Meet Me In America

Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America? Let's just say, it's not what you expect. All I know is that I'm going to get down and dirty with the stars and stripes. So, Mr. Horan will we meet again in America because I'm only saying two words to that restraining order. Screw it.

{Sequel to Meet Me In Battersea Park}


10. The Jersey Shore

"Well, lads how was your week in New York City?" Simon asked as he came into the meeting room. We were all sitting around the room watching the slideshow from the past week. 

"Interesting," said Louis. "Toy stores, pigeons, and Harry found himself a girl." 

"Yes, I heard about Harry," he said as he dropped a couple of magazines on the table. He then pulled off his coat and placed it on his chair. Each boy took a magazine. "Here's some British magazines. Niall you made the cover of every Irish magazine again."

"YES!" He fist pumped in the air. 

"Don't get too excited, if you read some of them they summarize your stay here as boring. Ever since the restraining order in England, fans are waiting for the next big thing."

"What do they want us to do?" Harry asked. "Get arrested again?" 

"No we are changing venues to a more eccentric place."

"Where you taking us this time?" Louis asked as he flipped through a magazine. 

"New Jersey," he said. "Some place called Belmar. Now I was told it was a quite a party beach. Not so much in February but it's still an out of control city. I'm hoping that the press will see you out there and these magazines change their top stories. I told Paul to give you all a little more space, but don't take it overboard." 

Twenty minutes later we were all leaving the hotel and getting into our cars. It took only an hour and then we appeared outside our hotel. 

"Where are we?" Louis asked we all piled out of the cars. 

"Welcome to the Waterside Inn," said Paul. 

"It's not a hotel," said Zayn. 

"No, it's an inn," I said as a smile appeared on my lips. "I love these."

"I'm confused," said Harry.

"It's a small building, but it looks like a house. No elevator, or bellhops, or carousel doors." 

"So we are staying in someone's house?" Zayn asked. 

"Well...ugh stop asking questions. Let's go," I said and ran up the stairs to the front door. I opened the door, bells chiming singing my entrance. I looked behind me and saw Niall following closely. 

I looked around at the entrance. Couches and chairs to the left with the front desk to the right. All seaside decorated with fish, shells, and water.

"Hello, can I help you?" Niall and I looked at a woman appearing from a back room. Probably no older than twenty-five with blonde hair, but with an accent. 

"We are One Direction," Niall said. 

"Oh that band that called in reservations? I'm supposedly supposed to talk to a Paul Higgins about your boys' arrival." 

"That's me," said Paul as he made sure everyone was inside and then he went to the front desk. 

"This is such a cool hotel," said Liam. 

"It's buzzin'," said Louis. 

"Alright boys," said Paul. "Upstairs, lets go. Thank you very much," he said to the woman. We all walked up the stairs and to the second floor. 

Eric was beside me the entire time. Ugh. 

"Shiloh your room is at the end of the hallway," Paul handed me a key and Eric followed me with my luggage. "Niall you will be at the other end. Liam you're next to Niall's room, then Zayn, Louis, and finally Harry." 

I opened my room and was greeted by blue ocean waves painted on the walls. I missed coming to New Jersey. Of course I came here. I was assigned by a magazine company to come over to Seaside Heights to take pictures of an American reality television show. Jersey Shore or something like that. 

Eric put my luggage down and then closed the door behind him as he went to go help Paul. I never unpacked and being paparazzi I wasn't used to unpacking. We always lived out of our suitcases because you never knew when you had to get out of town as fast as possible. 

So I opened my suitcase and lay it open on the floor. I took out my hairbrush and toothpaste so I could freshen up in the bathroom. That's where we ran into our first problem. 

"There's only one bathroom!" Harry said his eyes wide. 

"You can get over it," said Paul. "You only had one bathroom while in X Factor." 

"We only shared with the boys," said Louis.

"Hey, what is that supposed to mean?" I crossed my arms. 

"Well if you haven't noticed yet, you're a girl," continued Louis. 

"Thank you for clearing that up for me Louis."

"You're welcome," and he put his hands in his pockets and pasted a big smile on his face, like he did some good deed. 

"Enough," said Paul. "You will all deal with this. This is the fun of being on tour. It could be worse, so far no girls have discovered where we are staying and that's probably why Simon picked this place." 

"So who get's the bathroom first?" Niall asked. 

Zayn jumped at the chance and shut the door behind him, you could hear hairspray being used from the other side of the door. 

"Come on Zayn," Liam yelled. "You look fine!" 

"Um, no have you seen this quiff?!" Zayn yelled through the door. 

"Ugh," we all grunted at once. 

After a while we all sat on the floor and took turns using the bathroom. I was sitting against the one wall with Louis across me. Liam sat beside me, then Harry sat on the other side and Niall next to him. 

"Zayn!" I yelled and whined at the same time. "Ugh, so what are we going to do tonight?" 

"You're worried about tonight?" Harry asked. "I'm worried about my bladder bursting."

"Oh grow up Styles," I said. 

"Shut up," he said back.

"Stop it," said Liam. 

"You all still waiting?" Eric asked as he stepped over us and went to my room to place my camera suitcase inside. 

"Of course," said Liam as his voice rose. "Zayn takes forever!" 

"I got it," started Louis. "Simon said that Belmar was a party city."

"Yea?" We all questioned at once. 

"Let's go clubbing tonight."

"I'm cool with that," said Harry. Of course he is. 

"I'll go," said Niall. 

"Yea, I guess we could use some fun," said Liam. 

They all looked at me. "I have no choice, I gotta go." 

Then they all smiled at me as Zayn opened the bathroom door. Louis was the next to go in, but Harry jumped in. 

"Please, mate, I'm going to explode," he said as he ran into the bathroom. 

Thankfully Harry didn't take long and we all soon took our turns. Then we got ready to go clubbing on the boardwalk. 


We were all dressed to go to the club, but Paul insisted we eat something. So we sat around the dining table as we were served Peri Peri Chicken. 

"It's like Nando's!" Niall yelled. "Who made this?" 

"My wife," said a balding man as he came out of the kitchen. "Hello, I'm Tom. My wife and I own the Inn. She's from South Africa so that's how she knows how to make it." 

"She's brilliant," said Louis. 

"I'll tell her that. So you kids look like you're going to hit the boardwalk tonight." 

"Do you know any good clubs around here?" Harry asked. 

"A big teenage hit is a boardwalk night club called D'Jais," said Tom. "Being Friday, tonight is one of their big nights." 

"Boys," said Louis. "That's where we're going." 

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PS I have been getting requests like crazy to start another story. A Zayn Malik love story. I have posted more on my Movella's profile. Please read it and post any comments :) 

Also please remember that the East Coast of America was hit really hard by Hurricane Sandy. I live in Pennsylvania {which is on the East Coast} but I didn't go through the worst of it. Please donate to any societies who are helping Jersey and New York get back on their feet. The most respectable organization would be the Red Cross. Thank you for your help and together we can get these summer hot spots back together before the season starts :) 

much love, Morgan .xx

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