Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


16. Bad Falls & Bad Cooks

Kodie’s POV

I wake up the next morning in a bed, although I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch. I rolled over and my nose was suddenly squished against a chest. Shifting slightly, so my nose was less squished, I took a breath and concluded that Niall was next to me; I could smell traces of his cologne.

I buried my face into the pillow, smiling. It was a great feeling to be back with my best friend after a year apart. Even more so, I am incredibly relieved that he didn’t turn his back on me when I told him I was now blind. It’s not that I actually thought he was capable of doing that, but I had learned that you can’t gauge someone’s reactions.

A few of my friends stopped talking to me because they felt awkward around the “new” me, as they as put it. I understand where they were coming from, but it hurt nevertheless.

A loud crash broke through my thought process. Niall groaned and I could hear the bed shift under his weight as he rolled over, but he didn’t wake up. I sighed and rolled myself over and tried to find the edge of the bed. Once I found it, I swung my legs over and my toes sank into the carpeted floor. I slowly made my way to the door, with my hands in front of me and felt my way to the door frame.

Now, if I’m correct, his room should be near the kitchen; probably further down the hall, which means I need to take a left out of his room. I turned and kept my hand along the wall as a guide. Not long after I took about 8 steps forward, suddenly there was no ground under my foot.

What the—

Three things went through my mind in succession: one, I must be at the top of a staircase; two, I’m going to strangle Niall for not telling me there were stairs in his flat; and three, this was going to hurt really, really bad.

I could feel myself falling forward and I reached out to try to grab something, anything, to stop me from falling. My knees buckled and I could tell I would be tumbling down like a rag doll.

But before I made contact with the floor, a pair of arms wrapped around me letting out a surprised, “Whoa!”

The person that saved me, righted me and made sure my feet were securely on a stair before unwrapping their arms from me. “Well, good morning to you too, Kodie.” Liam’s voice said from in front of me.

“Oh my God, I you just saved me from a rude awakening,” I replied.

“No problem,” Liam laughed.

“By the way, what was that crash?” I asked.

“Oh you know, Zayn’s trying to cook breakfast and he’s making a complete mess,” Liam told me.

I nodded, “Sounds like something a boy would do.”

“Hey! I can cook,” he said. I raised an eyebrow. “Well, I can cook pasta.” Liam said sheepishly.

“That’s what I thought,” I replied. “Now bring me to the kitchen to fix this mess.” With that Liam wrapped his arm around my waist and led me down the stairs without further incident.

As we got closer to the kitchen I could hear Zayn yelling, Harry swearing, Louis complaining about his hangover and the slight tones of Eleanor & Perrie’s laughs. “What on Earth is going on in here?” I questioned.

The boys fall silent and the girls fully break out laughing. “Well, Zayn and Harry are trying to make breakfast, but are completely failing. SO they started to argue, which turned into yelling, and they dropped the bowl of pancake batter all over the floor. The noise made Louis wake up, who isn’t happy because he has a hangover and Liam had left this mess to wake you and Niall up.” Eleanor explained.

I nodded. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me. “What are you guys doing then?”

Perrie continued to laugh. “This is our morning amusement.” She said in a ‘duh’ voice, making me giggle.

“Can you make us food?” Harry begged me, coming closer and grabbing my hands. He wrapped his hands around my smaller ones and I couldn’t help but notice how warm they were. “Pretty, pretty please, Kodie. I’m hungry and Zayn can’t cook for shit. Don’t give me that look Zayn, you know you can’t cook. I don’t even know why you attempted this morning.”

“Alright, let the master show you how it’s done,” I said while shaking my head at them. “Harry grab the ingredients we need and Zayn get a bowl and spoon so we can mix it. You guys are going to be my eyes, so just follow my directions and we’ll have us some delicious pancakes.”

“Aye, aye captain!” They replied in unison.

“Alright, Harry measure out the pancake mix and put it in the bowl; then add the eggs and vegetable oil and then stir until it’s smooth.” I dictated.

“Done!” Harry announced, sounding rather proud of himself.

“Now Zayn, spray the pan with non-stick spray and pour some of the batter into the pan,” I said. I heard a spraying sound and the clinking of a spoon against the bowl telling me that Zayn was actually following my directions. “And now we wait.”

“How did we survive without you?” Liam asked me.

“Probably because you have my minions here with you,” I replied, gesturing to Perrie and Eleanor, or at least where I sensed they were; this made them laugh and they sounded their agreements.

“KODIE!” Zayn yelled all of a sudden, making me jump.

“What? Did you set it on fire?!” I questioned quickly.

“No! Do you see flames? Would you have some confidence in me? Geez,” Zayn said.

“Well that’s what you made it sound like,” I defended myself.

“The pancake is bubbling!” He explained dejectedly, “I think I killed it.” At this, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wow, you really can’t cook for shit, can you?” I laughed. “It’s supposed to do that. That’s how you know when it’s time to flip it over.”

“Oh…I knew that,” Zayn replied.

“Of course you did, babe.” Perrie said and I could detect from her voice that she was trying really, really hard not to laugh at her incapable boyfriend. “Just flip it over like a good little boy.” He huffed as a response.

The conversation lulled and I heard shuffling before Niall’s voice called out, “Whass goin’ on?” He must still be half-dead from staying up last night because I could hear the sleep laced through his voice.

“Oh you know, the usual. Zayn is trying to cook and failing.” Liam told him. Niall just grunted in response before the shuffling headed my way. I felt arms wrap around my waist and I was lifted onto his lap before he rested his chin on my shoulder.

“Is there a reason why I’m on your lap?” I queried. Not that I wasn’t used to him doing random things, but if I’m on someone’s lap, I want to know why; I mean call me crazy.

“You’re warm and I’m cold,” Niall explained.

“M’kay,” I replied. “What are we doing today?”

“Well—,” Niall began, but Eleanor cut him off.

“Actually, you have a date.” She announced.

“Who? Me?” I asked stupidly. “With who?”

“Yes, you. And with the waiter from the restaurant we went to last night; Perrie and I set it up for you,” Eleanor explained with an unsaid “duh”.

I could feel Niall’s arms tighten around me. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I don’t know him and it’ll be awkward. Plus the fact that he doesn’t know I’m blind and I know from experience that people don’t react well to hearing that.”

“Oh come on! Live a little,” Perrie pleaded.

I shook my head, “Sorry, it’s just that I really don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“But—,“ Eleanor began but Louis cut her off.

“Babe, if she doesn’t want to go, don’t make her.” He said gently. She sighed, but listened and dropped the subject. It was sweet that they were thinking of me, but I didn’t want to be set up with a total stranger.

“Pancakes are ready!” Zayn announced.

“Finally, I’m starved,” Liam said and Harry grunted in agreement. Boys, the easiest way into their hearts is through their stomachs; a lesson Niall taught me at a very early age.

“Two for everyone, except Niall; Niall gets 4.” Zayn said, passing out the plates, which I could hear clinking against the countertop.

Then what he said registered. “Hey! How come I only get two?” I asked.

“Why did you want more?” Harry questioned.

“Uh, how long have you known me? And who’s my best friend? Obviously, I want more than two!” I cried. My body started shaking because Niall was laughing.

“Oh, right. That makes sense,” Zayn said.

Niall was almost falling off of the chair, he was laughing so hard. “That’s my girl.” He choked out proudly.

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