The Trojan Queen

Persaius was born to be queen, she was also born into revenge and war. Since the day her parents died she has been trained to be the best queen in the history of the monarchy, when she gets kidnapped by the Greeks things change for Persaius and she no longer truly knows where her alliance lays.


9. Beautiful eyes (warning slightly dirty though not too bad)


Achilles touched Persaius tenderly, the feel of her so soft against his hands. Her pale skin looking like a cloud in contrast to his olive toned body. Her breasts full under his palms, her entire body was simply erotic. Without any other though Achilles pulled Persaius closer, she looked into his eyes as she undid his cloths, they dropped to the floor and Achilles picked Persaius up and carried her to the bed, his heart beating like a wild boar. Achilles gently lowered Persaius onto the bed, she held onto his arms as he tried to pull away. He kissed her reassuringly on the lips; her grip loosened and she fell back onto the bed once more. Persaius closed her eyes tightly, barley daring to breathe.

“Don’t close your eyes, you have beautiful eyes.” Persaius distantly hear Achilles saying and she fluttered her eye lids up. His beautiful blue eyes scorching hers, his wonderful body tense. Persaius wound her arms around Achilles neck and brought him down to her, they made love in the quiet of the tent, both hearts pounding with emotion. 

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