Daily Story Challenge-Month 3-The Apocalypse

This month's theme will basically cover all the terrible things that could possibly happen to end the world. At least, the one's that I can write about. As usual, all info in the Introduction, enjoy. :D


6. Day 5

Uncivilized. Inhumane. It was the only way to describe even thoughts of the act. Some time ago-I could no longer remember how many had passed-I would've seen it as something the desperate and hopeless did. But here I was, ready to do something so terrible, so...wrong. But how can you tell what's right when everything's so wrong? When you live in a world that's getting closer to the end with every second, one that turns every instinctive, every inhibiton, on its head? You know what that is? It's civilization ending and the apocalypse beginning.

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