one direction

A girl named angie is in for the ride of her life when she meets one direction in a consert


3. The consert

When we got in the car I said mom when are we going to be there like how long is it going to take she did not answer so I just whent on my phone and lisened to one direction music with my head phones on in no time we were there as we walked in to the theter i gasped when i saw one direction!!!!!!!!!!!I almost fainted I tryed o be cool and not scream but it was supper hard.We whent to our seats and all of a sudden the lights whent out and the curtend opend and all you could hear was laim singing his solo he sang your insecur dont know what for your turnen heads when you walk threw the dooooor dont need to make up to cover up being in the way that you are is unuuuuf.I screamed so loud that the hole intire thereter could hear me i was in my own dream like really one direction was there but it was not a dream!!!

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