It develops in fits and starts,
more like a line of poorly manufactured clothing.


4. Anne Hedonia and Tora Uma. Tiger Horse.

The forgotten things at least were most likely the most exciting things. The Goal was to level out at a certain point of near-coma-brown  stains live like monks seen through wet reading glasses, gathered and exchanged  important  illuminated text, them promptly set  themselves  on fire fire.

 No trace of trances in this line of un-work. It was the  privileged  near death monks

 Spending the last .38 cents for this inviting, but horribly useless paper argument  reflector, pelted him with stones and lead shot from a wallet shotgun poorly pocketed 

with  sour cream  as an antidote to 

trauma set the gaunt on edge, just left of the blessing room  confessional  spiritual fitting station,  where  everyone  ions  too fat to purchase heaven.

It's all too Mojave 

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