Valley House Haunting (For the Spooky Stories Competition) (COMPLETED)

A family of EX-clowns, move to the countryside in hopes of starting a normal life, but their new home has a secret that died with the old family who lived there.


6. Chapter 5


After 5 minutes, Sophie got up, and made a quick dash for the attic door, she was scared, Emma followed her out of the room, a few minutes later Billy retreated out of the room too, and locked the door behind him. Billy then turned to face Emma and Sophie.

“Now do you believe me?” he asked smugly.

Emma looked crossly at Billy; she couldn’t believe he was being so calm and happy about it all.

“Billy!” said Emma “Don’t forget, Sophie and I, each told you we’d seen a ghost, and you didn’t believe us, so don’t go asking if we believe you now, the question is actually do you believe us?”

Sophie looked up at Billy and Emma, who were staring each other out.

“My ghost didn’t look like that,” said Sophie timidly.

“I know, neither did mine,” replied Emma, taking her eyes away from Billy to look at Sophie.

“So we must have a family of ghosts here,” said Billy who still seemed quite excited. “I mean look at all that stuff in the attic, most of that junk isn’t ours, they must have died here and that’s why the attic is still full.”

Just then they heard a noise coming from downstairs, which was followed by their mother’s sweet voice, “If you kids aren’t watching this DVD, then I’m turning it off.”

Emma looked down at Sophie, who was cuddling her teddy tightly to her chest, “We’re coming down now mum,” called Emma, she then turned and spoke to Sophie, “Go down, I will be down in a bit,” Sophie skipped down the stairs, when she was out of earshot Emma spoke quietly to Billy “We’re going to have to deal with our ghost problem alone, Sophie is too scared to be part of this.”

“Alright,” replied Billy “What’s the plan?”       

“Go on the internet, and find out everything you can about the history of this place, also see if you can find anything about ghosts, and ways to deal with them,” instructed Emma, before dashing down the stairs, Billy turned around and walked to his bedroom, he closed the door, and started to work.

A few minutes later, Billy sat at his computer, and typed in the address of the house. He was surprised by the amount of results that came up, Billy scrolled down, and clicked on the history link, the next thing that came up was 2 pages of writing about the house, Billy got out his notebook, and started to skim-read the information, jotting notes down as he went. He was just logging off the computer when he spied a story; it was about a woman, who contacted her dead husband through an Ouija board. Billy took a look at the story and wrote down the information that was relevant; he logged off the computer and ran down the stairs towards the lounge where Emma and Sophie were.

Emma was just turning the DVD off, when Billy came in, Emma put the kids programmes on for Sophie, and walked over to Billy, he ripped the pages he had written on out of his book, and handed them over so Emma could read them; after a few minutes Emma finally looked up, “so the ghost in the attic, is the guy that hung himself, and all the other ghosts are members of the family that originally lived here?” said Emma looking back down at the notes.

“Yep,” said Billy, who was feeling very pleased with himself.

“Well then, it looks like we’re going to have to buy a Ouija board, I will do that later,” said Emma, “look after Sophie, while I put these in my room.”

Billy nodded, and Emma jogged out of the room still clutching the notes.

After dinner, Emma walked to the kitchen, and peered around the half-closed door, inside she could see her mum and dad, they both had their backs to the door, Emma could also see her dad’s wallet lying on the table, she crept in, snatched the wallet off the table, backed out of the room, and ran up the stairs to her room, Emma shut the door and fired up the computer, she typed Ouija board onto the computer screen, and moments later, the page changed, Emma scrolled down, until she found what she was looking for, a Ouija board for £20.00, she took out her dad’s credit card, that was in his wallet, paid for the Ouija board, logged off, and walked out the room; she managed to sneak the wallet back into the kitchen, and then returned to the lounge.

In the lounge Billy and Sophie were sitting on the settee, Sophie was asleep, so Emma came in quietly, and sat down in an overstuffed armchair opposite Billy, “Have you ordered it?” he asked.

“Yes” replied Emma quietly. “It should be here in 5-7 working days.”

“So what do we do until then?” asked Billy.

“We’re just going to have to wait,” Emma replied.

Unfortunately that was the last thing they got to say on the subject, as their mother came in to wake Sophie up for dinner.      

The next few days were pretty slow, Emma and Billy kept the Ouija board a secret, obviously they couldn’t tell their mum or dad, and they didn’t want to upset Sophie further by telling her what they were doing, she was already scared and upset, by the prospect of ghosts.

Every now and then Billy and Emma ventured into the attic, but they never saw the ghost.

The day the Ouija board arrived was a Friday, it was sunny, and Sophie was in the back garden playing, while her mum and dad were gardening,-(so nobody saw the postman come to the door,)-Emma ran upstairs with the package to her room, and was closely followed by Billy. “Is there any point of that now, we haven’t seen a ghost for days?” asked Billy, when they were inside Emma‘s room.

“Yes,” she replied, “We may not have seen anything, but I believe that they’re still here,” she carefully unwrapping the package and pulling out a large flat box.

“It looks like a board game,” Billy remarked.

“It does a bit,” Emma agreed, looking at the box in awe, “I will keep the box in my room until we’re ready,” she continued to say, as she shoved the box under her bed.

“Well I’m ready now, so when will that be?” Billy asked scornfully.

Emma looked up, “We will have to wait until mum and dad, are out of the house for a long period of time, then they won’t be able to ask questions.”

“So when can we start?” asked Billy again.

“Well they always go out on a Saturday, so we’ll start tomorrow, after they have gone,” said Emma as she closed her bed room door, “But for now, we had better go down, or they will start to wonder where we are.”

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