Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


9. Dance & Play

Niall’s POV

At the sound of his voice I looked up and saw him walk into the room with 6 or 7 bags in his hands. He set them down on the floor and sat on a chair. He rummaged through the bags, looking for something. The lads and I exchanged glances before looking back at him.

He pulled out a box with a picture of a light on the side and grinned, “Got it!”

“Uh, what exactly do you have?” Liam asked warily. We had to be careful with his plans because they have gotten us into serious trouble before; though it was always worth it.

“A strobe light!” Louis squealed.

Kodie shifted on my lap and turned her head towards his voice and asked, “Why did you get a strobe light?”

“Because we are making an epic music video to Gangnam Style!” He answered loudly.

“Awesome!” Kodie shouted just as loud as him.

I smiled at her enthusiasm and glanced at the other boys who were nodding their heads looking more excited as the idea sunk in. I must admit, this was one of Lou’s better ideas.

“Do you know the dance?” Harry asked, the question directed at Kodie.

“Of course! Rose taught me how to do the dance. It’s so addicting to listen to,” she replied back.

“Alright, then Kodie, you teach the boys the dance and I’ll start decorating,” Louis dictated.

“Okay,” Kodie replied and rolled off the couch, but landed on her feet.

She stood up, adjusted her clothes and held her hand out for me. I took her hand and stood up.

“Boys, get up! Chop, chop!” Kodie demanded and they all got up at once.

“The first thing you have to do is cross your wrists in front of you with your elbows bent and hands in a fist,” she instructed and crossed her wrists. The boys and I quickly followed her example.

“Then you bounce your hands up and down keeping your wrists loose so they bounce,” she demonstrated as she moved her hands. “Now for the feet. You bend your knees and step right, left, right, right.” She demonstrated. Liam, Zayn and I got the move down after a couple tries, but Harry looked like a walrus trying to dance.

“I don’t get it,” Harry whined. Liam went over to help him and a couple minutes later he got it.

“Now you repeat, but instead it’s left, right, left, left; and move your hands the same way.” All of us managed to get the steps and she moved on. “Now we repeat the footwork, but instead we hold our left fist in front while circling your right arm, like so.”

“Ah ha! I got it!” Harry shouted.

“Whoo hoo!” Kodie exclaimed throwing her hands up. I laughed and she turned to face my voice and stuck her tongue out.

“And that’s pretty much it; besides the little shuffle to the side; it’s a fast penguin waddle like move,” she tried explaining it.

“A fast penguin waddle move,” Zayn repeated, trying not to laugh.

“Yes! Watch,” she retorted and did the dance move and I burst out laughing. My laugh caused the other boys to laugh. I was on the floor, still laughing, and she crossed her arms and pouted. I calmed myself down and stood back up.

“I’m sorry, it’s just it was an accurate description,” I said still chuckling. Kodie continued to pout, so I pulled her into a tight hug and felt her grin against my chest. She was only 5’2” so her head fit between my head and my shoulder.

“Ifts mmkay,” she said, muffled by me.

I let her go and she stepped back, but tripped and landed on the couch.

“Now practice, practice, practice!” she yelled and we snapped to attention. The four of us were going around my living room doing Gangnam Style, to music off my laptop until the doorbell rang. I danced my way to the door and opened it to see Eleanor and Perrie. They gave me a strange look before I pulled them both into a hug.

“El, you’re boyfriend has come up with a pretty cool idea.” I told her.

“That’s my special boy,” El replied, smiling and shaking her head slightly. I closed the door and led her into the room where Harry, Zayn and Liam were still dancing and Kodie was on the couch listening to them. They stopped short at the scene, taking in the decorations and dancing when Zayn turned around and his eyes widened when he saw Perrie.

He ran towards her and pulled her into a hug and mumbled something into her ear. They pulled away and he sat down next to her on the couch. El went over to sit on one side of Kodie and I sat on the other leaving Harry and Liam to sit on the floor.

“How’re you doing?” Eleanor asked Kodie.

“Not bad. University is going good and I got to meet up with the boys by literally running into Niall here,” she said, “How have you been?”

“Not bad. School is the same, but it’s always fun,” El replied. Kodie nodded in agreement.

We fell quiet, the music still playing from my laptop. I wonder why El and Perrie aren’t asking Kodie about wearing her sunglasses. Wait, did she know?

Before I could stop myself I blurted out, “El, how do you know Kodie’s blind?”

Eleanor’s and Perrie’s heads snapped in my direction, both of them screeched, “WHAT?!”

Kodie slapped my arm and hissed, “She doesn’t know, you idiot!”

I gave a sheepish grin. “Sorry,” I apologized, “She didn’t ask and I was confused.”

Kodie ran a hand through her waist length chocolate brown hair. “Well, that’s one way to break the news.”

“What happened?” Perrie asked her.

“Oh brother. This is the most times I’ve had to explain this in one day,” she said more to herself. Louder Kodie explained what happened. The girls had the same reaction the boys and I did; shock and concern.

She waved them off, saying not to worry about it and to treat her the same way. The girls nodded and relaxed.

Louis came running into the room and shouted, “ELEANOR!” and flung himself on top of her.

“Argh! Louis, you’re heavy!” she complained. Louis grinned and got off of her and announced, “Let’s go! It’s time to party!!”

We all got up and I grabbed Kodie’s hand. I felt a small tingle in my fingertips, but ignored it. Probably just excited to make this video. This is something the fans will love.

Louis went all out planning for this. He had some streamers hung up, multicolored Christmas lights draped from the ceiling and spotlights aimed in different directions. He even had 2 strobe lights set up.

“Okay, so we’re going to have one person filming a part, then switching up the person filming so everyone gets an equal amount of time,” Louis explained, “We can also set it up so we can get everyone at once.”

We all nodded and Louis decided that he would film first. Louis picked up the camera and iPod and got the music ready. “Okay, first we’re going to have everyone piled on the couch haphazardly as the music starts.” Louis directed, while setting the camera on a stand.

“Sir, yes, sir!” Harry yelled.

I led Kodie over to the couch and she decided to go upside down, her feet over the back of the couch. The rest of us piled onto the couch; I back against Kodie’s legs, my arm draped over her stomach. She giggled, “That tickles.”

“Sorry,” but I stayed in the same position. Louis told us to look half asleep and he pressed the record button before laying across Harry, Eleanor and I. Lou played the music and we held the position we were in for a couple seconds and Louis popped up mouthing thr first, “Oppan gangnam style” and laying back to the position he was in originally. The second time, Zayn sat up and mouthed the words too.

Then Louis told us we could get up and after that we just danced around, mouthed the lyrics and just had a ton of fun. The girls danced to the part of the song, “Heeeey sexy ladyyy” while the lads and I danced crazily around them. We ended up having a lot of fun, forgetting our worries.

Whenever I had talked to her while I was on tour she always seemed a little down; but today she seemed to forget about everything that happened to her since she became blind. I could tell that even though she played it off as no big deal, she was hurting. I’m just happy that we made her genuinely smile.

“Who wants to edit it all together?” Louis asked us. Liam volunteered and took the camera and hooked it up to the laptop.

“Now what?” Perrie asked.

“A movie?” Zayn suggested.

“THE PROPOSAL!” Kodie shouted, nearly deafening me because she was sitting next to me.

“YES!” Eleanor and Perrie shouted, “We won’t take no for an answer!” The boys and I looked at each other, I guess we have no choice.

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