It develops in fits and starts,
more like a line of poorly manufactured clothing.


3. Bring the Sinister face paint to Charlie

 Then why would they have  spent the afternoon peering through a short bone hollowed out before the train arrived? It would have been a p[perfect  time to remove gum from one's shoe, read a short article concerning, that wonder of the true active pioneer  of listening posts directed at the blue walls if there had been anything other than empty spaces in all directions, and grids of translucent buildings, of half formed, never filled in towns.

A lyric floated high above then crashed.... 

The globe that the primary school used

Was and outdated oblong projection

derived by some unknown cartographic hayseed

who had never seen the outside of the cab of the old  Oil Pull  Tractor that had been converted to Kerosene in the early 1900's, from one that ran on coal.

The Price of grain raised alarm, and the train that stained the air of the farm belonged to an arm of the  viscous  lubricant of  unknown  homemade distillation.

this  strange song had  plagued  me everywhere I went lately,  ion shuffled small or macroscopic large centers which create the fashionable new chemistry of pleasant mornings. IN the distance I  heard  the horn of the train approach, I impatiently waited for it to arrive, and  watched  it silently jump the track and crash in the sand. I wasn't leaving this town by train it seems, so Charlie will have to wait for the Sinister Face Paint.


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