The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


5. Planning



Achilles charged through the sand and into Agamemnon's bout. A girl, the royal child that he had come to fight was a mere girl. Demanding and wise with her words as she might be she also was just a girl, eighteen and barely a queen. Agamemnon was sitting high on his throne like he didn’t have a care in the world, he was alone and he paled when he saw me.

“Achilles, I do not have the time for a battle.” Agamemnon said.

“I think you do. A girl! We came here to battle a little princess when you told us the child was a son!” Achilles roared.

“We did come here for a son Achilles. What do you mean, what girl?”

“The child you claimed to be a son is instead a daughter. Princess of troy, I do not know what sick plan you have but I will not fight and kill a woman.” The red on Achilles face only told of his anger as much as his words did. 

“I assure you Achilles, if it is truly a girl and not a boy who is to be the new ruler of troy I did not know. However, I will not let that stop me, I came for troy and I will take it. No matter the cost.”

“Even if that cost is the death of young girl?”

“Yes. War is a game Achilles and I know how to play it, you steal the best move they have and they are left defenceless.” Agamemnon said and it fell into place.

“You want to hurt the princess so they will all fall.” Achilles said the words slowly and Agamemnon nodded as he did. So the princess could still be of use but to hurt a woman was too much even for Achilles, but he knew what else he could do.

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