Daily Story Challenge-Month 3-The Apocalypse

This month's theme will basically cover all the terrible things that could possibly happen to end the world. At least, the one's that I can write about. As usual, all info in the Introduction, enjoy. :D


7. Day 6

There was a time he would've refused to give up, to drop a fight, at all costs. But his weaknesses overwhelmed him. Hunger, weariness, and...scars. Emotional scars. Life had been all but kind to him, and yet it still didn't relent as it took the last drop of hope from from him-plus the rest of the (severly depressed) population. The creature towered over the whimpering boy, baring its rather gruesome teeth.

"Go on," he almost begged. "Kill me. End my sorry excuse for a life. See if I care!"

There was no bravery behind the statement. But dead people don't need bravery, right?

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