The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


6. Tacken



The event played over in my mind again and again. The Greek was right, they would have a war tomorrow and so many would die. What would happen to me, I’d probably end up sneaking back out to fight again and see my once beautiful shores coated in blood and death, I let sleep claim me earlier then usual, I need to be ready to defend my city. My dreams were almost scary, in them I saw troy attacked and fighting with all they had, I saw young men die and women crying over their sons or brothers or husbands. At last I saw Achilles, he moved with the speed of a god and the power of one too, he was fighting my cousin- Adon- and I ran to stop them but as I did Achilles plunged his sword into my cousin and I screamed. The scream made Achilles look at me with what looked like horror at seeing me there. He dropped his sword and opened his arms and I ran into them, he held me and whispered in my ears how sorry he was. My dream ended and I was too confused to do anything, I woke with a start and could feel myself crying. It was just a dream, nothing more. There was a loud time and I rushed and got dressed, I had no armour but I moved just as well as Achilles and I didn’t need protection. When I was dressed I raced to the stables again, all the war horses were gone except for mine, and my horse’s name is calypso because she moves like water.  I mounted her and flicked her rains; she instantly raced out of the stables and towards the beaches of troy. It was worse than yesterday, men covered the ground and blood pooled in different places, bodies had been hacked apart so that legs and arms and heads were no longer part of a body. I had to stifle my screams with my hand and raced to where I knew all the men had gone, I found them near the temple and instantly jumped of calypso with a sword in my hand. I ran up behind a Greek and plunged my sword through him; he fell to the ground and left me looking at one of the Trojan soldiers. His eyes widened at me but he only gave me a thankful nod and disappeared again. I must have killed at least twenty Greeks by the time I found my way to the temple of Apollo, the same voices I heard yesterday spoke again and I hurried to the back steps. My cousin and Achilles were not fighting yet but I could tell it was only through lack of trying so far, both men were only talking and once again Achilles’ men were gathered on the steps. I slowly walked forward with my sword clutched tightly in my hand which was at my side only for the moment. As I left the shadows, all the men gasped except for Adon who sighed. Achilles had a smile on his face that caused me to raise my sword slightly at him.

“Persaius leave; it is too dangerous for you here.” Adon said.

“Listen to your cousin girl, that sword will do you no good against me.” Achilles intervened. I did nothing but raise my sword to Achilles throat.

“I believe that should be my judgement  or are you afraid to be defeated by a girl?” I said in a slightly suggestive tone. A smug smile came onto my face again. Achilles pushed my sword away with his own sword, with force that might have knocked me down if I hadn't been training for this all my life. Our fight was tiring and well matched because I knew the moves he would use and I used them against him, I countered his speed and power and all the time I managed to stay alive. At one point Achilles managed to cut my silk dress so that in was just below my knee rather than in line with my ankle and that just made me fight harder. I was panting and he managed to grab me from behind somehow and spin me round, he pulled me hard up against him with a knife at my throat but doesn't do what I thought he would, I thought he would kill me but all he does is pin my arms to my sides. I suddenly thought about Adon and as if on cue his dead body fell to the ground on the steps of Apollo. Seeing him makes me angry and so I tried to hit Achilles but someone knocked me out first.

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