deal

Real n***a wassup


Now she want a photo, you already know tho

You only live once that's the motto n***a: YOLO

We bout it everyday, everyday, everyday

Like see sittin' on the bench, we don't really play,

Everyday, everyday, fuck what anybody say can't see 'em cause the money in the way

Real n***a wassup

Harry gave us a weird before turning his attention back to the road. I shrugged my shoulders and listened as Kodie rapped along with Lil Wayne.

I joined her at the end for the line, pretending to be a girl: "Oh my gosh, Becky. Look at her butt! Tunechi!"

Harry just laughed at us. "Niall, I honestly think you were gangster in a past life."

Kodie laughed, "I keep telling him that, but he denies it every time."

At that moment Harry pulled into the complex with Kodie's apartment, following her directions. He pulled into a parking place and we all got out of the car.

Kodie began walking to the sidewalk and towards the entrance to the building.

She was walking somewhat slowly so I took in my surroundings. Towards the end of the street I could see a building that towered over those next to it. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's the University.

I heard laughing and turned to see a group of people about my age come out of a building across the lot from Kodie's building.

Kodie reached for my hand and I hurried to catch up and took her hand in mine. She stepped up the stairs and I stumbled up the stairs.

Harry shook his head at me and Kodie laughed. "I thought I was the blind one," she choked out.

I made a face at her. "Nialler, that was rude!"

"What?! How do you know what I did?" I asked incredulously.

She smirked, "I've known you for how long? I know your every move." And with that are pointed at her sunglasses, hiding her eyes, and then at mine.

"Why is there a dorm room so close to a flat complex?" Harry asked.

"Well they had extra room in the lot and the school thought it was the ideal place for a dorm building because it is close to the campus." Kodie explained.

"Ah," Harry nodded.

I followed Kodie through the doors and into the lobby of the building. We made our way over to the lifts and stepped inside the one available.

She trailed her fingers next to the buttons, seeming to be counting, and came to the 8th floor button. Kodie pushed the button and the doors closed.

Once out of the lift we walked to her door and she opened it and let us inside.

Harry and I looked around the flat. It was pretty nice; not to small, but decently sized for 2 college girls.

"YO! ROSIE!!!" Kodie yelled.

"HEY HOE!" I heard Rosie yell back.

Harry and I looked at each other with identical grins. The boys and I had met Rosie before and she was the perfect match for Rosie. Both were funny an slightly crazy, but incredibly loyal to friends and family.

"That is no way to speak in front of guests!" Kodie yelled back.

"Ooo! Who's here? Did you bring me a sexy boy?" Rosie asked.

"You have a boyfriend you little slut," Kodie replied, shaking her head and smiling.

Rosie walked into the room and as soon as she saw us, she squealed and tackled us into a group hug.

"HARRY! NIALL!" She screamed into our ears.

"Hi babe," Harry said rubbing his ears.

"You kidnapped my baby!" Rosie scolded and walked back over to Kodie and pulled her in for a hug.

She began inspecting Kodie, lifting her arms up and walking around Kodie to make sure nothing happened to her. Harry and I were smirking at each other. They were a special pair.

"So you finally told Niall, huh?" Rosie said to Kodie. Kodie nodded. "I told you he would accept it!"

Kodie hung her head. I went over to her and pulled her into my arms. "Now look what you did," I scolded Rosie.

"Eh, she knows I love her," Rosie shrugged, waving me off.

Kodie pulled away and went into what I'm guessing into her room because she called for Rosie to help her figure out what to wear.

Harry and I settled onto the couch and waited for the girls to come back out.

10 minutes later they reappeared, Rosie looking the same and Kodie was in a dress. It was a turquoise blue dress that was tighter around her chest, but flowed out and stopped above her knees. She was wearing heels so now she was probably only 3 inches shorter than me.

Harry's jaw dropped and even I was semi-stunned. Kodie had grown up since the last time I saw her and Harry and I could NOT have been the only guys to notice.

Kodie coughed bringing us back to the present. Harry closed his mouth and Rosie have us a knowing glance.

"Me and the guys were thinking you could spend the weekend with us," I offered.

Kodie cocked her head to the side, thinking about my offer then nodded, "Yeah, that'd be fun."

"Cool. You'll just need to pack a bag," Harry told her.

