The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


8. His War Bride (warning slightly dirty)


Later Achilles took me back to his tent, it is spacious and there is clearly enough room for two people. I hesitated near the entrance to the tent, not knowing what to do. Achilles glanced back at me and waved me inside, I took careful steps inside. I could feel a sting on my arm and looked down to see I was bleeding; I must have been cut during my struggles earlier. When I look up again Achilles is in front of me with a damp cloth, I jerk back in surprise but he held onto my arm and dabbed me with the cloth. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would, Achilles was gentle with my arm and held it as though it were a delicate flower. When Achilles was done cleaning my arm he kissed it, I took in a deep breath as his lips make contact with my skin, then I sighed in pleasure. Achilles looked up at me in shock, his eyes shone with light, a smile slid across my lips and I stepped closer to him. Achilles hesitated a second before placing his hand on my cheek, at some point when he was protecting me I had decided I didn’t hate him, he didn’t start this war. I stepped a little closer so that our lips were nearly touching, my breathing was ragged and my bod was tense. Achilles gently placed his lips against mine, my body relaxed in an instant and I deepened the kiss. His lips were soft and gentle against mine; his had that had once held my face now slipped down to my waist. I liked the way he felt comfortable like that but I wanted more, much, much more. I don’t know why Achilles decided to slip my dress off and caress my breasts but when he did I shivered and arched back. 

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