Valley House Haunting (For the Spooky Stories Competition) (COMPLETED)

A family of EX-clowns, move to the countryside in hopes of starting a normal life, but their new home has a secret that died with the old family who lived there.


8. Chapter 7


Billy and Emma looked at each other, then Billy finally spoke, “We didn’t want to drag you in to it, but we hope to contact the ghosts.”

“Can I help?” asked Sophie warily.

“Are you sure?” Emma asked concerned.

“Y…yes” Sophie hesitated, as she sat down next to Emma, Emma thought a moment, before getting up.

“Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Emma dashed out of the room, before coming back a few minutes later, she sat down again, and handed Sophie some paper and a pencil.

“Can you write down the answers to our questions?”

Sophie nodded, and took the paper and pencil from Emma.

Emma then placed her finger back on the glass, and they began.

“Is there any ghosts in this room?” Emma called out.

The glass moved to Yes, Billy stared at the glass. “That was frightening,” he whispered.

“I know but we’ve got to keep going until the end,” Emma whispered back, as she looked down at Sophie, Sophie had a look of fear in her eyes, Emma gulped as she spoke out again.

“How many of you are in this room?”

The glass moved again first to the O, and then to the N, and finally to the E.

“That’s one!” said Billy.

“What‘s your name?” asked Emma, the glass moved again.

“What does that spell?” Billy asked Sophie, who was tightly clutching a bear that she’d bought up with her, she showed him the paper.

“Charles Morgan,” he read aloud.

“How did you die Charles?” he asked.

This time the glass moved about to spell out the words. ‘I HUNG MYSELF!’

“Why?” asked Emma curiously.

‘GUILT’ the words spelt.

“Did you know the other spirits in this house?” asked Billy.

The glass moved to the Yes space.

“Do you know how they died?” asked Emma, the glass stayed on the Yes.

Just then Sophie dropped the paper and pencil, Billy looked at her, but she looked different.

“He killed us!” Sophie said, Sophie’s voice sounded different, like someone else was speaking. “Sophie!” Billy asked uncertainly, “Are you alright?”

“My name is Lucy Daniels; I was six when he killed me, my twin sister, (Katie), my mother (Elizabeth), and my father (Colin).

My dad thought he was his friend, but clearly not! Why did you do it?” she asked turning towards Charles.

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