A dream

A girl meets one direction but she wounders threw out the storie is this could be a dream


2. one direction

As I was walking to the kitchen i heareda voice it sounded like harry styles Could it be i wounder??I slowley turned around and i saw curly hair and harrys face i was so happy i couldent even speak.But then i heard laim zayn niall and louis and I froze I was so happy well happyer then ever.Harry said are you ok all i could do was node yes.then they just walked away to the couch sat down grabbed the remote and watched tv its like they did not even care for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so angery i whanted to slap them silly but then i said to my self wait why would one direction be in my house this has to be a dream so this is not true not really happening but what if this is in real life i said to my self i coould ruin everything if i slap them all silly and they would hate me and if this is  a dream and i slap them silly it will not matter because theyll never know that i slaped them silly because i did not do it in real life.This was by fare confuseing i was so confuzed i did not know what to do with my self

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