The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


3. Princess not prince


All the men were running now and I was running after them, the alarm had gone out in the morning that Greeks were invading our shores. I never missed a battle if I could avoid it, I was great with a sword but I was always told it was too dangerous but now there was an armada coming and I had to do something. My parents didn’t die protecting me just so that I could hide whenever there was danger; I had not trained for eighteen years so that when there was a war I'm hiding away. I raced to the stables and hurried onto my horse, my grandfather would throw a fit if he knew I was doing this but I didn’t care. My horse sped off after them men and I almost screamed at the sight of my beautiful shores, blood and corpses covered the sand and a single ship was resting on the shore line. I felt my heart collapse as I recognised one of the bodies to be my friend, he was only nineteen and he had a fiancé and baby on the way with her. I jumped off my horse and ran to his side. Blood covered his stomach and he was definitely dead, I made a small prayer to Hades before leaving him and running to the temple of Apollo. More horses were gathered outside the steps and I heard a voice coming from inside, it was my cousin. I ran into the temple as though the gods had given me supernatural speed. I almost screamed again when I entered the temple, more bodies lay dead on the ground and they were priests, it was only because I now heard two voices on the back steps of the temple that I stifled my shriek. I followed the voices out onto the back steps and stopped short when I saw who owned the voices, my cousin was there and he was speaking with another man, a Greek. It was Achilles, stories had been told of how the man never lost a battle and had never even been hurt doing battle. The men both looked at me when they saw I was there, I hurried to my cousin's side without taking my gaze off Achilles but then took one step forward as though to shield my cousin.

“Leave girl, my business is only with the man. This fight need only be for me and the prince of troy.” Achilles said and I almost laughed but I didn’t, instead I narrowed my eyes at the Greek and said,

“You will find no prince of troy here Greek, however if you wish to see the royal child of troy then you should know you are talking with her right now.”

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