The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


12. The half Greek


Walking through the Greek camp I covered Polyexena's head best I could from the burning sun, careful not to let the heat hurt her. I had been right before, Achilles was leading Lilith, my daughter and I straight to the king of the Greeks, the man who had killed my family. I stopped dead in my tracks, I couldn’t let Polyexena in there, I tried to imagine how hard it would be to run, and I could escape the men all except one. My child’s father was fast and strong and would easily catch me, damn the name that is Achilles.

“Don’t even think about it Persaius, you will not escape,” Achilles was by my side and speaking to me, “you and your daughter will be safe, I will not let the king or anyone else hurt you.” I curtly nodded before continuing forward. When we arrived in the king’s quarters on his ship I held Polyexena close, it wasn’t that I didn’t trust Achilles but more that I didn’t trust Agamemnon. All the kings of all the lands of Greece were where Agamemnon would see us; many looked shocked at the sight of me holding a baby, Agamemnon included.

“Well, well, look at this. Young Persaius with a child, I imagine the father is quite happy.”

“If my daughter were any of your business I might consider answering you; however she is not therefor I will not.” I was walking on water anyway, how much worse could it get. Agamemnon frowned; he didn’t like being denied answers.

“Surely you will at least tell me your young child’s name.”

“Her name is Polyexena, anything else?” I didn’t like the way this discussion was going.

“She looks like you, your face but she has an uncanny resemblance to Achilles too. His dark black waves, beautiful combination, what do you think Achilles?” there it was, Agamemnon had guessed, or at least he suspected.

“Be quiet Agamemnon, you will leave my daughter out of this. Lilith take her please.” With that Lilith rushed to my side and took Polyexena out of my arms and moved back to where her guards were standing.

“A half Greek, half Trojan princess. My, my you do get busy in your time don’t you princess? Go on Persaius, tell me I'm wrong, and tell me your daughter is not also the daughter of Achilles.” Agamemnon dared, I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. I tried but I couldn’t say it, Polyexena was my daughter but she was also the daughter of Achilles, I held my tongue. Achilles eyes widened when all I did was glare at the Greek king, he looked back at Polyexena with his mouth open slightly.

“So it is true. What a betrayal from the princess of troy.” Agamemnon laughed joyously.

“I am not princess of troy, I am queen.” I retorted and instantly regretted it. Everyone stopped dead and stared at me, and then their eyes darted to Polyexena who was still held in Lilith’s arms.

“How interesting, Kill the child.” Agamemnon ordered and I ran to my daughter. I took the sword one man was holding and positioned myself so that if they wanted to get to Polyexena they were going to have to kill me, and I wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

“If any of you dare to touch my daughter then I will personally cut you down till this room is filled with corpses, do not underestimate me.” I glanced around the room and saw many emotions in the eyes of whomever’s I met, the only one that stopped me dead was Achilles’. I could see pain and fear in his deep blue eyes, I met his stare with one of my own filled with rage and knowledge that they could kill me but I wasn’t stepping away until my daughter was safe.

“Persaius don’t throw your life away now, it is just a child.” Agamemnon said from across the room and I almost skewered him. Of course he would never understand, he couldn’t know about the bond the shared between mother and child.

“She may be a child Agamemnon, but she is our child.” A ripple of shock passed through me when Achilles spoke out. Our chid, he said Polyexena was our baby girl.

“I had no idea you were such a father figure Achilles.” Agamemnon sneered but then he turned thoughtful. A small nod was all it took and then everyone stepped away from us, no-one dared to try and touch Polyexena.

“Very well, Achilles you may take the child, however I shall keep Persaius as a war bride.” As Achilles began to protest I jumped in.

“Agreed.” There was no room for defiance in her voice. Agamemnon smiled horridly at me and dismissed everyone else, I watched as Achilles carried my daughter off the boat at away from me.

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