Disaster Road

19 year old Annabelle Richards has everything she could ever want in life. A loving mother and father, a boyfriend that loves her for who she is and not what she looks like, great grades, and is on the road to becoming a model. That is until the worst happens.

Her mother, of whom she loves dearly, left for a business trip. It was her usual yearly trip to Florida. That is until the drunk pilot stalls the plane in mid-air causing it to crash into the ocean without a trace of their plane.

Annabelle's father became very lonely after his wives accident. In fact, he became so empty that the only way to satisfy himself was to rape his only daughter, Annabelle. Little does he know that he will end up being the father of her child.


1. Rusty Cage

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.


I was running. Not because I was afraid or scared, but because I was in love.

Me and PJ have been dating for about 3 years now. And I love our relationship so much, there's nothing I would ever ask to change. He may not be the richest boyfriend, but he's not poor. He may not  be the hottest boyfriend, but he's not ugly. He may not be the smartest boyfriend, but he's not dumb. He may not be perfect, but he is to me.

Me and PJ have our own little 'place', as so we like to call it. It's a big oak tree that lies on a hill in our neighborhood park. We spend just about all the time together there. Afterschool, during the summer, and even in the winter. We always met under the tree and talked. And we talked just about anything.

So when I received a Text Message from PJ saying to meet him under the our tree urgently, my heart dropped. I'm not sure why to be honest. I think it's just the fact he wants to meet urgently scares me. Could it be something bad? Like maybe he's going to break up with me or he might even move away. 

When I reached the tree, I saw PJ sitting under the shady tree, the wind blowing his blond hair across his face like wheat in a field. His blue eyes looking rather bitter as he pulled grass from the ground and twisted each piece vigorously until it was in a taut twist.

"Hey handsome," I smiled. "What's wrong?"

PJ stood from under the tree and hugged me. "Thank God your here, Annabel. We need to talk." And that's when I became afraid. The dreaded words: 'We need to talk." And so, I agreed and let PJ grab my hand and walk me to the tree. We both sat down, and his grip got even tighter.

"What is it?" I asked with a curious face. PJ paused and let out a sigh before he proceeded to speak.

"So, you know how we just graduated and all?" He asked. Before I could answer his query, he continued. "Well, I've been apply to quite a couple colleges, 4 to be exact. And to my surprise, I was accepted!"

Bad news? This was no bad news. I had no reason to be upset or afraid. So, like most girl friends would probably do after finding out about their boyfriend's acceptance to a college, I hugged him. With a big smile on my face.

"That's great, PJ! Which one accepted you?" When I pulled away, his facial expression left an imprint in my mind, and still does. He had a sullen expression, like a depressed person.

"Western," was his reply. "Western Michigan University." He finished. "Oh," is the only word that came out of my mouth.

Western Michigan university is quite the distance from Whitelake, Michigan. It's a lengthly drive that Annabel would never be able to complete if she gets accepted into college.

"I know,' PJ said, gently taking my hand. "We may be far apart, but we will be forever close." All I could do was smile at his remark.

"But think about it. I'll have my own place and then you could visit just about every other weekend!"

He put his arm around my shoulder. Ahead of us, the sun was setting. Ripples of clouds covered the dark orange and yellow sky, while a glowing orb of various color was begining to descend into its slumber. Maybe that's what I needed.

A slumber.




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