Daily Story Challenge-Month 3-The Apocalypse

This month's theme will basically cover all the terrible things that could possibly happen to end the world. At least, the one's that I can write about. As usual, all info in the Introduction, enjoy. :D


19. Day 18

"Ha! That should teach you your lesson!" a figure snarled across the road. He stood over an almost limp body, slapping a baseball bat against his hand. After lingering there for a few more seconds, he trudged away, leaving his victim to moan in pain, immobilized by the effects of the vile attack. What had the world come to? Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't humanity, not by a long shot. Violence and revenge ran riot through the streets. Order was a distant memory, a dream. Like wishing for rainbows, or gold, or chocolate, or sunshine that actually shone. So many things missing. Missing from this reality.

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