Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


41. Concerts & Dresses

Niall’s POV


Holy shit.


Kodie dancing and singing up on stage had to be just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She was performing as if she had been doing it forever; I told her she had nothing to worry about.


And the fans loved her, just like I said they would; after every song the cheered and clapped for her just like they would do for us.


I had to look away once Kodie started swaying her hips because if I didn’t I knew I would have a problem downstairs and that would stir some rumors. The boys were watching her perform while Lou was putting the finishing touches to their wardrobe and hair.


When I heard Kodie start the second verse, I turned back to the stage to watch her, hoping she wasn’t dancing anymore.


You got me up on your swing,

So when you gonna shake that thing?

You got me up on your swing,

So when you gonna shake that thing?


She shook her shoulders as she walked back across the stage.


If I was a man I’d make my move,

If I was a blade I’d shave you smooth.


She hit the high note halfway through the word ‘smooth’ and I smiled as the crowd cheered.


If I was a judge I’d break the law,

And if I was from Paris, if I was from Paris,

I would say

Oh la la la la, la la la,

Oh la la la la, la la la.

Oh la la la la, la la la,

Oh la la la la, la la la.


Now she was standing next to Dan listening as he played the guitar solo.


If I was a man I’d make my move,

If I was a blade I’d shave you smooth.

If I was a judge I’d break the law,


Kodie had placed her hand on Dan’s shoulder and arched her back while leaning her head back as she dragged out the word ’law’. The shirt she was wearing lifted showing a strip of her flat stomach; God I wished I could hold her. I shook my head, focus Niall. Then she walked back towards center stage as she finished the song, shaking her hips one last time.


And if I was from Paris, if I was from Paris,

I would say

Oh la la la la, la la la,

Oh la la la la, la la la.

Oh la la la la, la la la,

Oh la la la la, la la la.


She finished the song and flipped her hair over to get it out of her face. “Thank you all so much for coming out tonight. And finally, the time has come for what you all have been waiting for, One Direction!” The girls in the crowd screamed as the lights went out and the introduction video began playing.


One of the stage managers went to the side and helped Kodie find her way off the stage. As soon as she stepped into the wing I pulled her into a bear hug. “You were amazing!” I told her.


I let her go and saw a wide grin across her face. “Now I know why you love performing so much; that was such a rush.” I was about to reply, but I was shoved out of the way; I stumbled over my own feet before righting myself and turning to glare at Louis who had already had Kodie in a hug.


“That was incredible Kodie-Kins! I want you as our permanent opening act,” Louis shouted.


“Lou, stop crushing the girl!” Liam scolded. “It’s my turn!” And with that he hugged Kodie. “It’s true though, you gave a brilliant performance.”


Zayn and Harry did the same thing, hugging her and telling her how well she did. In the background I could hear the video playing and I knew it was almost time to go on stage.


“Boys! You’re on in one minute!” The manager called out to us. Lou gave us the all clear, making sure we looked presentable; she readjusted my denim jacket before we walked to the platforms that would bring us up to the stage. It was set up to look like a building and each of us was placed on a different level.


I gave Kodie another hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, “Enjoy the show! I’ll be back soon.”


We each stepped onto our respective platform and waited to start the show. The platforms rose and the opening notes of Up All Night played. The lads and I were bouncing all around the stage, stoked to be back performing.


Today, though, I could not wait to sing Heart Attack; it was the third song, so I didn’t have to wait that long. I actually refused to record anything until I knew I could sing the ‘Ow!’ in the song.


After a couple more songs, we went backstage for an outfit changed and the undercover video that we made played. “Hi!” I yelled to Kodie as I ran past her. We had each disguised ourselves and then went out into London doing the most random things we could think of. Zayn and I had pretended to be really bad street performers and sang What Makes You Beautiful, Harry dressed as an elderly woman, Liam dressed as an elderly man and Louis disguised himself in a fat suit and carried a sign offering free hugs.


