The unforgivable

Mellissa lives in South Carolina and is 17 and she hate 1d but by her suprize her mom sends her off to stay with her aunt for 10 years but little did she know she was going to have to stay with 1d for 10 years she thinks its gonna be the worse ten years in her life but little does she know that one of the boys are gonna fall in love with her...


1. The news

Mellissa's pov

My mom called me down so we could talk "so what did u need me for" I said "I needed to tell u that u will be staying with your aunt in England for a couple of years" mom said "what??" I said "I'm sorry I will be leaving to drop u off at the airport in an hour so get packing" mom said "fine" I said "why didn't she tell me earlier" I said to myself as I was getting packed (30 minutes pass by). "Mom I'm done" I said "fine get your shoes on and get your stuff we have to leave now cause it takes 15 minutes to get there" mom said "ok I guess" i siad (we got in the car) "well your aunt is cleaning a room up for you" mom said "ok that's fine" I said (15 minutes later) "we're here" mom said "ok " I said as I got out of the car and got my stuff "ok here is your ticket" mom said " ok" I said " I have to go call me sometime ok" mom said "ok I will bye" I said " ok" mom said as she left (I walked into the airport). "My flight is about leave I guess" I said "people who are going on flight 316 to England you may board the plane" a lady said (I handed a lady my ticket when I was boarding the plane and the lady took my loguege and put it away) "we will be arriving at England in a few hours" the lady said (I sat back and fell asleep till I was awoken by the lady) " mam get up we have landed" the lady said "ok I'm up" I said (the lady gave me my loguege and I got a cab to take me to my aunts house) "we're here" the cab driver said (I saw my aunts house I knocked on the door then she answered it) "hey mellissa" my aunt said as she hugged me "hey so were is the room I will be staying in" I said "right here and put your stuff on the floor we need to talk" my aunt said "ok" I said (I put my stuff down and sat on the bed) " ok so do u like one direction" my aunt said " NO I don't" I said "ok so one direction is staying next store to us and you will be staying with for a year or more" my aunt said "what????!!!" I said "the boys are expecting you so take your stuff over there and introduce your self" my aunt said "FINE if I have to" i said (I got my stuff and headed over to one directions house and knocked on the door) "I knew all of their names and like a few of their songs but I'm not in love with them" I said to myself (then the door opened) "hey who r u" Liam said "I'm mellissa I live next door" I said "ohh your Luna's niece come in" Liam said (I walked in) "hey guys this Is mellissa Luna's niece" Liam said "hey mellissa we have been told a lot about you" Louis said "she's so cute wait I'm already crushing on her" Louis said to himself "Louis are u blushing?" I said "no I'm not" Louis said " we'll I'm am staying with u for a few years" i said " yah we know love" Harry said " I think Louis is crushing on me but I doubt it" I said to my self "so can we play truth or dare?" I said "sure" they all said (we gathered in a group) "so Louis truth or dare" Harry said "dare" Louis said "I dare you to kiss mellissa" Harry said "oh no they might know" Louis said in his head "ok" Louis said (then we kissed for 10 seconds) "wow" I said in my head. "Wow that was a awsome kiss" Louis said to himself (I ran upstairs to think) "you made her feel uncomfortable" Louis said (then he went upstairs) "may I come in" Louis said "sure" I said (Louis walked in) "what's the matter babe" louis said "stuff and do u like me be honest?" I said "yah I have a crush on u" Louis said "oh Louis I know u like me a lot but I don't like u Louis not one bit" I said "ok" Louis said I saw that he was really hurt "I feel guilty" I said to myself (then I huged Louis) "it's fine" Louis said and now he was crying "I'm sorry Louis" I said then I left the room to go downstairs "where's Louis" Harry said "he's really upset don't bother him" I said "why's he upset" liam said "we'll Louis told me he liked me but I said didn't like him back" I said "awwwe poor Louis he's broken hearted" zayn said and now I'm feeling soooo guilty now all I did was go to we're Niall was sitting and laided on his lap and feel asleep "wakey wakey" Liam said "ok I'm up" I said as I got up and walked to my room and I saw that Louis was still there and had tears all over his face "wake up Louis" I said "fine I'm up" Louis said "are u ok" I said "I'm fine may I speak to Harry" Louis said "ok and he's in his room" I said "ok" Louis said and headed to Harry's room (then I got dressed)

Louis's pov

"may I come in Harry" I said "yah Lou" Harry said (Louis walked in) "I need to talk to you Harry" I said "ok talk to me" Harry said (they both sat on the bed) "well when u dared me to kiss mellissa I felt ackward and after the kiss when I went to go check on her she told me she didn't like me at all that hurt me a lot" I said "so she hurt u Lou I'm so sorry u just need to get over her" Harry said "I can't Harry I love her" Louis said and started to cry "don't cry Lou" Harry said and huged Louis "I'm sorry Harry I just love her so much" I said "I know u love her but she doesn't love u back" Harry said

Mellissa's pov

(I sat down on my bed) "I feel so bad for Lou why was I so mean to him?" "Do I love him? Maybe I do but that doesn't matter he is mad at me he will never go out with me now cause I was so mean to him" I said to my self (then I walk down stairs)

Harry's pov

"I can't believe on the first day mellissa already hurt Louis's feelings" I said to myself (then me and Louis walked downstairs) "where's Niall" mellissa said "in the kitchen" zayn said "ok" mellissa said

Melissa's pov

"Ok" I said (I walk into the kitchen) "hey Niall can I talk to u" I said "hey and ok" Niall said "we'll you know when I said Louis was upset" I said "yah y" Niall said "we'll he was upset because I told him I didn't like him one bit" i said "ok" Niall said "and now I think I like him" I said "what???" Niall said "I like him now but I can't ask him out he'll be mad" I said "no he won't if he likes u he'll say yes" Niall said "so should i ask him out" I said "yah you should if he says no he doesn't deserve you" Niall said "ok I will" I said (I walked out of the kitchen).

Louis's pov

(I went on twitter to tweet about mellissa) the tweet: hey my peeps I'm chillin with the boys but I just got rejected by mellissa Courtney, fans tweets: hey Louis how dare she reject u, hey Lou I love u, hey tommo I'm gonna speak to mellissa about this. Louis's tweets: hey it's fine but it sorta stung, hey love u too, hey ok you can speak to her.

Mellissa pov

(On twitter checking my connections) the tweet: hey mellissa why did u reject Louis and can we be friends reply: hey Soffie I didn't like him back and yah we can be friends I'll follow u and u dm me Sophie: ok I'll dm u (the dms).


(On my dms) Sophie:hey so what's happening in the 1d house Melissa:hey and nothing but btw I'm staying with the boys for 5-10 years Sophie:oh cool are u staying in London Melissa:yah y Sophie:because I live in London too mabey I can come over sometime Melissa:yah ill ask Paul if u can brb Sophie:ok (me texting Paul) me:can one of my best friends come and stay with me Paul:does she live in London me:yah she is so can she come over Paul:yah she can dm her our address me:ok (my dms) me:yah come to this address 5613 northwood drive Sophie:ok see u them.(I walk downstairs)

Harry's pov

(Melissa walked in) "hey Mel" I said "hey one of my friends are coming over" she said "oh cool I can't wait to meet her" I said (Louis walks by) "I love u lou" she said quietly "did u just say u love Louis" I said "no I didn't" she said "yah you did and if u love him y did u reject him" I said
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