Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


46. A Tease & An Interview

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Kodie’s POV


“Honey, I’m home!” Niall called in a sing-song voice.


I shook my head from where I was sitting at his desk and continued typing. Two of my professor had assigned term papers and I was halfway done with my second paper. “There you are…when are you not on that computer typing up some report for Uni?” he asked before placing his chin on top of my head and massaging my shoulders. Niall had invited me over and when I got to his flat he realized that he was almost out of food and ran out to go to the store.


“I’m almost done,” I answered. “Just a few more pages.”


“Come on, let’s do something fun.” Niall suggested.


“Like what?”


“Well, I never did collect my prize for winning our little competition last week,” Niall trailed off.


I stopped typing and turned to face him. “And that would be fun for whom?”


“Me, of course.” He answered cheekily.


“What did you have in mind?” I asked, praying it wasn’t going to be something embarrassing.


It was currently Monday, a week and three days since our date, not that I was counting, and I had been busy with schoolwork and opening for their concerts. Simon and I had both agreed that my schooling was more important than the concerts, so once the concerts I had given tickets out to were over, I was focusing more on my work. I was still trying to write songs, but I was in the middle of talking to my teachers to see if I could finish the semester early in order to focus more on my music.


“Rose said that you give really good massages and I think I pulled a muscle at the concert last night, so can you pretty please give me a massage?” Niall pleaded and I could picture him giving me the puppy dog face.


“Alright,” I conceded. “Go lay down.”


Niall took my hand and led me towards his room before he lay down on the bed. I carefully climbed onto the bed and straddled him.


Ignoring the position we were in, I gently kneaded the muscles in his back, beginning at his shoulders. Even with his shirt still on his body, I could feel his muscles tense under my fingertips. “You have to relax if you want me to give you a proper massage.” I scolded.


“Yes because it’s so easy to relax with your hands all over me,” Niall said, his voice muffled by the pillow.


I blushed at his words, but continued with the massage; I don’t know what is was, but Niall could make me blush at the simplest words.


As I moved down his back, gently pressing harder on the areas that I noticed were tight, I began humming along to a random tune.


“What’s the song you’re humming?” Niall asked.


I shrugged, “It’s just a melody I came up with; hopefully I can put some lyrics to it and make it into an actual song.”


“I’m sure it’ll turn out great; your other songs are brilliant.” Niall told me. It was silent before he opened his mouth, “You know what else is brilliant? The position we’re currently in.”


“Behave yourself,” I slapped the back of his head. “Take your shirt off; it’ll make the massage ten times more effective.” I grabbed the hem of his shirt and helped him pull it off. He laid back down and I began massaging his back once more. Niall grumbled something, but it was too muffled for me to understand what he had said. “What?”


Niall lifted his head up; I could feel the muscles in his back tighten as he did so, “Make the massage more effective or effectively tease me when I know you won’t do anything about it.”


I smiled to myself as I leaned closer to him, pressing my clothed body against his bare torso. “And who says I won’t do anything about it?” I breathed into his ear. With a light touch, I traced a pattern from his shoulder blades to the back of his neck. Gently, my thumbs left circles on his neck and I could feel his heartbeat quicken under my touch. “Hmm?”


“W-what?” Niall stammered.


“Cat got your tongue?” I leaned back and massaged down to the base of his spine.


All of a sudden, I was on my back, Niall’s hands on either side of my head. He leaned closer to me where his nose was brushing mine. “See? You’re such a tease.” He growled at me.


I batted my eyes at him and flashed a smile. “Me? I think you have the wrong person.”


“Oh really? Well, the girl I’m looking for has long brown hair, beautiful eyes and a killer voice; have you seen her?” Niall questioned.


I pursed my lips as I raised my head a little so our lips barely brushed against each other. “Nope, can’t say I have.” I said.


“I have and it currently looks as though I have the upper hand in this situation,” Niall told me before I lifted my head up even more to connect our lips.


His lips were rough and chapped, but the difference in the texture of our lips created a pleasant sensation. Niall responded to the kiss, moving his lips fervently against mine; I guess he was surprised because it was usually him that initiated our heated kisses, but today I felt a little more confident.


I ran my nails down his back and he groaned into my mouth; I parted my lips and he did the same, slipping his tongue into my mouth. We explored each other’s mouths until he pulled back due to the lack of air. I took this opportunity and rolled us over, so that I was on top of him once more.


“Now who has the upper hand?” I asked as I straddled him, pressing our chests together.


I tilted my head and pressed kisses along his jaw and then back down his neck. Just like he had done last week, I gently took the skin at the base of his neck in between my teeth before making sure that I left a mark.


One of my hands rested on his cheek as I brought my other hand from his cheek, down to his chest, over his stomach and stopped as I reached the top of his jeans. I dipped a finger into the waistband before lifting myself off of him. “Am I a tease now?” I questioned as I walked out of the room and left Niall muttering about the need for a cold shower.




