Valley House Haunting (For the Spooky Stories Competition) (COMPLETED)

A family of EX-clowns, move to the countryside in hopes of starting a normal life, but their new home has a secret that died with the old family who lived there.


4. Chapter 3


“I’ll be down in a minute,” called Emma from her bedroom. It was a Thursday morning in July, and 2 weeks since they moved into the new house. Emma looked around her room, it wasn’t much, just an air bed, and a load of boxes, her parents hadn’t got around to doing upstairs yet, but downstairs was looking great.

Emma walked across the room from her air bed, and picked up a mirror and began styling her hair, just then it suddenly started to get cold, so Emma reached for her jumper, that was on the edge of her bed, and put it on before picking her mirror back up and resuming styling her hair, but as she did so, she noticed a male figure behind her, Emma sat frozen on her bed, she knew she was the only person in the room, and that the only thing behind her was a wall, Emma felt scared, especially when the figure seemed to be moving closer to her. She dropped the mirror, and ran out the room as it smashed, as Emma turned out of her room, she ran straight into Billy, Billy took one look at Emma and started laughing, “why are you wearing a jumper in this weather?” he asked, Emma looked at Billy, who was wearing a short sleeved T-shirt, and shorts.

“OK, I now you won’t believe me, but I’ve just seen a ghost in my mirror,” replied Emma in a rush,

“A Ghost!!!” said Billy staring at her, before he started laughing again, he then walked away. Emma stared after him crossly, before taking her jumper off and continuing to the stairs, just then Sophie appeared in front of her, “Did I just hear you say you saw a ghost, what did it look like?” she asked.

Emma went to answer, but then thought back to Billy’s remark, maybe she was just seeing things, “Emma are you OK,” said Sophie earnestly.

“There’s no such thing as ghosts Sophie, so stop being such a baby!” snapped Emma, and she walked off leaving Sophie very upset.

The rest of the day followed just like the rest, by teatime the whole of the downstairs had finally been completed. “Right,” said Mrs Pearce “It’s late, so we can start work on the upstairs tomorrow,”

“Can we do my room first?” pleaded Emma, “As I am the oldest.”

“Um, I think we should start on Sophie’s room first,” suggested their dad, and their mum nodded in agreement.

“Why?” protested Billy and Emma together.

“Because, your sister needs somewhere to play besides the living room, while you two are helping us,” explained their dad, “And no arguments,” he added watching their faces.

The next day, Sophie got up early, she was excited to get her room painted, and couldn’t wait to choose the colour. She quickly got dressed, woke her parents up, and ran downstairs, waiting patiently for her breakfast to be made.

After breakfast, Mr Pearce bought down all the paints for Sophie to look at. “Right Sophie,” he said “Choose the colour you want us to paint your room, and then as it is raining again, you can sit and watch the television.”

Sophie looked at all the paints, and then she pointed at a princess pink colour, Sophie smiled up at her dad who was moving the pots of paint, before going up stairs with the pink paint, Sophie watched as her family went up the stairs before skipping off to the lounge.

Sophie walked over to the television and picked up the remote, but as she did so, she heard a faint sound, like someone crying. Sophie was the only one in the room and as the sound continued Sophie started to feel scared, she was just about to run upstairs when the crying sound stopped. Sophie walked closer to the spot where she heard the noise, but she couldn’t see anything, feeling puzzled about the noise Sophie walked back to the settee, but whatever the noise was she was glad it had stopped.

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