Meet Me In America

Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America? Let's just say, it's not what you expect. All I know is that I'm going to get down and dirty with the stars and stripes. So, Mr. Horan will we meet again in America because I'm only saying two words to that restraining order. Screw it.

{Sequel to Meet Me In Battersea Park}


37. Meet Me In America

"Meet me in America," I said the words aloud. Is he serious? 

The passport, money, jet. He wasn't joking. I didn't know where to go though once I retouched American soil. Where the fuck was I supposed to go? 

I pondered over the thought. What should I do? Stay here and maybe he might return once he figures out I'm not going to run after him even though I told him I was tired of running. Ugh, I hated this. I did the one and only thing I could think of. 

I picked up my mobile and dialed the number, holding the phone to my ear I wished for the best. 



"Shiloh, what's wrong? Aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon?" 

"Something came up," I said. "Niall, he's in America. We both can't survive here. It's not healthy."

"What are you talking about?" 

"What I'm saying is what if when I go to America we decide to stay there. Create our family there."

He let out an exasperated breath, "That's your choice, Shiloh. Yours and his. I love you, but this is your first decision and whatever you both choose I will still love you and still except Niall as my son-in-law."

I wanted to cry. I wanted my dad to hold me while I cried onto his shoulder, and smooth my hair back telling me it was going to be alright. 

"Are you sure this is the right thing? To go after him?"

"What does your heart tell you?" 

"To never give up," I said. 

"Then follow your heart just like all those sappy Disney movies you watched when you were younger," we both let out an uneven laugh. "Do whatever makes you happy." 

"I don't want to leave you," I sputtered. 

"You will never leave me, Shiloh. You can always take that plane ride back to your home. I will always be here, and I don't think I'll be going anywhere soon."

I took a deep breath. My dad was telling me to go after Niall. Be happy, and therefore I had to find Niall. "Thanks Dad," I said. "I love you."

"I love you too, darling. Now go get that husband of yours." 

We exchanged I love yous once more before I hung up and grabbed the passport, ticket, and money from the floor. I shoved the dress in my purse and without taking anything else I went to the door and left Niall's flat behind me. I went into the lobby which was filled with fans. I should've known but I didn't even request for security. 

I went to the front desk and ask for a car to take me to the private plane terminal. Pictures were being taken of me, dressed in Niall's clothing. My makeup was probably disheveled and my hair compatible with a rat's nest but I didn't care. For a second I thought I had caught the glimpses of some pity-filled faces. Some knew what was going on. They saw the frantic, uneasiness in my face. 

They knew something was wrong.

I saw a car pull up outside and security quickly entered the lobby. I didn't recognize any of them, but they created a barrier around me as we exited the complex. Questions were shot at me in all directions. Mostly questions about where Niall was, and truthfully I couldn't even answer that, because I didn't even know. 

Once I got into the car safely, the driver turned in his seat looking back at me, "Terminal?"

"Yes, please." 

The car slowly pulled away, cautious of the girls. We made our way onto the road and took the short trip to the terminal. Again I was escorted from the car to the private plan as the car pulled onto the vacant asphalt. I made my way onto the plane and sat down in one of the leather seats. 

"Welcome, Mrs. Horan," said the pilot. I still wasn't used to that name. "It's nice weather so it looks like it will be smooth flying from here to Los Angeles."

"Los Angeles," I muttered. What the fuck is Niall doing there? 

The plane started to pick up speed and I knew it was going to be a long flight, so I made myself comfortable and slowly fell back asleep. 


"Welcome to the City of Angels," said the pilot as I stirred from my sleep. "It's currently twelve noon with an average of seventy degrees Fahrenheit."

I translated that to Celsius in my head, which equaled warm. Noon? It's almost seven back home, whereas here the day had hardly started.

The jet landed onto the ground and I took off my seatbelt as it came to a full stop. I needed to get off this plane, I needed to find Niall. 

I grabbed my bag, I totally forgot to change into the dress he gave me but I didn't have time. I needed him. I waited impatiently as the jet door opened and I ran to the terminal entrance. I stepped into the building my eyes running along the many cameras and people. 

What is going on? Paparazzi were everywhere, but that was normal. I didn't think though that the press knew of my coming, so why are the fans here? Why are they quiet?

What the fuck is going on?

"Mrs. Horan," said an air hostess. 

I turned to her, "Where's Niall," I almost shouted, but I tried to compose myself. 

She smiled as she pointed behind me. I slowly turned around and faced the blonde-haired leprechaun. He smiled slightly and I couldn't believe he was actually there. I started to walk towards him, my bag dropping from my shoulder and onto the floor. The distance was closing and I couldn't help it any longer. I knew it was him, and I just wanted him to put his arms around me once again. 

I ran towards him and as I reached him he picked me up and my legs went around his waist. Our lips immediately touching. I could hear the applause, the cheers and the cameras flashing at our reunion. Capturing us in time, keeping this moment forever. 

They all think we last saw each other last night. Like we planned this. 

They were all wrong. This was the first time I have seen Niall in months. This was the boy I fell in love with. This was the boy who made me so happy and so angry at the same time. This was the boy who would keep me guessing.

"I'm so sorry," he said against my lips. 

"Forget it," I replied and we smiled as our kiss continued. 

This was Niall Horan. This was my husband, and I was his wife. 

Together, living in love, paradise, and a unending euphoria. He was mine, and I was his. And this...this moment was just the beginning of our lives together. Forever. 

awwww!!! Epilogue coming up next!

Much love, Morgan xx

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