“Are you serious?!”


“Completely; Goodbye has reached number one on the charts!” Simon repeated.


“This is unbelievable,” I brought my hand to my mouth. The fact that my song made it to number one was incredible; I didn’t think it was possible.


“Congratulations, Kodie.” Simon said.


“Thank you, thank you so much. None of this would have been remotely possible without you,” I said to him.


“Don’t worry about it; you’re talented and you deserved an opportunity to show everybody,” Simon said. “Now I have three more songs for you to record, plus the most recent one you’ve written; I thought we could start recording today, if that’s alright with you.” I nodded. “Oh, and on Friday morning, you have an interview with Good Morning London where you will be performing Goodbye and According to You.”


“Wow, that’s exciting; my first live interview and performance.” I said, practically shaking with excitement.


“If you perform anything like you do at the boys’ concerts, you’ll do great.” Simon encouraged.


He then led me into the recording booth and played the music; Simon had given me the music and the lyrics at our previous meeting and Rose had helped me memorize the lyrics to the correct timing of the music.


By the time Simon and I had finished, the song I had written was finalized and the base vocals for one of the other songs had been recorded.


I walked out to the lobby where I knew Niall would be waiting; he had to go to a meeting and told me that he would wait for me in the lobby, so he could give me a ride home. I didn’t know where he was, so I walked towards the row of chairs I knew were off to the side when a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and Niall whispered, “Hey babe.”


“Hi,” I whispered back.


“How’d your meeting go?” he asked me.


“Good, I recorded one and a half songs, learned that Goodbye is number one and I’m performing on Good Morning London on Friday.” I told him.


Niall spun me around to face him, “Number one?!” I nodded with a smile and he pulled me into a bone breaking hug. “Can I come to the interview on Friday?”


“I don’t think you even need to ask,” I said. “But yes, I most definitely want you there with me.”


“I do have a question for you though,” Niall said as he took my hand and led me towards the car. “If they ask if we’re dating, what are you going to say?”


I bit my lip before answering, “Ni, trust me, I want to tell everyone that we’re together, but I don’t think that now is a good time. It’s just that if I do announce that we are dating, everyone is going to think that I’m only using you for fame.”


“No one will think that,” Niall told me.


“You’re probably right, but can we wait just a couple of months until we tell everyone?” I asked.


“Whatever you want to do is fine with me; I’m just glad I still get you all to myself.” He said before pecking my lips.




“Good morning London!” the host, Amelia, said in a chirpy voice. “Today we have a very special guest; her very first single has just reached number one on the charts and she has over five hundred thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel. Please give a warm welcome to Kodie Marie Evans!”


That was my cue to walk out on stage.


Carefully, I walked out, listening to the clapping of those who were in the studio for today’s show. I made my way to the sofa, counting the steps I took, and sat down in the chair opposite from Amelia.


“Kodie, how are you?” Amelia asked.


“I’m fine, thanks for asking. How about yourself?” I responded.


“Never better.” She answered. “Now, I have just been told that your first single just reached number one, how does that feel?”


I smiled, “It’s amazing, there’s no other way to describe it. I began posting cover videos because my friends said I had a good voice, but I never expected anything to come from it. The fact that I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to share my music is incredible.”


“And you’ve opened for a couple of One Direction concerts, correct?”


“Yes, Simon thought it would be a good idea to test the waters, so to speak, to see if their fans liked me because many of them know Niall and I grew up together.” I told her.


“How long have you and Niall known each other?”


“Too many years to count,” I laughed.


We talked for a couple more minutes, her asking the standard questions: “What is it like performing up on stage? Are the boys nice? How many songs have you written?


“And after the break, ladies and gentlemen, Kodie will be performing two original songs,” Amelia announced. I smiled at the camera, wherever it was, before the cameraman told us we were off air. “So, truthfully, can you tell me what is it like to be blind in show-business? I mean, it must be awfully difficult, with you needing help all of the time.” Amelia said.


I raised my eyebrows, “I do not need help all of the time; just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I’m disabled.”


“Oh, of course.” She responded, but from the tone of her voice, I knew she didn’t believe a word I had said.


The click of her heels told me she was walking away and before I could do anything I was spun into someone’s arms. “Hi Niall,” I rested my head against his chest as his arms encircled my waist.


“Don’t worry about her; she can be a bit of a bitch. When the lads and I were here she actually asked Harry what was the age of the oldest he would date.” Niall told me and I laughed. “You should have seen his face; priceless.”


“I can’t believe people think that he likes hooking up with cougars; he dated an older woman one time.” I shook my head. “But if anyone would ask, I believe she would.”


A voice from somewhere on stage called my name and I reluctantly pulled away from him. “Go perform and we can go out for ice cream,” Niall left a kiss on my hand.


“Promise?” I asked.


“I promise,” he replied.

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