I quickly stripped out of my clothes and changed into my second outfit which was a red jacket and blue jeans. The boys did the same as I, changing in record fast time. I could hear the crowd let out an ‘aw’ as Louis revealed himself to an adorable little girl and asked for a proper hug. “Bye!” I yelled at Kodie as I ran past her in the opposite direction. She laughed and waved at me to keep going.


As the video finished, we walked out onto the platform and began the next songs. For Moments, we sang on a platform above the crowd, strapped to the microphone stand which was strapped to the platform.


I changed into the third and final outfit before running back onstage, after grabbing my electric guitar that I would be playing for the last leg of the show; this time I was wearing a singlet with jeans.


The girls screamed as we started to sing Rock Me and I couldn’t help but grin. I knew they were hoping we would change the lyrics to ‘fuck me’, but knowing Harry, he’d probably change the lyrics in some of our later shows.


The show finished with us singing Live While We’re Young and then What Makes You Beautiful. But I have to say it’s still fun to mess with Harry during his solo.


“Thank you all for coming and have a good night!” Liam shouted and there were more screams as we left the stage.


I ran backstage and Kodie was standing there with a grin on her face. “You boys were amazing!” she beamed and I took a step forward to hug her, but she held up her hand. “No hugs until you shower.” She scolded.


“How the hell--,” Louis trailed off looking at me bewildered.


“Don’t even bother mate, you’ll never figure it out.” I shrugged.


“Party at my house!” Louis announced, slapping Zayn and I on the back. We looked at each other with a grin; tonight was going to be fun.




Something next to me began making an annoying beeping sound and I groaned as my head began pounding; the boys and I may or may not have had a wee bit too much to drink last night. But can you blame me? We had finally kicked off the Take Me Home tour and we’d be traveling the world once again.


“Hello?” I mumbled.


“Niall, did I wake you up?” Simon asked somewhat amused.


“Possibly,” I answered and he laughed. “But what can I help you with?”


“Are the rest of the boys and Kodie there with you? I have an announcement and I might as well tell all of you at once.” Simon said.


“Sure, I’ll wake them up. Just give me a second.” I said before looking around the room. Kodie was sleeping next to me on one of Harry’s couches while Zayn and Louis were sprawled out on the floor and Harry was upside down, his head hanging off the cushion seat and Liam was resting his head on Harry’s  stomach. Man, last night was crazy; usually after a party we could at least make it back to the bed or a couch, but seeing as most of us were on the floor, we must’ve drunk a good amount.


I nudged Zayn and Lou with my foot, shook Liam and Harry awake and then gently woke Kodie up. “Simon’s on the phone and wants to talk to all of us,” I announced and there were groans echoed throughout the room. I guess my voice had made their heads pound, just like mine was.


I watched as they sat up, trying to wake themselves. “Alright, we’re all awake, what did you want to tell us?” I asked before putting the call on speaker phone.


“Seeing as how Kodie will be releasing her single soon, the release party is scheduled for this Friday,” Simon explained. I nodded and the boys did the same; we had a party for when we released What Makes You Beautiful. Having a release party was sort of like a tradition for anyone signed with Syco. It can be fun, but there are a lot of executives from Syco to talk to.


Kodie looked confused, “A release party?”


“Yes, you’ll get to meet some important people that work in Syco Records. And if you are willing, you can perform your single.” Simon told her.


“That sounds good to me,” Kodie answered. “I have another song for the album, would I be able to sing that too?”


“Of course,” Simon told her. “It is a formal event, so suit, tie and a dress is required and each of you can bring a guest.”


Simon discussed some more details with us before hanging up. “So, what’s this new song you’re talking about?” I asked her.


Kodie gave me a grin, “You’ll have to wait and see.”


“But--,” I protested.


“Will the two of you shut up already?!” Louis glared at us. “It’s too early and you’re too loud.” Kodie and I both stuck our tongues out at him at the same time before I took Kodie’s hand and lead her into the kitchen.


