The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


7. wise princess


Achilles sat and watched Persaius breath in and out; she had been a good opponent. It was strange for a princess to be so well skilled with a sword but it was also really interesting. Persaius moved in her sleep and for a moment Achilles was worried she would wake but it did not happen. She became still again and he breathed a sigh of relief. Achilles left his tent and walked around the beach till he was called upon.

“Achilles, king Agamemnon requires your presence.” A friend called and Achilles headed towards the king’s ship. Achilles entered and all faces turned to him. There was a silence before king Agamemnon entered and all but Achilles kneeled to him, along with his guards.

“Achilles, I am pleased you could join us. I would like to show you and the other kings something.” At that moment two guards came in dragging a girl, Persaius. Achilles reached for his sword as he saw Persaius struggle to free herself from the grip of the guards, king Agamemnon watched in amusement at the struggling princess which is why Achilles was able to point this sword at the king’s throat. The guards made no movement but taking their own swords, in fear of Achilles harming the king.

“No, no more deaths, no more blood being spilled. I will not allow it.” Said a demanding voice and all heads turned to the now free princess. Persaius was staring at Achilles and no one else though she was clearly addressing the whole room.

“Too many of my men and yours have died today, I will not be held accountable for more on either side. If killing is your only passion then that is your curse but it does not have to be mine, it will not be mine.” Said Persaius and this time she was talking to Achilles, every man in the room stared at her as though she were a ghost. They were all even more shocked when Achilles put his sword away whilst glowering at the princess.

“Is that how you react, one man tries to save you from death or worse and you insult him.” Achilles questioned to Persaius.

“It is not an insult to say a fighter is a fighter, and if you wanted to protect anyone from death it should have been my cousin, as you saw I am more than capable of protecting myself.” Persaius returned with only slight anger showing. She was good at composing herself rather quickly. Achilles gazed in wonder at the girl, she looked even more beautiful when she was angry and she definitely looked angry now. Agamemnon laughed delightedly at the young princess. Persaius turned her head sharply at the sound and scowled at the king.

“I suppose you think that you are better than Achilles, king of Greeks. Well, let me assure you that were you alone in a battle against me your head would spill blood on the sand and all your men would see how weak you are when matched against a young girl.” Persaius threw her words of spite at the king; Agamemnon stopped chuckling immediately and stared at the princess.

“Well, well, it would seem you have a bitch’s bite young Persaius, just like your mother. You look just like her you know, beautiful golden hair, a face that would make young men fall and worship you as though you were a goddess, though I see your father in your eyes too. A Clear green just like his. My, my how beautiful you are. It shall be a shame to kill you.” Agamemnon said with a cruel smile. A slow look of fear spread across Achilles face and he lunge forward and grabbed Persaius by the arm, pulling her back against him till she was far from Agamemnon’s reach. Persaius did not struggle against Achilles' grip, but not because she was scared, right now she wished for death, wished to see her mother and father and let them know she tried her best.

“You will not touch her Agamemnon, she is young and you could use her in many things but what good would her death do? Make her your war bride if that is what you want but do not let a dead woman’s choice kill a young girl.” There was a note of begging in Achilles' words that only ever showed when he was desperate beyond helping himself, and when he truly felt for something. Apparently Persaius didn’t like the idea of sharing a bed with Agamemnon.

“Excuse me! Who are you to tell me whom I shall bed with and whom I shall not? I am not a girl who would think herself lucky to sleep with a king. How dare you give me away as though I belong to you!” Persaius growls at Achilles. Honestly what is it with her? She is so stubborn even when it could kill her, why can she not just put aside her pride in order to save her life?

“Oh, she is a feisty one. I think you are right Achilles; however you will take young Persaius as your war bride. I wonder how her lovely young body will act when it is servicing.” Agamemnon said in amusement. Persaius glared but made no objections; she could see that she was not going to win this fight.

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