Valley House Haunting (For the Spooky Stories Competition) (COMPLETED)

A family of EX-clowns, move to the countryside in hopes of starting a normal life, but their new home has a secret that died with the old family who lived there.


9. Chapter 8


Emma and Billy turned their gaze away from their sister, and towards Charles.

Charles was now no longer a transparent ghostly figure, he seemed more solid; all of a sudden, the glass that Emma and Billy had their fingers on broke. Emma stood up in shock. At that moment the attic windows flung open, Emma ran to the windows, and fought the wind to close and latch them. She then ran back to Billy, and sat down next to him, by now the rest of Lucy Daniels’ Family had joined the table. 

“I didn’t mean to kill you,” said Charles, his voice sounded rough.

“I had no money, I was poor, and my family were starving,” he continued.

“I had a huge debt with Mr Manson, and he promised to wipe my debt clean, and help me and my family a little, but only if I killed you and your family. When I asked him why he wanted you dead, he said you were trouble. I did what I was asked to, but when the deed was done I felt awful, I couldn’t face my family knowing what I’d done, so I hung myself. I left behind my wife, and two children.” When he had finished he looked down at the Ouija board, and then looked up again, “I hope you can forgive me, Colin?” he said.

“I do,” spoke Mr Daniels for the first time, “We all do”, and the rest of his family nodded.

Charles smiled “I wish I could get revenge on Gerald Manson for you.”

“There’s no need for that,” Billy spoke nervously, “When we first realised there was ghosts in the house, I decided to investigate the history of this house. I found out about the Daniels’ family being found shot, and you, Mr Morgan, had been hung in the attic. Anyway it said that you both worked for the same company, so I looked Mr Manson up. It told me that on 6th August 1940, Gerald was working late at the company’s office, and was killed when a bomb landed on the building.”

When Billy had finally finished, there was complete silence, before Charles’ spoke up quietly, “I don’t suppose you found out if my family are still alive, did you?”

Billy looked down, before saying, “I did, your wife, Sarah, and son Tim, died in 1934, down to poor health, they never saw a penny off Gerald Manson.”

“What about Amy? My daughter” asked Charles.

“She went to live with her grandmother,” replied Billy.

At that moment silver light appeared, and everyone looked up.

“It’s time for us to move on” said Mrs Daniels, “Come on girls,” the whole Daniels family moved towards the light then one of the girls turned around.

“Your sister will be alright, now I’m not in her and thank-you, for everything,” Billy and Emma waved until the family disappeared, Charles looked into the light he was uncertain of what to do, and then 2 people appeared out of the light.

“Sarah, Tim” Charles said.

“Don’t worry Charles, come with us we can be together, and watch Amy, with her children, and grandchildren.” Sarah said holding her hand out, Charles took it, and he, Sarah, and Tim went into the light.

The light disappeared and Billy and Emma stood up.

“That was scary,” said Billy, Emma nodded.

“Is she alright?” asked Billy pointing at Sophie, Emma checked her.

“She’s fine, I will take her downstairs, you clean up the place and throw the Ouija board in the bin, before mum and dad get back.”

Billy nodded, and set to work tidying up.

Half an hour later, Sophie was awake and the Ouija board was in the bin, Emma, Billy, and Sophie were curled up on the settee together, watching the television, when their parents came in.

“Are you all behaving yourselves?” asked their dad.

Emma, Billy and Sophie looked at each other, and smiled “yes.”

One thing that they all agreed on; was that this summer had been eventful. But they were never using an Ouija board again.

They never saw any more ghosts,-the house was at peace, and the children never spoke of that summer again…well at least not to anybody else. 

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