the blue leaf

a new year began and Stephanie who lives on maple street has discovered something extrodinary a rare kind of leaf never been seen by human kind before and as Stephanie age 14 wants to become a scientist she begins to research but then something weird happens and no pretty little leaf after all
a horror story about a little girl becomes the centre of doom!...


1. new year

As the last firework of the night went of Stephanie Hail gazed out of her window resting her head in her hands she sighed heavily,

"whats the matter?" asked her mother jenine

"theres no adventures, mysteries and excitment theres nothing here on Maple Ave"

" anyway , forget that, i have a special suprise for you and your sister"

she sighed once more before closing the curtain and getting into bed she switched her lamp of  she starred at the ceiling wishing the unmagineable , Stephanie yawned  loudly before setting her mind on closing her eyes and drifting off fast asleep.

Meanwhile outside a completely different story was happening...

a leaf so crisp and detailed glowed brightly before becoming unttached and falling softly on to the dark green grass it sat their shining brightly until a couple of foxes came round and immediatley returned to its usual colour, blue very rare indeed the foxes rushed past quickly and quitely but suddenly they dissapeared and only their footprints were to be found although, tiny peices of ash where the foxes were seen last.


but what had happened to them?

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