Bella a Nine year old girl whos just turned that age gets a beautiful Charm that captures her heart and seals it away forever...


2. Charmy? Charmy?

Bella  couldnt find charmy anywhere , where could it be? she searched the whole house the garden,kitchen,livingroom, bedrooms ...EVERYWHERE no charmy her eyes filled with water and she began to cry , silently though her mother came into the room,

"you really need to look after your thing more, i found this."

"CHARMY!" she screamed

"but... where was ?" Bella questioned

"in the front garden in the bush" She answered

Bella put her CHARMY bracelet on and made sure it would never come off ever again but suddenly the Charm glowed myseriously nobody noticed though Bella froze,

"Bella?" said her mum

"I HATE YOU YOUR THE WORST MUM EVER !" she suddenly started shouting

her mum cried and her dad walked in,

"Bella! look what you have done youve made your mother cry and look at all these lovely presents we bought you!"


she ran up to her bedroom and sealed it with a chair , locked it and left the key in  she also locked the windows, so that nobody could get in but that also ment nobody could get out ... the charm glowed once more and it seemed like the charms glow has hidden her heart away...

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