Meet Me In America

Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America? Let's just say, it's not what you expect. All I know is that I'm going to get down and dirty with the stars and stripes. So, Mr. Horan will we meet again in America because I'm only saying two words to that restraining order. Screw it.

{Sequel to Meet Me In Battersea Park}


19. Alcohol Instead Of Blood

Welcome to Harry's world. Enjoy! ;)

Harry's POV

I was happy for Niall and Shiloh, but something still inside of me was hurting. I wish Alexa was here. 

After the signing we came back to the hotel in Atlanta and I sat on my bed with my head in hands, just trying to figure things out. Only one word kept popping into my head, one name:


How could I still love this girl? I was confused. 

"Harry!" It was Louis. 

"Come in, mate." 

"Harry, we're going out to eat. Paul wants us in bed early tonight for the concert tomorrow," he looked at me. "What's wrong?"

I exhaled, "Lou I can't do this."

"What in the hell are you talking about?" 

"I can't stand to look at them," I stood up and crossed the room. "I miss her. I love her Louis."

"Harry, you gotta let her go," he said. "She's engaged now with Niall. She wants to be with him. You have to let them both go. Come on, we'll go get dinner than sneak out."

"Louis...what about Alexa?" 

"I didn't say sleep with every girl, just get a drink. Relax." 

"Yea, I guess you're right. Okay."

"That's my Hazza, let's go." 


Dinner was uneventful except for the few fans and the way Shiloh and Niall acted. I wish I could take Niall's place...ugh it made me want to vomit. 

Now we were back in the hotel and I was getting ready for some real fun. I heard Louis knock on my door and I opened it. 



"Good, Paul and Eric are with the rest of the lads so we should be able to make it." 

Lou was right of course. He called for a taxi to pick us up and soon we were on the road to a club called the Velvet Room, which is supposedly a big celebrity night club. As the car continued we passed a gas station and that's when something odd stuck out to me. 

"Stop," I said to the driver. 

The car pulled into the station. 

"Haz what are you doing?" 

"That's Alexa," I said as I looked out my window and at a blonde-haired girl filling her car with gasoline. 

"In Georgia? Mate, you said she was taking a plane." 

"I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it's her."

The taxi pulled into a parking spot and I got out and walked to the silver BMW. 


She turned and looked at me. "Harry!" 

She came closer and wrapped her arms around my neck. "What are you doing here?" 

"I needed to get out of the city."

"So you drove from New York to Florida?"

"Haven't you ever drove from the north part of England to the south part?"

"Well, yea."

"Same difference. So where are you headed?"

"Louis ad I were going to go to a club. You wanna come?" 

"Sure. I'll follow you guys." 

"I'll come with you." 

Then I was sitting in the passenger seat of Alexa's BMW, following Louis' taxi to the club. When we pulled up to the club it was loud, lights from everywhere as people waited their turn to get in. A man came up and drove Alexa's car away as we all walked into the club with security provided by the club. Paul would kill us if he knew we were here. 

"HARRY! LOUIS!" Our names were screamed from everywhere. Security took us to a VIP booth and we all ordered drinks. 

Well we let Louis order drinks which was always a bad idea because we were drunk within twenty minutes. Alexa and I grind together as we danced to a Justin Bieber track, Louis was no where in sight but we didn't care. 

We stayed at the club for a couple of hours, drunk out of our minds as we sat down in the VIP booth. We were all laughing at who knows what and then I felt Alexa touch my arm. Louis was again no where in sight, but I didn't care as Alexa straddled me and placed her lips over mine. My hands lay on her waist as she bit my lower lip. 

I could taste the alcohol on her lips, and then in a brilliant movement of confusion, riots and motion we left the club. Somehow we got back to the hotel and within moments we were ripping at each other's clothing. She pushed me against the wall and I kissed her neck as she unbuttoned my jeans. 

I unbuttoned her top and pulled it off her as she pulled my shirt over my head. We moved over to the bed and soon I was entering her and she pulled me closer to her as she relaxed against my size. 

I knew I wasn't going to remember anything tomorrow. I knew we would regret this, I knew this was stupid but as the alcohol drowned out my blood I didn't give a fuck. 

That's exactly what I did. 

I zoned out the entire world and only focused on making Alexa have the time of her life with me inside of her. 

What the hell, I'm drunk anyway. 

I really don't know about this 

Thanks for reading!

Much love, Morgan .xx

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