A dream

A girl meets one direction but she wounders threw out the storie is this could be a dream


3. Figureing it out

I asked them what they were watching louis said findeing nemo I asked if i could watch it with them he said shure with out even asking the others so it was pretty weird i bet they probrloy ask eachother about stuff and that would be good but like really this was weird.I sat down on the red part of the soft couch.I was woundering the whole intire time if this is really happening it couldend be but it could be come on this was getting on my nerves i could not stand it anymore i was so confused i ran to my room and none of the guys knew why so i bet that they were probley woundering why i ran away.Any way i was trying to fighure it oout in my room but i could not figure it out even thiugh how hard i tryed to!!!I was really sad scared and nerves and aslo supper dupper confused.

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