Valley House Haunting (For the Spooky Stories Competition) (COMPLETED)

A family of EX-clowns, move to the countryside in hopes of starting a normal life, but their new home has a secret that died with the old family who lived there.


2. Chapter 1


June 24th 2012 (Present day).

“I can’t believe we had to move.” Emma Pearce sulked from the backseat, as she watched the rain fall harshly on the car windscreen. Emma was a tall, slender built 16 year old with long brown hair and along with her younger brother and sister, mother and father had just arrived at their new home in the glorious countryside of Yorkshire, or that’s what she had been told about their new home, but as the rain came harder, Emma began to wonder just how glorious it actually was.

“Yeah it’s not fair, especially as it’s the first week of the summer holidays, I’ve had no real time to say goodbye to my friends,” Billy complained, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Besides the place looks like nobody’s been bothered about it for a hundred years, it looks like a tip” Emma whined, looking at the new family home, just as her dad pulled up. At this point in time, Emma really hated her mother, as it was their mother who had forced the family into moving to a large country house in the middle of Yorkshire,-by the name of Valley house, - and leave behind their city home in London and all their friends, and all because she had gotten a new job as a secretary in the nearby school. Emma knew she only wanted to be normal; she had made their family quit their jobs as clowns at the local traveling circus.

“Now Emma, you know why we had to move, and when we’ve finished it’ll look brilliant” said her dad, “And don’t think you’re going to be able to sulk all day and night, you and Billy are helping, Sophie’s too young”.

Emma pulled a face, but started to carry the boxes into the house, from the car, the removal men had already delivered the furniture earlier in the day, and in a way Emma was grateful as all she really wanted was to collapse on her bed and go to sleep. Emma pulled back the door mat, and picked up the Key. As Emma turned the key in the lock, she felt something like gravity trying to pull her hand away, as much as she didn’t want to be here, she was determined to get through the door, there was no way she was going to stay standing in the rain much longer. Emma forced the door open and dropped the box she was carrying in the hallway, she didn’t know why but she was feeling very uneasy about the house. Emma was deep in thought, when a stern voice spoke up behind her, “Pick that box up right now young lady,”

Emma sighed at the sound of her mother’s voice and picked the box up, placing it on to the nearby surface.

An hour later, everyone was settling in nicely to their home, well everyone except Emma, who, after dinner had been finished, left to go to her room, where she stayed there for the rest of the night.

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