Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


18. Dating & Breaking

First off, I am so incredibly happy with the response this story has gotten. I LOVE reading your comments, they make me so happy. Like you don't even know. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I hope you stay with the story until the end.

This chapter is sad, but I felt it was necessary.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe, love you all.



Kodie’s POV


Eleanor was nearly pulling my arm out of its socket as she dragged me upstairs. “Go shower,” she ordered. “I set out your clothes on Niall’s bed so you can change when you get out. Then call for Perrie and I because we’ll be doing your hair and makeup.”

I huffed and crossed my arms, “Whatever.”

“Oh, at least act excited about the date.” Perrie told me.

“Whoo hoo!” I said, throwing my hands up in mock excitement.

“There we go,” Perrie said and I can imagine her rolling her eyes.

“No go,” Eleanor prodded.

“Fine, show me where his bathroom is,” I demanded.

One of them grabbed my arm and walked me forward. My feet came in contact with cold tile and I knew we were in the bathroom. They told me that there was shampoo and soap on the right side of the shower. I heard the water turn on before the girls announced they were leaving and had left a towel on the counter directly across from the shower.

I slowly walked over to where I heard the water running and felt the side of the tub. I bent down to feel how high the side came up so I wouldn’t trip myself. Satisfied that I know how high to step, I began to take off my clothes.

I carefully stepped into the shower and felt on the right for the shampoo. My fingers touched the bottle and I squeezed some onto my hand before lathering my hair.

I hummed Wings by Little Mix while I finished my shower. I managed to shut the water off before wringing out my hair and carefully stepping out of the tub. Before reaching for the towel, I made sure my feet were securely on the ground. I took a step forward to get the towel, but my feet slid out from under me and I landed on my back. “Well, shit.”

“Kodie? Are you okay?” I hear Niall ask through the door.

“Negative. I’m on the floor.” I replied.

“I’ll come in and help you—“

“NO!” I yelled.

“Why not?” He asked.

“The answer is simple; I don’t have a towel or clothes on,” I explained.

He let out a soft, “Oh.” I nodded to myself and tried sitting up. “I’ll come in, but I’ll keep my eyes closed.”

“Oh great, two blind people in a room with one on the floor; what could go wrong?” I asked sarcastically, but he ignored me and I heard the door click open.

“I’m coming in now,” he told me.

“I would never have guessed. Try not to step on me, Niall. I think I’m somewhere in between the tub and the counter.”

I hear him walking slowly in, trying to be careful. His hands slapped against the counter top before I couldn’t hear it anymore. “Okay, I’ve got the towel,” Niall said.

“Alright, hold it out and I’ll try and grab it,” I replied. I reached my hand out and after feeling around for a couple of seconds, I felt the towel in front of me. “Got it!” I cheered. I pulled it down and finally got it around my front before standing up and wrapping it around my entire body.

“Thanks Ni. I’m decent, you can open your eyes,” I said. “But honestly I’ve gotten hurt more in the last day here than I have in the past 2 weeks.”

He laughed, “I’m sorry.”

I shrugged, “It’s not a big deal. I figure I’ll be hanging here more frequently and I’ll get used to it. Now can you show me where Eleanor and Perrie put my clothes, because I think that with the trouble I caused, they probably hid my clothes.”

“Sure, no problem. Just wondering, why are you going on the date?” Niall questioned.

“Mainly, to make Perrie and Eleanor happy. I really don’t want to go, but if it makes them happy, so be it. It’s not like I have to go out with him again.” I answered.

“Oh,” Niall said thoughtfully. “Your clothes are right in front of you on the bed.”

“Thank you. In like 5 minutes, can you send the girls up? They want to do my hair and makeup.” I stated while making a face.

Niall laughed before agreeing and leaving the room. I quickly got dressed and was towel drying my hair while I waited for Eleanor and Perrie. In no time, they bounded into the room chatting excitedly. Let the torture begin.

20 minutes later, my hair had been straightened and my face polished with makeup. They actually didn’t put too much makeup on, which I was thankful for. “Who’s driving me to the date?” I asked the room when I was back downstairs.

“I will,” Niall volunteered. Eleanor gave him the directions to the local restaurant before shooing us out the door.

Niall and I jammed out to music in the car, passing the 10 minutes quickly and before I knew it, I had to go on this “date”. I’d much rather hit my head against a brick wall than going on a blind date and having to tell the guy I was blind.

“It’ll be okay,” Niall said, giving me a hug. He walked me to the door of the restaurant and I took out my walking stick to maneuver to the door and through the tables. I walked into the restaurant and was greeted by the hostess.

“Hi, I’m here with someone,” I said to her. “Under the name, Tanner.”

“Yes, right this way, miss. You can follow my voice,” The girl suggested. I nodded and followed her, not really paying attention to what she was saying.

“Here you are,” the hostess said.

I smiled and thanked her before reaching for the edge of the booth. I was getting pretty good at getting around in restaurants. Rosie helped me a lot; as stupid as it sounds, she had me practice walking and sitting at tables and booths. But whatever, it worked.