“So, seeing as this party is formal, I suppose you need a dress,” I ventured as I pulled out a couple of cereal bowls and a cereal box from Lou’s cabinets.


“Yeah, I just don’t know what to wear.” Kodie said.


“Don’t worry, I can help with that.” I poured the cereal and milk into the bowl for her. “I’ll buy a dress for you and Rosie.”


“No, I can’t let you do that; I can find one for myself.” Kodie protested.


I shook my head, “Nope, it’s my present for you releasing your single.”


“You’re so stubborn, do you know that?” Kodie sighed.


“Well, I learned from the best.” I retorted. “Let’s go get Rose and we can go shopping.”


Kodie nodded and I grabbed her hand, leading her out of Louis’ house. I got into my car and Kodie got into the passenger seat before I drove towards Kodie’s flat. What Kodie didn’t know was that I wasn’t planning on letting her come with me to pick out the dress; if she didn’t want to tell me about her new song, I wasn’t going to let her know about her dress until the night of the party.


We pulled up to her flat and made our way up to her flat; she opened the door and called Rose. I smiled at Rose as she walked into the room. “There’s a release party on Friday and I want you to be my plus one,” Kodie told her.


Rose’s face lit up, “Oh, I’d love to! When are we going shopping?”


“Right now,” I told her. Rose clapped and ran to her room to get her bag before coming back into the room. “Alright Rose, let’s go. See you later Kodes.”


“Wait, what? I thought I was going with you,” Kodie frowned.


“Nope, you won’t tell me about your song, so I’m not telling you about your dress.” I laughed at the expression on her face. “Bye.”


I linked arms with Rosie and we went to the car and I drove to a well known dress shop. As soon as we entered the shop, I laughed as Rose’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “Pick anything you want,” I gestured to the dresses. She picked through the dresses and I did the same, trying to find a dress that Kodie would like.


However, I was interrupted by Rose. “So, what’s going on between you and Kodie?” she asked and I froze.

“What do you mean?” I asked watching her out of the corner of my eye. She was gently flipping through the dresses, probably watching me to see if I would react to her words.


Rose dropped the dress she was holding and turned towards me. “Cut the crap, Horan. I’m a lot smarter than you give me credit for and I know that you like her, no matter what you say. You can deny it, but you’ll have to do a lot more to convince me.” Rose said with her hand on her hip and a glare on her face.


“It doesn’t matter that I like her, she doesn’t feel the same way.” I sighed, turning back to the dresses.


Rose stepped in front of me, forcing me to look at her. “Trust me Niall, she likes you.”


I raised my eyebrows, “And how do you know that?”


She placed her hands on my shoulders and shook me, rattling my head. “Because she told me, you dumbass.”


My mouth dropped open; it was almost too good to be true. “Wait, how do you know she wasn’t just saying that to get you to leave her alone; no offense, but you can be kind of annoying when you’re trying to figure something out.”


“None taken. But trust me, I’ve known her for a couple years and I know when she’s lying and when she’s telling the truth.” Rose told me.


I kept quiet and she went back to looking at the dresses; I was completely lost. I have no idea what kind of dress Kodie would want to wear. Rose had a couple of dresses in her arms and dragged me into the dressing rooms. She went into a room and I sat on a bench outside.


The first couple of dresses, neither of us liked, but the last dress she wore was a short, black dress that fit her body nicely and it had long, loose sleeves. Rose twirled and I nodded, “I like this one.”


“Me too,” Rose said. She went back into the dressing room and came out dressed in her normal clothes once more. “Now let’s find Kodie a dress.” Rose searched through 99% of the dresses before she pulled one off the rack with a grin. “This is the dress for her, I know it.” Rose told me. It was black with a silver pattern across it and it looked like the skirt was higher in the front and ended near the ankle on the right side.


“If you say so,” I answered and we went to the cashier to check out.


“Trust me, on Friday, you won’t be able to keep your hands off her,” Rose winked at me.

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