Best Friends With Harry Styles


2. Detention AGAIN!

A couple weeks past and they haven't talked to each other till today.... she said hi he said hi it was awkward they talked a little bit.Soon her mom found out that they where talking again and grounded her again she was grounded for 4 weeks.
Her mom told all the teachers they couldn't talk but they still did and got in detention about 4 times and her mom GOT MAD! they where still talking and talking....! till they got suspended for a week then her mom got even madder
she finally grounded her for a month! she was cleaning and cleaning and trying to beg her mom to talk to harry again as soon as they know it they where grounded about 10 times but they didn't listen they where walking to school again and and they switched classes and got suspended again till they where best friends her mom and her moved to a different school and never saw harry again they where best friends kept apart </3  


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