It develops in fits and starts,
more like a line of poorly manufactured clothing.


2. This way, I can see fixed images from motion/active positions

This way, I can see fixed images from motion/active positions

The Input from any  sensory  organ, moves in a coagulating formulated Hopscotch type of flickering film obscured, by nests of flower wasps. But as soon as the active lessons that Charles put into a small lead box, were exhausted he lost interest in plunging the acoholic broken lights in the late night public restrooms that populate the sides of highways across America. 


The point in time that we determined  Tom was stupid was when he lost a chess match against a ham  sandwich   which had yet to be made. The poor boy fell to pieces and we consoled him with a trip to the landfill, to watch the tractors roll over the trash. The smell never bothered him, nor anyone else; the saints from all of Heaven Descended upon the hill of roasted, appliances and Hush puppies. The lamp shade tilted slightly.

His gambling debt had  increased  as we looked at his photo albums. He would leave nests of rigid, long religious  peregrine   whiskey  fountains frozen

Though his hangers were filled with trays of small aquatic billfolds

he captured the sunlight with porous calcium towels.

wan acute freezers that left nothing to the imagination, poured over the books as the bookkeepers ran down the first flight of stairs on the left

to avoid

the lost pocket inspection geysers.

what had ebbed away and taken the glowing hornets slim bonnet

was what her face had shifted entirely to the north from.

The grim Footage Belonging to the Boss had shown that W e Needed to leave this place at once; even if we had yet to define exactly what it was and where it happened to be.

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