Meet Me In America

Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America? Let's just say, it's not what you expect. All I know is that I'm going to get down and dirty with the stars and stripes. So, Mr. Horan will we meet again in America because I'm only saying two words to that restraining order. Screw it.

{Sequel to Meet Me In Battersea Park}


25. Morphine

Harry's POV

"Breakfast is here, Harry," said the nurse as she walked in with my tray of perfectly portioned food. 

"Thank you," I answered as I sat up. Security stood outside my hospital door like I was the Prince of England. Hey I didn't complain, I got to keep my privacy. Paps weren't even allowed in the hospital without management's written approval. 

Therefore it was quiet, except for the occasional beeping that told the nurse of my rated heart beat every five minutes or when the IV fluid has run low and needed to be replaced. Trust me, I didn't allow Niall to beat me up for publicity. I did it because I deserved it, and let me tell you that boy could throw a punch. 

My nose was blue and swollen while wrapped in a special bandage. Three of my ribs were broken and five were badly damaged. My eyes were swollen and I had so many cuts in my lips I could gather a small group of vampires. 

Ha ha, I know very funny. 

I poked at my scrambled eggs and held my hand out for the nurse to drop some type of pill into my hand. 

"You know Kelly?" I looked up at the nurse. 


"I'm not feeling at all good today. Would the doctor allow some of that other medicine?" 

"I'm not sure Harry. You're making excellent progress," she started, but I made my eyes grow wide and pouted my lip like a little kid, "but I'll bring it up to him."

"Thank you," I smiled as I leaned back in my bed. 

That 'other medicine' was morphine and strong too. It took the pain away; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I could feel myself getting addicted to it. As long as I played 'Harry Styles' the hot and attractive boy, the nurses gave it to me. They all tried to fight to be my favorite, but I enjoyed Kelly's company, even though she was seventeen years older than me. 

Five minutes later she arrived back with a new IV packet, oozing with morphine. "He said it was alright."

She's not that bad of a liar, but I knew she didn't ask the doctor shit. She connected the packet to my IV and let it enter my bloodstream. I let my head hit the plastic covered pillow, letting the drug fill me. I closed my eyes and entered a sky with nothing but diamonds floating around me. 


"Harry," A voice was awakening me. "Harry, come on time to get up."

It wasn't Kelly's voice, but rather a husky voice. I slowly opened my eyes which were at first blurry but quickly cleared up. 

"Hello Simon," I said as I pushed myself up. 

"So I told you this would happen and you didn't listen anyway," he started. 

I exhaled, "Please don't lecture me." 

"I'll talk then," he said. "Lecturing you obviously doesn't work anyways. Shiloh and Niall are back in Florida, and the rest of the boys are performing without you." I shot him a glance, with my eyes narrowed. "Harry, the band doesn't revolve around you. Shiloh has stopped loving you and you need to except that."

I looked away from him. "Stop."

"No, I'm telling you the truth." I snapped my head back towards him. 

"I don't want to hear the truth," I said and suddenly wanted the nurse to come back and give me another packet of morphine. 

"Too bad," he said. "Listen, you'll be discharged in two days. The boys will be in Miami, so that's where you will take a plane. Paul will make sure you make no more stupid decisions. Due to your wonderful stunt you played, I hired more security. Anyway Shiloh will continue to be the photographer and Paul is to make sure you don't get close to her."


"It's for her and your safety. You can talk, but no touching, and with your past with her I'm sure you've gone past touching. Therefore there will be no more of it. Shiloh is engaged to Niall and the Paps have been going insane because they have no idea what's going on with you. They are more attracted to what's going on over in America."

Ugh. Fantastic. Paparazzi was no longer caring about me. 

"Looks like Niall's catching all their attention nowadays," he said as he started to flip through a magazine. Niall and Shiloh plastered on the front cover. 

I roll my eyes, "Simon, what are you doing?" 

"I'm giving you a choice," he said. "Do you want to be part of this band or not."

He got up from the chair beside me, dropping the magazines on the bed and headed for the door. Before he left though he turned back around and looked at me. 

"Either way, Harry Styles, I can replace you." 

I crossed my arms and watched him go. He wouldn't dare to replace me. 

As he left the nurse walked in with another packet of morphine. 

"You look like you're in pain," she said. 

"You have no idea," I said and I wasn't lying. It felt like someone shot a hole through my heart and was watching me die before them. 

"Well here's some more morphine," she smiled which I returned with my own. 

My cell phone started to ring and I reached over onto to the table to grab it.


I pressed a button than held it to my ear. 

"Hello," I cleared my throat, trying to speak clearer. 

"Harry are you alright? I called Shiloh and she said you were still in London. What's going on?"

"It's alright, love, I just had an accident. I'll be back in the US soon," I comforted her. 

"I miss you," she whispered. 

Those three little words tore me apart. "I'll be back soon," was all I could say, then I hung up the phone not wanting to hear more of her voice. I didn't feel like I could love someone, because everyone I have loved always ends up running away from me.

The many before Shiloh didn't matter. Alexa would soon disappear and again I would be alone. 

That's what scared me. 

Till then though, I would allow the morphine to drown me again into a black oblivion. Drowning me out of all emotions, pains, and love.  

Aww poor Harry!! Anywho I hope you enjoyed!

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Much Love, Morgan xx

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