"M'Kay," Kodie said, "Niall come help me. Rosie's mean to me."

Rosie gasped then grinned, "Yeah and yet you still put up with me."

I followed Kodie into her room and looked around. The walls were white, but the room had accents of teal and purple; Kodie's favorite colors.

Kodie went over to her closet and felt around on the bottom of her closet. After a couple minutes, she pulled out a bag and said, "Catch." Kodie tossed it and I caught it and set it on her bed.

Then Kodie pulled out 2 bundles of clothing. There was a shirt an a pair of pants together on each hanger. "Can you grab me a black sweatshirt? It should go with this outfit."

"Uh, yeah...sure," I said confused.

"Rosie helps me go shopping then puts my outfit together and labels them for me." Kodie explained.

"Aha! It makes sense now!" I said as the lightbulb went off in my head. I searched through her closet and pulled out a sweatshirt.

"Now I need pajamas and underwear," Kodie mumbled. She went over to a drawer and pulled out a tank top and shorts and tossed them to me. I folded them and put them into the bag.

Then she pulled out her underwear and held them out to me. I hesitated and Kodie turned around. "Scared of a bra?" She teased.

"No," I scoffed. I grabbed them and put them into her bag.

"I think that's it," Kodie said.

"You might want another pair of shoes; those might start to hurt after a while." I reminded her.

"Ah yes." She grabbed a pair of shoes; she and I walked out of her room and back to Rosie and Harry.

"Rosie, do you want to come with?" Kodie asked.

Rosie shook her head no. "I'll be with my boyfriend during the weekend."

"Kay! Bye girly!"

"Bye Kodes. See you later! Don't let those boys hassle you too much."


We made it back to my flat where everyone was waiting for us. We had barely stepped through the door when Eleanor and Perrie got ahold of Kodie and pulled her into the bathroom.

It was only 20 minutes before they came back out, all looking gorgeous. I saw Harry staring at Kodie and nudged him. I also saw Liam looking her up and down, but I know that he will behave himself.

Louis had called a taxi and we all piled in. The driver took us to the formal Italian restaurant, Marsillio's.

We walked in and were immediately seated. The hostess gave us menus and I began to look through to see what I wanted.

I turned to see Kodie next to me with a pained expression. "Are you alright?" I whispered.

"Um, would you mind telling me what you recommend?" Kodie asked me shyly.

"Of course," I replied. "How about the Chicken Parmesan. That's always been one of your favorites."

She nodded and said thank you.

The waiter came to the table and his eyes landed on Kodie. He took our orders and when it was Kodie's turn to order he asked flirtatiously, "And what can I get for you?" He winked at her, but as she couldn't see, she just asked for her Chicken Parmesean, as if nothing happened. He nodded, wrote down the order and walked away, looking upset.

We all burst into laughter and Kodie looked around confused. "What? What happened?"

"The waiter was totally hitting on you," Eleanor said giggling. "He thinks you totally shut him down."

Kodie's face fell, "Do you think I hurt his feelings?" Then she held up her hands. "Wait, is he cute?"

Harry almost choked on the sip of his drink he had just taken. Liam slapped him on the back and he continued coughing.

"Most definitely," Perrie told her.

"Hey!" Zayn protested.

"I only speak the truth," she said, holding her hands up. "But your much better looking." Zayn smiled at her, obviously pleased at having his ego boosted.

Kodie looked thoughtful and at that moment the waiter came back to give us our appetizers.

"Here you go. Is there anything I can get for you?" He asked us.

"Thanks, but I think we're okay for now," Kodie answered smiling.

Our table watched as his face lit up before he walked away. I just shook my head. Boys. Wait, I think I just insulted my own gender...

After we ate our main course, we ordered dessert. Kodie and I were sharing a chocolate lava cake and the others were absorbed in devouring their own desserts.

Before we left, the waiter slipped a piece of paper into Kodie's hand and whispered into his ear.

Eleanor and Perrie nudged her and made kissing noises at her. Kodie's cheeks slightly reddened at their teasing.

"Let's go clubbing!" Louis suggested.

We all looked I each other and nodded in agreement. "You coming?" I asked Kodie.

She gave me a look, "And miss you guys getting drunk of your asses?! I don't think so."

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