“Hi, Tanner. I’m Kodie,” I said.

“Hey,” Tanner replied slowly. “Uh, are you…you know…blind?”

“Oh, yeah. My friends should have told you that from the beginning, but they just found out yesterday, so it’s still new to them.” I explained.

Tanner didn’t say anything. “I’m really sorry; they should’ve told you, or given you some sort of warning,” I said quickly. Again I was met by silence.

I reached out in front of me, “Tanner?” Nothing. I did the same thing with my feet, to see if I could feel his feet as he was sitting across from me, but I didn’t feel anything.

“Hi, can I take your order?” A chirpy, voice asked from my left. I swallowed hard as I realized she said ‘order’; singular not plural.

“Uh, would you mind telling me if there is a guy sitting across from me?” I asked her.

“No, sweetie. There’s no one there,” the waitress said slowly.

I nodded, “Actually I’ll just be going then.” I reached into my bag until I grasped my wallet and pulled it out. Rosie had separated the bills by index cards so I reached into the middle and pulled out a £10 note. “Thank you for everything, here’s a tip for your trouble,” I said to her.

I stood up and grabbed my walking stick, but before I could take more than a few steps, I felt a gentle hand on my arm. “I don’t know what happened and it’s none of my business, but the guy that walked out on you doesn’t know what he’s missing. You seem like a really girl.”

I gave her a small smile and a whispered, “Thank you.” I knew I had to get out of here before I began crying. This reminded me too much of how lost I felt when I first lost my eyesight.

Leaving the restaurant, I took a deep breath to calm myself, but the cold air did nothing of the sort. I turned left and kept walking; I had a vague idea of where I was, but right now I don’t care. I just want to forget everything that happened.

I told Perrie and Eleanor this was a bad idea. I knew something was going to go wrong. Who wants to spend their time with a blind person? Nobody that’s who. Why did I think someone would actually take time to get to know me and not judge based on what they saw? I can’t see them, I can’t see their face or their eyes or their smile. Why would someone want to be with a person that can’t appreciate how they look or a romantic dinner they spent time setting up?

“Kodie!” I heard a voice call from behind me. I kept walking, not in a mood to talk to anyone. “Kodie!” the voice called again. And again I ignored it. I don’t want pity; even if I can’t see it, pity is always laced through a person’s voice. Trust me, I’ve heard it repeatedly.

A hand landed on my shoulder causing me to jump and spin around to face whoever touched me. “Kodie,” a voice panted, even through the heavy breathing I could hear the Irish accent.

“Niall, I don’t want to talk. Please just leave me alone.” I told him and began to turn around to continue walking, but he grabbed onto my arm.

“No, you’re crying and I want to know why,” Niall argued. I was crying? I reached a hand up to my face and felt wetness falling from my useless eyes.

“Please Niall. I don’t want to talk about it.” I said.

“Well, something happened. You weren’t even in the restaurant for 5 minutes. I saw that waiter guy leave and then you come out a couple minutes later looking absolutely crushed. Now tell me what happened, I’ll understand.” Niall demanded.

At his words, I snapped. “No, Niall, you will never understand. No one will. No one wants to be around me because I’m blind. Everywhere I go people scatter like I have the plague. I don’t see it, but I know. How do I know?” I asked him and he was silent. “Because I did the same thing when I saw a blind person!” I exploded.

“I did the exact fucking thing, not even thinking about how that might make the person feel. Well, karma’s a bitch and now I know. It hurts. No one wants to talk to me; no one wants to be near me. I honestly can’t blame them. I’m a burden to everyone around me. I can’t go around by myself because God knows where I’d end up. I need help to do everything and I hate it! I feel absolutely useless and like a waste of space.”

“Kodie, you’re not a waste of space and you’re not useless,” Niall tried to say, but I interrupted him.

“Really? Then why couldn’t Tanner stand to be near me after I told him I was blind?” I paused, but began before he could answer. “Because why would you waste your time with someone who can’t see you? Someone who can’t tell you that you look good, someone who will never know what you look like.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s okay,” Niall told me holding onto my arms.

“IT DOES MATTER!” I screamed at him. “I will never get to see my boyfriend! I will never get to see my friends again! I won’t get to see my baby as I hold them in my arms. I won’t get to see the world. I can’t see the Eiffel Tower or New York City. I can’t watch the sun set again, I can’t see the stars. I won’t be able to see where my boyfriend takes me on a date. Who wants to deal with that?”

“I won’t get to see my parents again, Niall.” My voice cracked. “I won’t get to see the boys, Perrie, Eleanor or Rosie again. I won’t get to see where we grew up and I won’t get to see you ever again.”

There, I had finally let it all out. All my worries and fears are out in the open. Now everyone is going to treat me like a porcelain China doll, that needs to be handled with care.

“Oh, Kodie,” Niall whispered before pulling me into a tight hug.

I just stood there, hugging him, crying my eyes out, for everything I had lost.

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