Bella a Nine year old girl whos just turned that age gets a beautiful Charm that captures her heart and seals it away forever...


1. Bellas Bday

Bella was her name crystal clear blue eyes, blond long hair and cheeks as red as roses in bloom, and today was her Ninth birthday she had already gotten through at least eleven presents only two from her mother and father left one was wrapped in flowery purple paper she opened that first it was a massive make up kit she craves make up and when she grows up she wishes to be a makeup artist one of her few in many dreams her last was wrapped in teddy bear paper inside was a box with the word CHARMY on the front she opened it up very delicatley to find a special charm that captured her heart immediatley her eyes sparkled and filled with happiness tears she smiled gracefully and gave her mother and father a big hug and kiss she told them it was the best present in the entire universe a Nine year old could ever dream of . With all her birthday money she got she purchased a bracelet that the charm could clip onto but she made sure it suited her and the charm itself .

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