Meet Me In America

Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America? Let's just say, it's not what you expect. All I know is that I'm going to get down and dirty with the stars and stripes. So, Mr. Horan will we meet again in America because I'm only saying two words to that restraining order. Screw it.

{Sequel to Meet Me In Battersea Park}


14. Give Me Your Sickness

I ran back inside the inn because I wanted to know how Niall was. I opened the door and he was sitting at the dining table in a crazy amount of layers. 

He looked up at me and I smiled, "Hi," I said.

"I'm going to kill you," he said. 

"What?" My face dropped. 

"That night on the beach in the water. You got me sick." 

I sat down on the opposite side of the table, "Sorry." 

"Now I won't be able to sing at tomorrow's concert." 

"What?" The boys all said at once. They must have came inside without me knowing. 

"I'm not going to the concert tomorrow," he said. "Doctor's orders." 

"Oh, shit," said Liam. 

"Fuck. Simon's going to kill us."

"No he's going to kill me," I said. "Niall I'm sorry, I really am." 

"Whatever," he said and looked down at his tea. 


"I don't understand," said Liam. "How did he get sick and you didn't?" 

We were all in the living room, except Niall. He has moved from the table to his room. Liam was focusing his question on me. 

"I haven't gotten sick since I was nine," I said as my fingers went to Niall's necklace under my shirt. My fingers twirled with the black cord. I looked around at the other boys as their eyes widened. "What?"

"You haven't been sick since you were nine?" Zayn asked. 

"Yes, that year was awful. It was the year I started as a paparazzi and we get stuck in the most unpredictable weathers. I had the flu three times that year. I have gotten sick so many times that my body grew immune to it. I had Mono four times and now I could kiss any person affected with it and not get sick." 

"That's incredible," said Louis. 

"It's just one of my many talents," I said as I got up and grabbed my mug empty with tea from the coffee table. 

"Is that Niall's necklace?" Harry asked. 

My eyes grew wide as I looked down and there it was dangling from my neck. I quickly stuffed it back under my shirt. "Nope," I said then took my mug and headed to the kitchen. "Hi, Tom can I have a refill?"

"Most certainly," he said then filled my mug with hot water. "How's Niall...that's his name right?" 

"Yes, and I guess okay. He hasn't really been talking to us."

"Ah, he's angry." 

I sat down at the table in the middle of the kitchen. "Yea and at me which makes this worse." 

Tom filled his mug with coffee and then joined me at the table. "Things happen. People get sick."

"He's a pop star," I said. "And a doctor just told a pop star he can't perform." 

He shrugged. "Like I said it happens. I really think Niall just needs some time to himself to think things through." 

"This isn't a good start for us."

"What do you mean?" 

"We're engaged. It's a secret, but it's official."

"Young love," he said. "Mary and I married at eighteen. I would do anything to relive those memories." 

"Did those memories contain two lovers?"


"Harry the other one in the band--."

"Don't tell me you love him too."

"He and I were in a past relationship before I ever met Niall."

"Then what I think is Niall doesn't need time to think. He needs time with you. That's all he's ever wanted and him being sick makes his desire for you greater." 

"He just yelled at me for getting him sick." 

"No he's playing game."

"Tom and I used to play that game," said Mary as she entered the kitchen. "We would pretend to be sick so we could skip school and meet up together." 

"Well I have a restraining order against Niall," I said. 

"Ugh, this generation makes nothing easy do they?" Tom asked Mary. "That's why he's mad at you. He's hoping to throw off those bodyguards your group carries around."

"So he's really sick but he's blaming me so Paul and Eric slack off a little."

"Mmhmm, how romantic," said Mary. 

"How confusing," I replied. "What should I do?"

"Go to him," said Mary. "You just told the other boys that your immune. Go see him. Break the rules. Who cares about a restraining order when true love is involved?"

"She's right," said Tom. "If there was something that kept me separated from the person I love I would climb over a wall of thorns to be with them." 

I stood up, "You're right. Thank you so much." 

"Go for it, honey," said Mary as I left the kitchen. 

"I'm going to go clean camera equipment," I said out into the living room. 

The boys were too occupied debating about something in a magazine to listen so I headed for the stairs but instead of walking down the hallway to my room, I knocked on the door at the top of the stairs. 

"Yes?" I heard on the other side of the door. I quietly opened his door and closed it behind me. I leaned against it, locked it, and smiled at him. He was on his bed watching television. "I never thought you would come." 

"I was confused. I thought you were really mad at me," I walked over to the other side of the bed. I slid next to him and he put his arm around me. 

"Nah, I knew I was going to get sick, but I also knew that if I yelled at you Paul and Eric would get off our backs."

"Well it worked," I said. "What are you watching?" 

"It doesn't matter," he said. "Now that you're here." 

"Good," I said and took the remote from his hands. I straddled him and he smiled up at me. 

"Aren't you worried about getting sick?" 

I leaned closer to him with my hands on chest. "Nope, matter of fact give me your sickness." 

"With pleasure," and I giggled against his lips. 

"With lots of pleasure," I whispered and then I started to untie his sweatpants. 

I lowered myself onto him and we both moaned together. We knew that we had to be quiet, Niall's hand covered my mouth as I covered his. We let go of each other as I started to make movements. It obviously wasn't enough for him though, but because he was sick I thought he wanted to go slower. 

I thought wrong. 

He pushed me back onto the bed and soon he was in control. Pushing in and out. 

"Niall," I gasped. I was so close. He leaned forward closing his lips over my lips silencing my moans as I came and my walls tightened around him. 

He groaned against my lips at his own sensation. Then he rolled over onto his back and put his arm around me. 

"I might have just helped you," I said to him. 

"What are you talking about?" 

"You're sweating. Sweating breaks the fever. Goodbye fever goodbye being sick. Hello concert." 

"I don't think I want to go to the concert. Not if we can be alone like this again." 

"Paul won't let me stay." 

"Maybe he will." 

"Niall what are you thinking about?" 

"It doesn't matter," he smiled at me then looked up at the ceiling. "Let's just live this moment together." 

My fingers intertwined with his. "That's sounds perfect." 

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