Daily Story Challenge-Month 3-The Apocalypse

This month's theme will basically cover all the terrible things that could possibly happen to end the world. At least, the one's that I can write about. As usual, all info in the Introduction, enjoy. :D


1. Introduction

Welcome back everyone. The new topic this month? Yep, you guessed it-The Apocalypse! All things world-ending (with a little humor). :P Alright, here come the important notices:

1. Usual word minimums apply and the rest of what I said in the last two months.

2. The first eight entries will be four poems and their companion stories.

3. You'll probably kill me for this, but if you do, you won't get anymore stories or poems, so...don't. XD I've signed up for NoMovellaDecember, campaigning against certain issues. I will write, but I won't appear on here starting December 1st and ending January 1st. I'll post everything I wrote in December's DSC movella when I'm back.

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