Meet Me In America

Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America? Let's just say, it's not what you expect. All I know is that I'm going to get down and dirty with the stars and stripes. So, Mr. Horan will we meet again in America because I'm only saying two words to that restraining order. Screw it.

{Sequel to Meet Me In Battersea Park}


13. Poker

"Harry come on! We're playing poker!" Louis yelled up the stairs.

We were all sitting around the dining table. Most of us only woke up two hours ago after our last night extravaganza. The sun has gone down and we ate breakfast instead of dinner, but it was worth it.

Niall sat across of me and he sneezed. "Bless you," we all said at once. 

"Thanks," he said. The color has left his face and he looked paler. 

"Are you alright?" I asked him. 

"Yea, but isn't it cold in here?" He pulled the hood of his sweatshirt over his head. 

"It's seventy-two in here mate," said Liam. 

"It's freezing?" 

My eyes narrowed, and then I reached across the table, much to Eric's disapproval, and touched his forehead. "You're burning up." 

"Probably because you're touching him," Louis laughed. 

"Shut up, Lou," said Liam. "Niall how do you feel?"

"Fine, really guys. I'm fine," he sneezed again and we all looked at each other. 

"Ugh, alright," said Liam. 

"Come on let's play. Screw Harry," said Zayn. Louis started to deal the cards and we put our poker faces on. 

"Let's make this more interesting," said Louis. 

"We are not playing strip poker. We learned our lesson with that last time," I said. 

"Aw," Louis whined. "Then let's all make a bet. Whoever looses will have to run onto the beach."

"That's not too bad," said Liam. 

"Naked," Louis finished. 

"Lou what's the matter with you?" Zayn looked at him. 

"What?! You want this to be fun or not?" 

We all soon agreed to Louis' terms. I knew I was going to loose, I can't even win Solitaire. 

I was right. 

"Well, well, well," started Louis. "Looks like Shiloh will be skinny-dipping."

"You said nothing about being in the water," I shot back at him. Then I got up from my seat and opened the front door. The guys were all close behind me. 

"Shiloh," started Eric, but we ignored him. 

We walked onto the beach and as I undressed I handed Niall my clothing. 

"Lads!" We all looked up at Paul walking down to us. "Get inside!" 

"Shiloh lost a bet," said Louis. 

"I don't give a shite," he said. "Eric why didn't you stop this?"

"I tried," said Eric. 

"Ugh, Shiloh get dressed," said Paul. 

"I lost a bet, Paul. I rather pay the debt now when it's eleven at night and no one is in sight then be in a big city and run down Main Street with the sun out." 

"She has a point," Louis smiled up at Paul. 

"Shut it, Louis. Alright, but keep some form of clothing on."

I was down to nothing but my underwear and tee shirt. "Okay," I said and took my shirt off. I would keep my underwear on and I ran down the beach and back to them. "There's your stupid bet, Louis." 

"Ugh, could have been better but I was pleased," he said as he smiled at me. 

Niall handed my clothing and I started to get dressed. 

We headed back to the inn and when we were entering I just finished putting my jeans on but was still buttoning them. 

"What did I miss?" Harry looked directly from my hands buttoning my jeans to my face. 

"I lost a bet," I said. "Thanks to Louis I had to run on the beach naked." 

"I take a couple of phone calls and I miss poker and Shiloh running around naked," he smiled. 

"Life just isn't fair," said Louis and we all started to laugh. 


"Shiloh, I know I shouldn't allow you to do this but you're the only one ready. So can you go get Niall up? We have a signing in an hour," said Paul. 

"Sure," I got up off the couch where I was cleaning my camera for the day and walked up the stairs to Niall's room. 

I knocked on his door, "Niall?" 

No answer. 

"Niall?" I said his name again and then proceeded to enter his room. "Are you alright?" 

He was under his covers, paler than usual. His lips were red and he was sweating. I sat on the edge of his bed and placed my hand on his forehead. 

"Shit, your hot," I said and quickly got up to go to Paul.

"Call the doctor," said Paul to Eric. "Well boys Niall's not coming but you still need to get to the signing. Shiloh you're coming with us." 

"Why can't I stay with Niall?" 

"Once the press see that you and Niall are both not at the signing, we'll have the English Government on our asses. You're coming with us." 

"Fine," I packed my camera and looked once more up the stairs then followed them out the door. 

Niall's POV

My head was pounding. It was so cold in this place I wish they would just turn the heat up. I heard Shiloh enter, but I didn't open my eyes. It hurt just to feel the sun on my skin. 


"Niall?" It was a deeper voice, someone I haven't heard before. The curtains were drawn shut and I slowly opened my eyes. "Hello, I'm Dr. Reming. You don't look to good, how do you feel?"

"Like shit," I muttered. 

"Well that sums it up. You've been in the states before and received your vaccinations for traveling right?"

"Yes," I said. 

"Have you eaten or taken something you normally don't?"


"Have you been out in the weather for long periods of time?" 

My head drifted back. "Ugh, I know how I got it." 


"A friend and I," I didn't want to say Shiloh's name. "We were in the water at night." 

"Well that would do it," he said. "It seems you just have a common chest cold. I'll give you medicine that will lower your fever and reduce the ache. It should clear up within the week."

"I have a concert tomorrow," I said. 

"I'll check on you tomorrow morning, but right now I would say you shouldn't do the concert."

"Ugh," I moaned and rubbed my hand over my forehead. "Thank you, Doctor Reming." 

Shiloh was going to pay for this. 

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much love, morgan .xx

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